Pitch or Ditch for Friday, June 8


J. Santana @ Kuroda – the conservative mind might bench Johan here

Blanton @ Arrieta

Strasburg @ Doubront

Wood @ Walters

Wandy @ Floyd – see above re. Johan, about Wandy… he’s due to regress and Sox are en fuego at home

Eovaldi @ Millwood – Mariners have actually been scoring more lately, though

Hochevar @ Bedard

Porcello @ Arroyo

Hellickson @ Nolasco

Drabek @ Beachy

Tomlin @ Westbrook

Wilson @ White

Milone @ D. Hudson – Milone primarily a home play only for now

Harrison @ Zito

Volquez @ Marcum – Volquez on the road? No thanks


Norris or Latos right now?


Norris. Overall, he’s having the better year, and I just don’t trust Latos from start to start. I’m a lot less concerned about Norris.


Thank you sir! I have no faith in Latos either.

When Robertson comes off the DL I’m going to have a log jam at relief pitcher. My league counts holds along with saves of course and i only have 5 roster spots for RP My rp’s are… Benoit,Frieri,Reed,David Hernandez, and Wilhelmsen. I Have Storen coming back too sometime.


I’d drop Hernandez. All the other guys are either closers right now, or in the case of Benoit, a dominant setup guy who’s behind a closer who has been very shaky.


That’s who I was leaning towards. It’s hard though. He’s got 9 holds (the dumbest stat ever) 2.59 era and 14.5k’s per 9. He’s also next in line with and injury prone putz struggling too.

Thanks for your help!

Make that 12.5 k’s per 9

Zambrano or Jarrod Parker?


Short term I like Big Z but ROS I’m going to say Parker. I think he’s less likely to melt down. Still waiting for Z to have one of his famous disaster starts.


Do I pitch Latos versus Detroit this weekend? That matchup makes me a little nervous with the way he has been pitching. Thanks.


I wouldn’t. Play it safe with him for now. He needs to earn my trust back.


Just a random commenter here but as bad as Ubaldo Jiminez has been he handled Detroit something seems to be wrong with that lineup right now. Just one mans opinion and a note on the chart Harrison’s numbers are historically bad against the Giants I think I saw that on his career numbers.

411 crew,
grabbed Anthony Rizzo a couple of weeks ago and little annoyed he wasnt called up last week. What does your crystal ball tell you? Up before or after the Allstar w/end of should I just drop him this year? His bat is waay tooo hot for me to risk missing out on him moving up.



Well, the real problem is that the Cubs have nowhere to play Rizzo right now with LaHair manning fist base. Still, if Rizzo continues to light up Triple-A I have a hard tome believing that they won’t make room for him, possibly by trading LaHair. I’m going to say that Rizzo gets called up before the All-Star break and that he’s a worthy stash in 12-team mixed leagues.


The 2 I disagree on are: Kuroda (lifetime vs Mets: 1-5, 5.75 era). Bench. And Zito (lifetime vs Tex: 18-5, 3.72 era) plus Zito has gone 3-0 with a 2.59 era in 5 home starts at AT&T Park this season, add to that the fact that Texas is in a funk right now being blanked by Colon & McNasty the last 2 nights. Not to mention Zito currently sports a 2.99 era on the season. Pitch.

Just a quick question. NFBC 12-team format: Who should start at 3B for the weekend, Aramis Ramirez or Daniel Murphy? The other would sit. Sad choice to have to make, but it’s the hand I dealt myself at the draft.
Dave in Delaware


A-Ram, based on track record and upside. He’s been hitting pretty well of late and could get his power stroke going at any moment. Murphy is the more boring player!


Thanks, Zach! There was worry about A-Ram going on the DL, but he pinch-hit last night, which took away the possibility of a retro move, so I guess my thought was that he might not play in all three games, while Murphy probably would, though he’s trying to snap out of a slump. #deckchairsonthetitanic?
Thanks again!
Dave in Delaware

Hi, all! One other thing. Perhaps this has been mentioned and I’ve missed it. 411 alum and all-around great guy Jim Duquette has been in the news and many people’s thoughts lately for donating a kidney to his daughter Lindsey. If you’re in the Baltimore area on June 24 and would like to help out the fight against kidney disease, visit http://nephcure.org/countdown-cure for details about an event he’ll help host to raise funds for an organization to which they are closely connected. It will be after the Nats-O’s game that day and, believe it or not, for an extra donation, you can have a chance to hit off of Jim Palmer!
Sorry for the “ad,” but it seems like a great cause!
Dave in Delaware

Thanks Dave. Continue spreading the word!


Should I drop Alexei Ramirez for Andrelton Simmons? What value do you see for both these shortstops going forward? Thanks!


Nah, I don’t think I’d do that. I’m fed up with Alexei too and wouldn’t mind dropping him, but I’m not sure that Simmons is a guy I’d feel comfortable with as one of my starters in a mixed league. He’s pretty much an AVG/SB guy but the steals aren’t so “off the charts” that they’ll make a huge difference on your team. He’s an NL-only/15-team mixed option…not quite 12-team mixed material just yet.


(10 team league)Best outfielder for SBs, AVG, and Rs.
Cameron Maybin, Gerardo Parra, Rajai Davis, or Juan Pierre.
Jon from Texas


Maybin. He’s fully guaranteed everyday AB’s for the rest of the season and carries the highest upside. I’m just not all that excited about the other three.


Thanks for the response, Zach. I’m a huge fan of this site. If King Felix pitches this Sunday, should I throw him? I feel silly even asking that question about a dude of his caliber but his numbers over the last month aren’t good, and returning from this back injury complicates the matter. Thanks for any insight.


Yeah, I’m of the belief that you never sit your aces under pretty much any circumstances. Maybe if he was making his season debut after being out all year due to a serious injury, I’d sit him for his first start, but this is far from a serious injury.


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