Pitch or Ditch for Friday, June 1


Pavano @ Lowe – the regression zombie is starting to chomp on Lowe’s ERA

Sabathia @ Crosby

Buchholz @ Alvarez – encouraging last start from Clay, let’s see another one

W. Chen @ Price

Colon @ Paulino – Big Bart is fading

King Felix @ Peavy

Lewis @ Williams – the Rangers schooled Williams in Arlington but he’s much tougher at home

Minor @ Strasburg – last chance for Minor?

Buehrle @ Kendrick

Wainwright @ J. Santana

Leake @ Happ – deep/unmixed gamblers might consider either or both

Correia @ Wolf

Capuano @ Outman – yep, even in Coors

Miley @ Richard – Richard is pretty much a must-start at Petco (2.67 ERA in 35 career starts)

Maholm @ Bumgarner

                                                                                                                                                ***ZACH SAYS “Wolf is worth a shot in deeper mixed or NL-only leagues as he’s facing a woeful Pirates’ lineup. Agree on rest.”


Buehrle, A.J. Burnett, Wade Miles, Doubront, Kuroda — who is best to pick up? Need to drop Oswalt for one of these. Who should it be?


I’d go with Doubront…more than a K per inning and has been very consistent this year. Burnett offers the highest reward though, particularly in the K department, but I’m just too scared of him.


Zach, Very grateful for your reply. I’m hurting at SP. Fenway scares me, but I’ll roll with Doubront. Might pick up A.J. in a week or two if he’s still around.

I need a pitcher in a 5×5. Who one do you like for the ROS? Jeff Samardzija, Bud Norris, James McDonald, Wade Miley, or Edwin Jackson.


I like E-Jax. His numbers are exceptional and it looks like he’s finally going to have that career year. He should really be owned in all leagues.


Zach, Would you believe that someone picked up E-Jax last night? I could now throw B McCarthy or Big Erv into that mix

Big Erv! Though I wouldn’t be afraid to just play the matchups here and pitch or ditch since it looks like there’s quality depth on your waiver wire.


Am i reading the Vance Worley info right, is he joining the team monday or is he pitching on monday?? And if he is, would it be smart to pick him up pitching against the doggers

Hi, guys–I am a huge fan of this site; I check it daily. Thanks for all the guidance. Quick question: I am in a head to head league and need wins in my current match up. For a spot start tomorrow, should I scoop J. Williams or C. Richard? Thanks!

I have capuano and coors scares me. I make it a habit of starting no one there. Got burned by Jaime Garcia last year (11 earned in like 3 innings) Caps will be sitting this one out for me.

Alexei Ramirez or Jhonny Peralta, ROS?


I like Alexei. Peralta’s having a really disappointing year and I just see Ramirez as the more complete player. He’ll give you some steals too!


What is going on with Norris the last two starts? Stick with him or go to Vargas, Zambrano, Vogelsong?

WY Chen is also available


Wow. I’d say stick with him except for the fact that Zambrano and Vogelsong really don’t belong on the waiver wire. If Norris is truly your worst SP, I wouldn’t be against dropping him and just pitching and ditching using the matchups.


(20 team league) Norris, WY Chen, Milone, and Colon are on my current team, are they better than Kevin Millwood, Ross Detwiler, Anthony Bass, or Kyle Kendrick who are free agents?
Jon from Texas
PS New the cop drama on FOX Colon and Milone, one is is a Mexican fizzy drink that is good for your digestive system, the other has no relation to Karl! They are Colon and Milone. Coming this fall.


I’m beginning to lose my patience with Colon but I’m not enamored with any of those waiver wire guys, so I’d sit tight.


411 Masterminds,
12 team roto league mixed keeper vanilla. just pickedup JP Arancibia with Lucroy on the DL. Also have Morse off DL this w/end, Rizzo N/A hopefully soon up. Crowded bench which makes me want to drop Lucroy and keep a hot catcher in the spot. Your thoughts?
Also, great to see you making your Hollywood debut on the podcast Zach, but, lately I havent actually had any video available to watch the show. It has come up on a fixed screen, with no video.



Thanks for the kudos! We’re no longer doing video podcasts. Audio only now.

I’m a big LuCroy fan but in your situation I wouldn’t have a problem dropping him. Arencibia’s a fine option in his own right.


Shame about the video a no go. Guess it will save on the dry cleaning! Suspect the suit and ties are ot the windows too?!. Haha


Gotta be honest…I’m glad I didn’t start Mad Max yesterday, and Bud Norris- woah! Glad I didn’t start him either. That Colorado road split is a killer.

Hey Zach,

Who do you like ROS, Uggla or Pedroia?

Thanks as always,

Assuming Pedey doesnt hit the DL


I’ll stick with our preseason rankings here and go with Pedroia. He’s a five-category contributor whereas Uggla doesn’t run and could potentially hurt your AVG.


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