Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, June 7


Lowe @ Crosby
Darvish @ McCarthy – TEX is MLB’s #1 road offense but McCarthy is a stud at home
Price @ Sabathia
Matusz @ Buchholz – both of them have turned the corner lately
Alvarez @ Peavy
Harang @ Hamels
Dickey @ Wang
Garza @ Wolf
Cain @ Volquez – at home vs. a terrible offense? OK, I’ll try Volquez again
Minor @ Buehrle – Minor’s last stand? Teheran CG last time out in Triple-A…
Correia @ Leake
Lynn @ Happ – Happ’s increased K rate worth a look for deeper leagues


Heath Bell was dropped in my league, should i grab him up? Looks like F Paulino might hit the DL so i could drop him and grab Bell.

What is your thoughts on Daisuke Matsuzaka? Is he worth to be picked up for his start saturday?

Wow he’s back? Just saw his 1st start in MLB randomly on mlb.com highlights, man he looked good then…what happened to him.

I’d pass until we’ve seen like a month'[s worth of Dice-K, bet he starts on the PoD Chart as DTM!


Absolutely not! Waay too risky. Let’s watch him for a few starts before thinking about picking him up, especially in a mixed league.



Yeah, Bell is definitely worth a pickup. Looks like he’s settled down a bit after his disastrous start to the season. I’d rather not drop Paulino but if your DL is already full I’m OK with that.


hey wanted to run this by you before I make a offer…..thinking of offering A Gon for Kershaw? Wondering if I would need to add someone like Lincecum to the deal also would that be a fair offer or one that should be declined?


That’s a very fair offer if you feel like your offense can handle the loss of Adrian. You shouldn’t need to add more.


Hi Big Z, another strategy question for you. Know you don’t like to stream hitters on off days but do you like to stream relievers instead on those days? Can help the ratio’s but obviously not much chance at a win, so do you like to play these guys or rather save your innings for your starters?


Not in love with that idea either:-) The benefit of owning elite setup guys is that over the course of the season they will help your ERA and WHIP. When the sample size is limited to a few days, I’d be too afraid to take that approach as they could have one of their few blowup games while on your roster. Over time their stats will even out, but banking on them for short-term periods could backfire!


Hi thx I have Hosmer and K morales at 1st base besides A Gon who Ive been sitting recently…..I did drop Big E for Parker so still looking for a top notch starter and that is why I feel A gon is expendable for Kershaw…..?


I’m fine with that.


Ok fair enough Zach but referring to the Q above, do you like playing elite relievers on your staff? I used to do it but tend to save my innings for starters and closers only now, though the team who won my keeper used a bunch of MR’s so it can work.
I just feel you’re wasting too many innings without the chance of getting W’s and S’s if you use them regularly- I even often stash saves hedges on my bench like Benoit🙂 Does it depend on league size?


Yeah, I think some of it does depend on league size. In a 15-team mixed or a non-mixed league, for instance, I might be more in favor of playing one or more elite setup guys as the quality of SPs at the back end of my rotation or on the wire would be very low. So in that case you might as well protect your ERA and WHIP. I usually don’t do it unless I’m short of appealing SP options and/or closers. I think stashing saves hedges or even elite setup guys who are behind shaky closers is a good idea as they have the double benefit of helping your ERA and WHIP AND being sleepers for saves.


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