Two-Start Pitchers – Week of 6/4

Hey guys,

Time again for our weekly look at two-start pitchers. Below are my thoughts on some of the tougher decisions for next week. We’ll also be discussing this on today’s podcast.


                                                                                                                                                        Chad Billingsley  (@PHI, @SEA)

He’s been so hit or miss this year and lately it’s been mostly misses. The WHIP is terrible and he’s made it through six innings in just two of his last five starts. BUT he’s still racking up a lot of K’s, the Phillies’ lineup isn’t what it used to be and the Mariners’ offense is still one to pick on, despite their recent 21-run outburst. I’m giving Billingsley a shot here, but if he blows it he’ll be in my doghouse for quite some time.

Drew Smyly  (vs. CLE, @CIN)

Mediocre at best over his last two starts (11 IP, 14 H, 7 ER) and any time a pitcher goes into Cincy it’s scary. BUT did anyone notice that the Reds rank just 22nd in the majors in runs scored and 25th in batting average? Indians’ offense is nothing better than middle of the pack. Pitch!

Ubaldo Jimenez  (@DET, @STL)

I’m at the point with Ubaldo where I can’t really trust him against anyone. Too many hits, way too many walks and the strikeouts just haven’t been there. Don’t be fooled by his two-start status. This is a brutal set of matchups. Could get very ugly. Ditch.

Homer Bailey  (vs. PIT, vs. DET)

Homer’s on a nice roll right now and has been very solid all year with eight quality starts in his ten outings. Fresh off a complete game domination of the Pirates so you have to love that matchup. The Tigers are always a challenging opponent but Homer’s overall consistency combined with the enormous appeal of the Pirates matchup makes him a worthy play in pretty much any format.

Joe Saunders  (vs. COL, vs. OAK)

Yeah, Saundo has his share of awful games but I don’t see it happening next week. He’s coming off a solid performance against the weak-hitting Giants and now gets the Rockies, who struggle to score on the road, and the A’s, who struggle to score period. The only thing that worries me is his 5.97 home ERA, but in deeper mixed leagues and of course NL-onlys, I’d be willing to roll the dice.

Jarrod Parker  (vs. TEX, @ARI)

Big time challenge for Parker next week but I think he’s up for it. 13 IP, 1 ER, 12 K’s in two starts since poor outing @SF. He’s already pitched well in tough matchups @BOS and @TOR so it’s not like he’s been beating up on weak competition. Take a deep breath and then pitch!

Christian Friedrich  (@ARI, vs. LAA)

No way! Don’t chase the K’s. He’s strictly an NL-only guy for the time being, and I don’t even think I’d start him there.

Bruce Chen  (vs. MIN, @PIT)

A very tempting week to start Chen. Great matchups and he’s given up 3 ER or less in four of his last five starts. High risk though, as he has the potential to blow up at any moment. In 12-team mixed leagues I think I’d play it safe and avoid him, but in NFBC style leagues (15-team mixed) or AL-only leagues, he’s a decent gamble.


Hey Zach just traded Peavy and Marcum for Cliff Lee in my 10 team league. Good buy low? I had lots of starters and needed more quality over quantity and Peavy’s recent slump and questionable health made me think he’s a good sell candidate. Lee’s 0 wins just seems an aberration to me, he’s been pitching fine and should start winning games soon. Do I get the 411 stamp of approval?


Yup! Particularly in a 10-team league, where guys like Peavy and Marcum are more replaceable through the waiver wire. You’re not going to find a Cliff Lee on the wire. And I’ll almost always endorse a 2-for-1 deal where you’re getting the best player in the trade.


Hey zach,

I’m in a 10tm H2H with extras like h, xbh, bb, tb, obp, slg. Given that, can you rank these guys for ROS? Rios, fowler, maybin, soriano. Also, worth dropping headley for seager to back up youks?

Thanks as always.


Fowler, Rios, Maybin, Soriano.

And I’m fine with dropping Headley for Seager, who is simply having the better season. Not much risk in doing this.


Boom seager!! Fowler not too shabby either. It’s nice when the advice can be immediately felt, haha. Thanks!!

Given my format do you still like seager over chisenhall ROS? I don’t know if chisey will have the spot for the year but dude is talented and his offense is better (despite the recent outburst).

Thanks again.

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