Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 5


Jimenez @ Smyly – Smyly 4 runs allowed in each of last 4 starts, but K/BB still strong

Shields @ Pettitte

Hammel @ Lester

Liriano @ B. Chen – I’d like to see one more good one from Liriano first

Romero @ Humber – Humber is like a box of chocolates

Beavan @ Richards

Holland @ Blackley

Billingsley @ Lee

Young @ Zimmermann

T. Hudson @ An. Sanchez

Burnett @ Bailey – for two guys who’ve been kicked around as much as these two, they’re both pitching pretty well of late

J. Garcia @ Harrell

Dempster @ Gallardo

Guthrie @ Kennedy

Lincecum @ Bass – watch Bass pitch and tell me who he reminds you of


12 team 6×6 (OPS and L) H2H league:

aramis just hit the wire and i have r. roberts and c. jones. should i use the top waiver priority to pick him? who should i cut to pick him up between roberts, jones, e. aybar (rollins is my ss)?


Absolutely! I’d dump Roberts for A-Ram.


Yep Bass pitches like the guy he’s gonna oppose, Lincecum alright!

Drop (in separate drops) LaHair for Wieters (I have McCann & Napoli, but Napoli can play 1B, plus Wieters can be used for trade bait later), Clippard for Motte, & Sean-Rod for Beckham?


Yes. Yes. Yes.


ROS. Bass or smyly?


Bass. NL West + Petco Park = I like it.


What do You think of Lester, ROS?


I’m a bit concerned. He hasn’t been awful but he hasn’t been the legit ace that you thought you were getting on draft day. But as a Lester owner there’s really nothing you can do but keep trotting him out there and hope that he pitches with more consistency. You’re not going to get fair value for him in a trade right now.


I don’t like Burnett in Cincinnati, that smells like trouble to me

Roy Halladay was dropped in my kind of shallow 10 team league. I have the #1 waiver but I already have several players on the DL. I’ve got to claim him though right?


No doubt the easiest question I’ll answer today:-) YES!


Hey Zach, 10×10 head to head Yahoo league, was offered Mark Teixeira and Yoenis Cespedes for Jordan Zimmermann and Mat Latos. I have Howard, Ellsbury, Tulo and Jennings on DL, 1B I have Adam LaRoche, SS Furcal, OF Choo, Willngham, Hart, Hamilton, Cruz. If trading away the pitching, I’ll left with Darvish, Morrow, Garza, and Hamels with SP, I do however have a decent RP including Kimbrel, Soriano, Myers, Broxton, and Cassila. Would consider doing the trade or should I stick to the gun wait for Howard and Ellsbury?

Your help is much appreciate,

Ray Xu


Do it! A great buy low opportunity on Tex, who I still view as a top-30 player despite his early struggles. So you’re getting a top-30 player plus a quality OF for two SPs, neither of whom are aces. Sounds good to me!


would you consider picking Doubront up for Big E or Worley? My pitching has been destroying me this year with Big E and Lincecum getting knocked around….at least Moore is showing improvement and hopefully Gallardo will get more consistent…..


Long term I still prefer Big E and Worley, but if you have the luxury of benching one or both and picking up Doubront anyway, I’d do that.


Hi Zach remember I asked you about buying low on a few CI guys. Well I sent out a few offers and my offer for A-Gonz was accepted within a few hours! Here it is, I gotta be happy with it right? Ricky-Ro and Matt Adams for A Gonzalez. Think he must be pretty cheesed off with A-Gonz’s start but he’ll turn it around right? 16 teamer aswell so bat’s like his are at a real premium. 411 stamp of approval?


That’s an absolute steal! Letting the other owner, particularly if he’s fed up with one of his players, make the initial offer is often an effective strategy as he might offer you an even better deal than you expected.


Cool, no worries about the shoulder then? He started slow last year so im hoping its a case of the same again, reckon he can still manage 300/30/100?


Should I drop Anthony Rizzo for Stephen Lombardozzi? I and picked him up to early and lost my last match becasue of a open 2B/ SS slot. Everyone took the last remaing 1st Base men, and have Mark Reynolds and Rizzo. I am worried if I drop Rizzo somoeone will pick him up after I waited so long for his call up.Troy Tulowitzki injury left me with Ian Desmond to fill his slot but left me empty 2B/ SS slot.


I think I’d stand pat. Lombardozzi really only helps in AVG and it’s not like you’re strong at 1B. I don’t like the idea of playing with no MI though, so if you can drop someone else outside of Rizzo, that’s another possibility.


Hi Big Z, got another strategy type question for you, don’t expect anything easy with me!🙂 My teams killing it (in a good way) in my roto keeper league, currently over 20 pts clear, but after falling away last year im determined to try and stop that happening again this year. Due to likes of Hamilton, E5 etc killing it, im way ahead in power and leading in nearly all offensive cats, though im kinda short on speed, only middle of the pack. So to address that which of these options do you like:
A. Look for speedsters off the wire (like Q Berry) to add speed in your lineup even if it’s over more established bats like Zimmerman, Butler (bench not cut them).
B. Keep your ‘best’ hitters in the lineup and try and work a trade now for speed.
C. Keep your ‘best’ hitters in the lineup but wait till a bit later in the season to try and do a power for speed deal.

My worry is that if im still ahead by the allstar break, people might be against trading with me! My current speedsters are Han-Ram, Elvis, Cutch and Melky, though none are near the top in terms of speed so far. Not really enough in a 10 team league.




I’d go with C. It’s still a little too early to declare yourself the winner in certain categories, so I like the idea of waiting and building on your power lead before thinking about a trade. And the way I see it, you’re not terrible in SBs…maybe middle of the pack.


I was thinking of dropping Brian Fuentes for Tim Collins? Is that an ok move or should i just keep Fuentes. My closers are J Hanrahan, J Johnson and K Jansen. Thanks for all the advise!!!


Nooo! Fuentes is still a closer. Collins isn’t.


I asked earlier about my starting pitching, I still have a chance at my division but not if my pitching doesnt improve….I asked about Doubront cause I like his Ks and stats…my starters right now are Lincecum, Gallardo, Morrow, Big E, Moore, and Worley I could go with fewer starters possibly or drop one….any thoughts


I think I’d stand pat if it means you’d need to drop one of your current SPs. I still prefer them over Doubront.


Hi Zach,
I hope you are doing well. First off, thank you for all the advice, bro. Adam LaRoche or Allan Craig for ROS? Thoughts?
Rich D.


I think I’m in the minority here but I’ll take LaRoche. He’s streaky but he has a proven track record and is traditionally a strong second half player. Short term, Craig might be the guy, but at the end of the year I think LaRoche will have the better all-around numbers, particularly in the counting stats.


Jarrod Parker is available also in my league what do you think of him? Is he or Doubront a better pick up…..thinking of dropping Boggs so I can bench either Lincecum or Big E for a bit

I’d go with Parker over Doubront, he’s beaten a lot of good teams already and easier division. Would think about dropping Big Erv for Doubront too though, he’s been real bad.


I like Parker a lot and would take him over Doubront.


thx you think its good to drop Big E for Parker. My league scores Holds and currently have 4 pitchers….O Flaherty/ Boggs/ Cook/ and Crain maybe drop Boggs for Doubront so I can leave Lincecum on the bench for a few more starts?


Yeah, I like the Boggs for Doubront move.


Bass stunk it up again. I would have to see 2 good starts in a row from him to consider starting him.

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