Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, June 13


Strasburg @ Drabek

Correia @ Matusz

Dickey @ Price

Miley @ HarrisonMiley’s been great but this is too dangerous

Wolf @ Hochevar

Hamels @ Walters

Marquis @ Noesi – good matchup for improving Noesi

Doubront @ Nolasco

Lowe @ Leake

Kuroda @ T. Hudson – I’ll gamble on Timmy at home

Porcello @ Garza

Peavy @ Lynn

McCarthy @ White

Wilson @ Eovaldi – Eovaldi worth a look in deeper/unmixed leagues

Happ @ Cain

***ZACH SAYS “Noesi has been terrible over his last two starts, so I’m passing on him. In deeper leagues, I’d sooner take a chance on Happ @SF. Agree on rest.”


I’m getting tired with Youk. Is he droppable in 12tm mixed? Best available on the wire: Frazier, Wiggy & Inge.


Nah. I’m very frustrated with Youk as well and he does carry injury risk. But long-term I’d still take him over any of those waiver wire guys. They just don’t excite me.


I’m in a Keeper league, How would you rank these guys?

Kalish, Grandal, B.Hamilton, Gose and M.Adams.

Is Harrison really that bad a play? He’s coming off a complete game shut out and hes given up 6 ERs over his last 30 innings with 18ks to 5 BB. What am I missing here?

which side do you prefer:
braun/gio for granderson/r. zimmerman/haren.
13 team mixed.


I’d go Braun/Gio but a strong case could be made for either side. Zimmerman continues to be an injury risk and Haren has gotten off to an inconsistent start.


Someone just dropped Lincecum in my 12 team H2H league. It feels weird to even ask it, but is he actually worth picking up with all his struggles this year? I currently am using Price, Garza, Beckett, Romero, Niese, Zambrano, and streaming one other spot.


Yeah, I really don’t see any downside in picking him up. Certainly worth a roster spot. If you have to lose your PoD spot for the time being, so be it.


someone dropped R Romero in my league would like to pick him up but the only reasonable drop I could make would be Lincecum? My starting rotation is Morrow(DL), Moore/ Parker/ Worley/ Pettitte/ and Gallardo


In a non-keeper, I’d just drop Parker. I think he’s the pitcher most likely to encounter rough stretches going forward.


Would you rather have Howie Kendrick or Ian Desmond? I’ve got Kendrick, and Desmond is a free agent. I’m currently starting Kendrick, but he’s going to the bench once Tulo is back (other MI are Pedroia and Lowrie). Thanks


Desmond is simply having the better year and he’s running more than Kendrick, so I don’t have a problem with you making that move.


Harper and Trout are ridiculous! Have we ever had both RoY honours sewn up so soon? There is nothing these guys can’t do, for fantasy teams and baseball teams alike, whoever said the prospects wouldn’t make as much impact this year clearly forgot about these guys! Shame Matt Moore can’t match them so far in the pitching dept, though there’s still time and he has shown glimpses. Could all 3 be top 5 round picks next year? I get the feeling with Harper and Trout, they’ll be so hyped next year they could end up going 2nd/3rd round and end up being overrated, you agree?. Still im loving having Trout this year, only wish I could get one of these guys in a keeper!


Yeah, I can totally see that happening with Trout and Harper. There’s little not to like about them but I have a feeling that the only league I’ll own either in is the keeper league where I already have Trout. I’m not about to spend a second round pick on them.


do you think Marmol is worth a pick up? I have E Oflaherty as a middle guy and he has not been to sharp this season….and now possible injury…..you think Marmol has more upside or possibly close again?


Yeah, definitely. That sounds like a smart move. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Marmol is closing again within the next month. It’s not like his replacements have been all that effective.


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