Updated PoD Category Chart (6/6)

Hey guys,

Not a whole lot of changes this time around. Ubaldo Jimenez was well on his way to joining Club DTM until he redeemed himself last night. Francisco Liriano also escaped our doghouse by notching back to back stellar performances while Clay Buchholz decided that the music at Club DTM just wasn’t that good.

PoD Chart 6-6

And here are the few changes we’ve made since our last update:


Cahill PoD to grad

Hughes PoD to grad

Parker PoD to grad

Liriano DTM to PoD

Buchholz DTM to PoD


Alvarez grad to PoD

Guthrie PoD to indifferent

Once again, a reminder as to how the chart works:

We’ve divided all of the current starting rotation pitchers in the Majors into five groups: Aces, Grads (pitchers who you should be starting regardless of the matchup), Pitch or Ditch (guys who you should be picking up to start in favorable matchups but do not deserve a regular roster spot), DTMs (guys who we are fed up with and would not start under any circumstances for the time being) and Indifferents (guys who we don’t feel any ill-will towards but who just aren’t that good). Keep in mind that these classifications are very much subject to change throughout the season based on performance. We’ll be updating the chart every other week.

All feedback is welcome!



Not changes but not sure how we can call Gallardo, Lester and Romero aces right now….and I happen to own all of them! Grads for sure, but none are pitching like aces right now. Also Moore nearly back to Grad status yet?

Great work with my chart though!


Good point. The ace vs. grad distinction sometimes gets tricky when we’re dealing with proven aces, as we often give them a lot longer of a leash due to track record alone. We definitely could’ve knocked those guys down to grads though.


Is it just me or does club-DTM seem to have more and more members these days🙂


A lot of bad pitching of late but surprisingly there were no DTM guys this time! A few close calls though, as mentioned.


Zach! Been a long time! My fav part of the blog is the charts but PLEASE guys, I beg of you…
The Nolasco obsession has to stop….
Ricky Nolasco – Since last chart 3-3 with 2QS
2012 – 68.1IP 6W 3L 39K 4.35ERA 1.32WHIP 5.14K/9 5QS = Grad
Jerome Williams – Since last chart 4-1 with 5QS
2012 – 66.0IP 6W 2L 42K 3.68ERA 1.30WHIP 5.73K/9 8QS = POD???

Come on….. we all know how many hearts he’s broken… a familiar name only gets you so far.


A good point and personally I’m tired of Nolasco too. Still, I’m not sure I’d flat out drop him. Would sooner drop Williams should he have a few more bad starts. He’s still a big question mark considering that he hadn’t pitched in the majors for such a long time. An argument can definitely be made though that Nolasco is PoD.


I would contend that if Hughes is now a grad, then so is Matusz. Look at the numbers in his last 8 starts: 5-2, 3.33 ERA, 1.21 WHIP, 39 K in 48 2/3 IP. Hughes has the following line for his last 8 starts: 4-3, 4.47 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, 42 K in 48 1/3 IP. Matusz also has the edge in QS: 6-4, where Matusz has them against TOR, NY, KC(2), TB and BOS while Hughes has them against KC(2), SEA & DET. I own them both in an AL-only so I watch them closely, and Matusz has been just as impressive if not more so.

Wud u trade melky & peavy for mccutchen?


Yes. 100 times out of 100.


Just accepted this trade:
Receive McCann, Freeman, and King Felix
Send Chapman and Mauer


Love it! Mauer to McCann is at worst a wash, so you’re basically getting Freeman and Felix for Chapman. What’s not to like?


5 x 5 AL roto league. Can only make two free cuts per year. Last in WHIP and ERA. Who would keep? Liriano or Drabek for the remainder of the year? Would you pick up Smyly, Dicek, Matusz, Cobb. Very slim picking.


I think I’d take my chances on Liriano, the higher risk but higher reward pick. Smyly looks like the best option of that waiver wire group.


Would a grad be someone who is too good to drop but you might sit against a good offense? Like Pettite in Texas?


Exactly. You don’t necessarily HAVE to start grads every time out, but you should start them the vast majority of the time. The main difference between grad and PoD is that grads should not be dropped.


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