Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, June 6


Gomez @ Scherzer
Cobb @ Nova – Nova has not been impressive
W. Chen @ Beckett
Blackburn @ Paulino
Morrow @ Quintana
Noesi @ Williams – Williams is on a QS roll
Lewis @ Colon
Bumgarner @ Richard – Richard is a must-start at Petco
Capuano @ Kendrick – more regression coming for Cappy?
Hefner @ Jackson
Delgado @ Johnson – not risking erratic Delgado vs. Marlins
Lincoln @ Cueto
Wainwright @ Norris
Maholm @ Greinke
Outman @ Miley – Rockies tend to struggle on the road


Hey Zach, what are your thoughts on J. Upton ROS? Hold on hoping he’ll bounce back or try to trade him?


Hold on! Never a good idea to try and trade studs when their stock is at a low. I’m not overly concerned about him.


What caliber of player do you think I should be going after if I’m planning on dealing Shields? I would like to make a fair proposal to someone for a batter and I’m wondering if you have any suggestions as to who you think would be a reasonable trade for James…


Throw out some names to give me an idea. I’d say a top-20 OF and top-5ish kind of players at the other hitting positions. Maybe try buying low on an underperforming star (J. Upton, Tex, Reyes etc.). Might take Shields plus someone else.


I’m in a league that counts holds and k/9 – with Street coming back from the DL who should I drop Thayer or Gregerson?


Yeah, I’d do that. Gregerson’s track record suggests that he’ll bounce back from his mediocre start.


No on Cappy? Whaatt? He’s had one bad start.

That’s what I’m saying. And that start was at coors.

I agree with you guys on Capuano:-)


trade question:

in a points league who do you think gets the better of this deal prince and sherzer for reed darvish and kendrys.

Give me Prince. Darvish and Scherzer could be similar from now on once the ball starts flying out in the Texas heat.


It’s close but I agree with BB on this. Fielder’s the best player in the deal and is a pts league machine! Darvish is a sell-high guy in my mind.


Zach pick one outta Paulino and Scherzer today, which do you trust more. Have both at the back end of my rotation in a 10 teamer but might decide to drop one of them for the streaky Rasmus.


Tough one. Scherzer’s been solid of late and is the higher upside play, but he’s also very blowup prone. I’d go with the safer Paulino. Very favorable matchup too!


who would you prefer for ROS Rasmus or Ibanez? Most likely one or the other would be on my bench to help with fill in with others day offs


I’ll say Rasmus. Ibanez is probably the safer pick but his playing time will be cut once Gardner returns. I prefer Rasmus’ upside. He’s still young.


Thanks for the earlier response Big Z, agree but to win a league don’t you need to be better ie near the top in each cat😉 I’am definately middle of the pack in speed, as shown right now, but ok yeah it might be worth waiting until a bit later.

Do you do much of A though? I try not to and always keep my best hitters in the lineup, but when they’re not hitting like Zimmerman it can’t be a bad thing to play a speedster over him for a while right?


I’m usually very conservative when it comes to managing my lineup…sometimes to a fault! But yeah, I always leave my best guys in there. I’d be more bummed out if my stud player hits two homers but he’s on my bench than if one of my usual bench players has a great game and he’s on my bench. It’s a matter of style though.


Norris got blown up his last start (bad!!) and he’s dealing with a nagging injury…still start him against the Cards? Not sure about that.


Some of it depends on your specific team’s situation but in a bubble yeah, I’d throw him out there.


Hey Zach!
Should I grad Norris off the wire or pick up Bauer for his eventually call up?

Thank you!


In a non-keeper league, I’d go with Norris for now. But if you have room to stash Bauer as well, absolutely pick him up!


James McDonald and Kendrys Morales for Chris Sale? Non-keeper 10 team mixed league.

Ill take the McDonald and Kendrys side. Sale is gonna have an innings cap I bet and kendrys could explode ad the weather heats up.

thanks man!


It’s fair if you really need the SP upgrade but I’m not sure it’s really necessary. Morales is getting hot and I’d be wary of dealing him for the upgrade from McDonald to Sale. McDonald is having a great season too, and in a 10-team mixed, trading for starting pitching is often unnecessary considering the quality of arms available on the wire.


appreciate it, thanks!

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