Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, June 9-11



Samardzija @ Diamond – Diamond exceptional so far and Cubs offense is not good.

Worley @ Hunter – Hopefully, Worley has shaken off the rust.

Gonzalez @ Matsuzaka

Lyles @ SaleKeep Lyles on your radar though.

Kershaw @ Vargas – Vargas a decent play in deeper than 12-team leagues.

Gee @ Hughes – Hughes close to earning back my trust but I still need to see a little more before I can trust him in 12-teamers.

Feldman @ Vogelsong

Hutchison @ Hanson

Haren @ TBD (COL) – Haren at Coors is a little scary but you never bench your aces.

Verlander @ Arroyo

Masterson @ Lohse – I’ll play it safe and sit Masterson here.

Mazzaro @ McDonald

Moore @ Zambrano – As well as he’s been pitching, benching Big Z not a terrible idea. I’m not too confident about this game.

Parker @ Cahill

Cashner @ Fiers


Niese @ Pettitte

Lee @ Hammel – Hammel still a grad but getting closer to a demotion.

Zimmermann @ Lester

Dempster @ De Vries

Harrell @ Humber

Billingsley @ Beavan

Shields @ An. Sanchez

B. Chen @ Burnett – I’ll take a chance on B. Chen vs. lowly Pirates’ lineup.

Romero @ T. Hudson

Jimenez @ TBD (STL) – Stay away from Ubaldo here!

Big Erv @ Friedrich – Pitching the inconsistent Erv at Coors is very risky. I think I’ll sit this one out.

Ogando @ Lincecum

Blackley @ Saunders – I just can’t seem to get off the Saundo bandwagon! I like this matchup, though every time I say to pitch him he blows up.

Smyly @ Bailey – Both are too high-risk for my taste.

Bass @ Gallardo – Bass really struggling of late and this matchup is far from favorable. I’m passing.


Jackson @ Morrow

Beckett @ Johnson

Nova @ Delgado – I like Nova in weekly leagues for the two-start week but in a daily I’d take a wait and see approach and if he does well I’d pitch him his next time out @WAS.

Richards @ Capuano



Don’t be daft Zach, pitching Timmy, you outta your mind?! )

Against the Rangers too!

going for a trade, other guy values peavy and vogelsong the same. which would you rather have? Thanks!


I’d go with Vogelsong. Peavy’s the higher upside pick but I’d rather avoid the injury risk. Vogelsong is safer. I also like the fact that he pitches in the NL and in a very favorable pitcher’s park.


Im noticing a lot of drops on brian fuentes and a lot of pick ups on Ryan Cook. I know that Brian blew last couple of saves but did he actually loose his job? Am i missing something?


You probably know this by now!


I just turned down de Aza, Brantley, and Bell for Kennedy. Did I make a mistake?

Depends on the rest of your staff and your need for SBs, but I probably would’ve turned that down too. Kennedy has been a little disappointing so far but he’s still the best player in this deal, and I’m not really a fan of trades where I get quantity over quality. Keep in mind that you would then need to drop two players, so those guys need to be factored in as well.


Thanks that makes me feel better haha. Our league isn’t a roto league so steals don’t matter and you make a good point about dropping players.

are you still thinking no drop on Lincecum,,,,,,he is awful!!!!!!! although there isnt much on the wire such as Vargas or AJ Burnett……


Yeah, he’s a bench but don’t drop. I just don’t see what you’re gaining by dropping him for a waiver wire pitcher and letting another team benefit from a resurgence, which is still very possible.


I did pick up Pettitte for back up….you think he is good for ROS?


As long as Pettitte stays healthy, he definitely has mixed value, so I’m fine with that move.


What are your thoughts on Quintin Berry? Is he the real deal?


With Austin Jackson now back, Jim Leyland has already said that Berry will be relegated to a bench role, so I just don’t see a whole lot of value for him in mixed leagues. Still worthy of a spot on AL-only rosters though thanks to his speed.


Clayton Richard or Alex Cobb for the 2 start week?


