Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 12


Lincoln @ W. Chen – worth a shot on Chen at home vs. a weak offense

Wang @ Alvarez – the low K rate is a concern but Alvarez gets it done…

Young @ Cobb

Kennedy @ Lewis – Kennedy’s recent resurgence earns the nod here

Greinke @ Mendoza

Kendrick @ Blackburn

Richard @ King Felix – Richard is usually a strict home play but in Seattle is the next-best thing

Buchholz @ Buehrle

Gomez @ Cueto

Sabathia @ Minor

Scherzer @ Maholm

Quintana @ Wainwright

Colon @ Guthrie – Colon in Coors? Yyyyaaaahhh… no.

Williams @ Harang

Norris @ Bumgarner


Goose –

Which two of these four would you want for RoS H2H pts : G. Floyd, N. Feliz, K. Medlen, and A. Cashner?

As you know my 12tm, mixed, 5man keeper, H2H pts draft was set up with 12 straight bats, then completed with my 9 needed arms of any kind (completed with 5 bench spots). I am happy to report its produced a 7-3 (T-1st) record, but most total points by far, and coming off back to back weeks of most points (500pts last week alone).

Anyhow, I have really held arms together but assembling some top closers (Chapman, Jansen, Hanranhan, Soriano, and Bettencourt)…so I usually just need 4 solid starters to mix in (Marcum, Lynn, T. Hudson, and either Dempster, Niese, or Bedard) based on matchups. I have Bauer just waiting too.

So wondering if dropping Floyd and Feliz for Medlen and Cashner would be a smart play and be solid insurance come playoff run?



Hard to say without knowing the specific scoring system (which players are more valuable in this particular league) but I’m not all that enthusiastic about Cashner or Medlen. I’m not giving up on Floyd either and would be willing to wait on Feliz as we all know what he can do when healthy, even if he gets moved from the rotation into a setup role.


if it helps: Scoring for Pitching Categories
BBI Walks Issued (Pitchers) -.5 points
CG Complete Games 5 points
ER Earned Runs -1 point
HA Hits Allowed -.5 points
INN Innings 2 points
K Strikeouts (Pitcher) 1 point
L Losses -2 points
S Saves 8 points
W Wins 10 points

If anything, it looks like this scoring system slightly favors SPs over non-closer relievers, so I’d stick with Floyd and Feliz.


Hey 411,
I’m in last place in a 5 year keeper auction league and I am looking to sell Ryan Braun($37) to a contender. Which of these guys to you like as a base in a deal, Bruce ($19), Price ($14), Sandoval ($13), even tho he’s on the DL Ellsbury ($16)? Or am I crazy and just stick with Braun?


37 bucks isn’t an outrageous price for Braun but if I could get Bruce for half the price I think it’s worth it. I like that trade for you if it’s a straight up 1-for-1.


Still sticking with Scherzer huh? Reasoning behind that? Slumping cubs?


Can’t speak for Cory but the Cubs don’t scare me. I’m taking a start by start approach with Scherzer right now, and for this start I’ll say Pitch.


Quick question.
Better pick up for a spot start:
J. Williams, W. Chen, C. Buchholz, or H. Alvarez?

And I’m in a 12 team H2H


I’d go with Chen. The Pirates have been so erratic offensively this year that I’d start pretty much anyone against them!


Drop Jed Lowrie for Buchholz? He’s my backup 3B, SS in an 11 team roto league. Would need to let him go for roster space to pick up Buchholz. Also, could you rank Beckett, Buchholz, Doubront?


Is there a particular reason why you need Buchholz? Personally, I’m not a huge fan of his as he’s teased us before, but value-wise this is a fine move if you feel that you’re short on starting pitching.


Hey Zach,

I have a slim lead on ERA so am being very selective about my POD guys. I can pick up Richards or Alvarez today and have Bumgarner going. Who do you like better?



I’ll take Richard. I love the matchup @SEA and the Nats offense does have at least some firepower.


Hi Zach pick one rotation filler for a 10 team league:
Pettite, Buchholtz, Jimenez.
You buying Ubi’s resurgence?


Pettitte. I see him as the safest pick and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by his consistently solid strikeout numbers.


I am rolling with Minor tonight, possibly pitching for his job, gonna come out swinging. Am I crazy?


Yes! But the way the Yankees have been hitting in the clutch, who knows, you might look like a genius!


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