Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, May 31


Scherzer @ Beckett – I think Scherzer is locked in. I’m rolling with him.

Norris @ Guthrie

Greinke @ Billingsley

                                                                                                                                                      ***MIKE SAYS “I said ditch Scherzer on the show because I had to pick someone but I’m trotting him out there myself. If there was a time to ditch Max this would be it but Cory has just as fair a point.”

***ZACH SAYS “Agree on Scherzer. It’s risky, as he’s been known to blow up at times, but his 24-to-1 K/BB ratio over his last two starts is very encouraging.”


I have Cespedes coming off the DL who would you recommend to drop to make room, Jarrod Parker, Andy Pettitte or Doug Fister?


Wow, I’d rather you not drop any of them! But if I had to pick one I’d lean towards Parker assuming it’s a non-keeper league. He’s been great so far but you have to expect some growing pains moving forward. How will he handle it when opposing hitters make adjustments? He’s just more of an unknown than Pettitte or Fister.


Ok heres my pitching staff D Holland, R Romero, J Garcia, C Hamels, Y Darvish, Pettitte, Fister and Parker. This is why i ask is because im kinda stacked on pitching and need to keep some power and speed with Cespedes. My RP J Hanranhan, J Johnson, K Jansen and B Fuentes. Still Parker?

Yep, still Parker.

Got offered a trade (12 team league). Lance Lynn and Johnny Cueto for Dayan Viciedo and Jon Lester.My pitching staff has been (so far) has been elite, but I just lost Halladay and want to get rid of Lester. My offense, however has not been champion quality (low on Rs, HRs, and RBIs). Should I take this deal?

Jon from Texas


A fair value trade but I’m not so sure it makes sense. You say that your offense isn’t top notch yet you’re the one giving up the hitter. I’m also not a big fan of trading for an SP (let alone multiple SPs) after you lose one of your top starters. Use the waiver wire instead. It’s just not worth it to weaken your team in another area in order to fill a void that you can address through wise pitching and ditching.


hi zach, what do you think about Either ROS and injury risk and 2nd half slump? Is cole hamels for Either a fair trade?

scratch that last question – got offered Cole Hamels and Zack Greinke for Ethier and Vicideo. My pitching is a mess, and I’m at the top of most offensive stats.


I’m totally fine with that since you’re getting two aces. If it were Ethier for just one of those pitchers, I’d probably pass. I like Ethier for the rest of the year but also think that his stock won’t be much higher than it is right now, so if you want to cash in that’s OK too.


thank you Zach


My offense has been plagued by injury all year in my 12 team Rotisserie(4Keepers). I have both Gio Gonzalez and Clayton Kershaw. Pitching has been damn good. I have an owner willing to trade Andrew McCutchen or Prince Fielder and is interested in one of those pitchers. Should I go through with a deal and for who? Or I have another owner who might bite on a Jesus Montero plus Gio for Adrian Gonzalez? What are your thoughts?



(The other) Zach,

Absolutely! I’d trade either of those pitchers for either of those hitters. I slightly prefer McCutchen over Fielder and I’ll give Hamels the edge over Gio. So a Gio for McCutchen deal would be my first choice.


Which player do you like better for the rest of the year. Trout or Harper? I have been offered Trout and I have Harper. Thanks


Hard to say but for this year I like Trout. He’s putting up slightly better numbers and offers more upside in the speed department.


Ian Kennedy was just dropped in my league. It’s a relief pitcher heavy league (holds, K/9 instead of K, net wins instead of wins, batting average against). Would you drop Marcum or Zimmermann for him? I’m thinking either Marcum or stand pat. Thanks


I honestly couldn’t bring myself to dropping Marcum coming off his last start. Kennedy’s been battling inconsistency all year. Believe it or not, I’d stand pat!


I believe it! Thanks for the feedback.

Trade Question: Matt Wieters and Clayton Kershaw for Carlos Ruiz and Gio Gonzalez, who gets the better end of the deal?


Wieters and Kershaw, without question. I’m a big Gio fan but the reality is that he’s a nice sell-high guy considering how ridiculous his numbers are right now. If you can get arguably the #1 overall fantasy SP for him, I’m all for it. Ruiz to Wieters is a similar sell high, buy low exchange.


Need help with my WHIP and ERA bad. Last in my 5×5 in both. Anyways, was thinking about shaking things up and was wondering what you guys thought about this trade. I would be getting Cliff Lee and Alex Gordon for Nelson Cruz and Jimmy Rollins. I would slot Altuve in my MI spot. My offensive numbers have been solid across the board. Do you think I should pull the trigger on this?

Actually I’m going to offer Cruz, Rollins, and Nova for Cliff Lee, Alex Gordon, and Chris Perez. Also need help with saves along with WHIP and ERA. What are your thoughts.


This is an even better deal than the first one. Lee is a legit ace, Cruz is very productive when healthy but is always hurt and the fact that you have Altuve to replace Rollins is huge. Oh yeah, and you’re getting a pretty solid closer in Perez.


411 guys,
Do you think Hector Santiago has a chance of getting back closer spot (I hope not as I have Reed anyway).
I was thinking of dropping H Santiago and picking up Shawn Kelly but don’t want to drop Santiago if he might get back in the hunt for saves.
Thank You


I wouldn’t be concerned at all about Santiago getting back the closer job. He had his chance and blew it. Meanwhile, Reed has done a fine job, so there’s absolutely no reason to remove him from the role.


Which side wins here. Braun for Bruce and Justin Upton. Fair at all?


Give me the two studs over the one stud. I don’t care how disappointing Upton has been. I’m still a believer in him!


I own both Mad Max and Norris, and I’m nervous about starting both! I still don’t know what I’m going to do here. I’m contending for the top three spots of my league, but my ERA and WHIP is the only thing holding me back. I’m just so nervous that these guys could blow up and kill me. Plus, I’m not a fan of their splits at Boston, Colorado.

Good morning Zach,
I was at the Dodgers game last night and saw Kemp pull up limp. I need to fortify my OF/offense. What are your thoughts on Carlos Quentin hitting at Petco for the season. My OF now is Granderson, Pagan, Stubbs, and Joyce. Drop one and and Quentin or ride it out for a month until Kemp makes it back?
Rich D.


I don’t think I’d drop any of you current outfielders but if possible I’m fine with picking up Quentin anyway. Not going crazy over him though as I’m still concerned about how well his power will translate to Petco.


Hi Zach,
12 tm league. My fantasy ward …er…team include Kemp, Craig, Bonifacio & Lucroy.
With 3 men bench + one DL spot I have no room to manoeuvre.
Kemp is a no brainer and Craig’s gonna come off the DL on Friday.
What should I do with Bonifacio & Lucroy? are they worth keeping or should I drop them? picked Salty for C and picking SS off waivers .



I’d really try to keep both as I’m a big LuCroy fan. BUT if I had to drop one of LuCroy or Bonifacio it would be LuCroy. He’ll be out for at least four weeks and probably more, and Salty is a quality waiver wire addition. Definitely hold onto Bonifacio for the speed and multi-position eligibility.


Hey Zach,

I offered a guy in my league the following trade:
I give Michael Young and Bumgarner for Justin Upton and Joe Nathan
Am I way off here? 10 team mixed his MI is Jamiel Weeks and has less than desireable SP.



A perfectly reasonable offer. Not insulting at all, though I’d much rather have the Upton/Nathan side.


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