Richard, without question. I love the matchups and generally speaking, I have a little more faith in him than I do in Cobb.


Hey Bi Z just wondering what depth of league these PoD calls are based on, is it a 12 teamer? Just saw some bold pitch calls on the likes of Timmy, Niese at Yankee Stadium, and Parker in AZ. Some work and some don’t, just seems a little agressive on some guys. I guess though the main idea of PoD is to draft a killer offense and go for these lower end guys in good matchups. I have ended up with a very good staff in my keeper league so can’t really use this info in that league, but in my 16 teamer non-keeper I guess I can still try and take advantage of matchups on here. Have you used the PoD strategy much in any of your leagues this year, any luck with it?🙂 Maybe we could have a update on some of the main leagues you Cory and Mike are in and how you’re doing against other experts etc, and maybe even best/worst picks, that’d be cool.


They’re geared towards 12-teamers but I/we tend to be a little more liberal early in the season. I wrestled with Parker and turned out to be way off! Lincecum didn’t turn out well either but I figured I’d give him a shot at home. If it were @TEX I would’ve benched him.

Personally, I don’t use PoD religiously as the low-cost SPs who I draft often become grads! But in the case of an exceptional matchup, I do make it a point to pick up that SP. Also, four of my five leagues are weeklys, and it’s harder to implement PoD in those.That said, I try to use one spot exclusively for an appealing two-start pitcher, but I’m very careful in picking them.

I was planning on posting something about my Tout team fairly soon and will ask Mike and Cory if they want to do the same!


Good man Zach, look forward to hearing it.

Hi Zach,
I hope you had a nice weekend. My pitching is usually my weakness in a 10 team, H2H, mixed league. My rotation is Josh Johnson, Morrow, Romero, Marcum, Sale, and Daniel Hudson. I have a back log of OFs: Granderson, Pagan, Joyce, Craig Allen, Stubbs, and Kemp (DL). I would like to bolster my starting rotation. Would you feel it’s safe to drop Stubbs for any one of the following: Pettitte, McCarthy, Cahill, AJ Burnett, or Wei-Yin Chen? I know, slim pickins. I’m actually leaning towards Pettitte even though he pitches in the AL East.
Rich D.


In a 10-teamer I’m fine with a Stubbs for Pettitte move, as Stubbs’ value takes a big hit in shallower formats. But first make sure that you have enough speed. Granderson isn’t running all that much and with Kemp on the DL, Pagan is really your only SB outfielder.



I won this week playing the tail end witout a 1st basemen. Previously I was playing without a SS, but picked up Trevor Plouffe MIN SS, 3B, OF, to Fill a 2B/SS slot that was open. Instead I dropped Mark Reynolds, and switched to having a 1b slot open. I was keeping the slot open for Rizzo, but I just heard he may not be up till the deadline of July 31st, Is this true? My Leauge runs 18 weeks , then playoffs and this places me empty till the 16th week. Should I wait a week to see if the update is wrong or move on and pick up players like Taylor Green,/mil/2b,1bt or Brett Wallace HOU 1B, or even picklup Mark Reynolds again? I am currently holding third and worry I could be waiting to long on this player. I Guess I could drop either Alex Gordon or B.J Upton to free up a slot right away as well. Trades are hard when your winning in my Leauge. ALso I wanted to say thanks for all this year info, you have been spot on.



I think I’d go ahead and pick up Wallace. He’s been red hot since getting called back up and I’d always rather get production now than wait for something that may or may not happen. The whole Rizzo situation is a big mystery.


Zach, I’m in a 10 player head to head league. My SP are weaver, pettite, vogelson and lynn, plus vargas. I’m thinking of dropping vargas and trying to find another pitcher? or just dropping him when weaver comes off the DL? Also do you think garret richards is a decent pick up in th weeks coming up?


I’d just drop Vargas when Weaver comes off the DL. Richards is intriguing long-term but he’s definitely not 10-team mixed league material yet. Stay away for now.


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