Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, June 14


J. Santana @ Hellickson
Bedard @ TBD (BAL) – tough matchup for Bedard but he’s got the upside
D. Hudson @ Feldman – bench but don’t cut for Hudson
Marcum @ Hochevar
Blanton @ Diamond
Volquez @ Ramirez
Tomlin @ Leake – Leake is terrible in day games, but is that “real”? We’ll see…
Verlander @ Wood
Parker @ White – not risking Parker in Coors
Floyd @ Westbrook
Wandy @ Zito


I had Austin Jackson come off the DL do I just dropped Viciedo for him. I then decided to drop Dexter Fowler (who has cooled off and lost time to Colvin) for the frankly ridiculous Trevor Plouffe. I was torn between Plouffe and Colby Rasmus who were both on the wire. In the end the versatility won out. correct decision. Also – I am way behind in steals in my league. Who would be a good pick up to catch up quickly in this category? I’ve been looking at a trade for maybe Dee Gordon or getting Everth Cabrera from the wire.

Check out Ben Revere.

I’m in a Keeper league, How would you rank these guys?
Kalish, Grandal, B.Hamilton, Gose and M.Adams.


Hamilton and Gose intrigue me the most as their SB numbers are insane. Guys who carry you in a certain category automatically carry a great deal of fantasy value.



Looking to grab a closer. Thoughts on this trade
Give Michael Young
Get Jim Johnson

Also, do you think there is a chance that Robertson will have a chance to close later in the season assuming he is back in form when he returns this weekend?



A fair trade. I don’t have a problem with it. And yes, I still think that Robertson can close by year’s end, but when that will happen is anybody’s guess. Soriano has been lights out in the role, so in a 12-team mixed, I don’t think I’d reserve a roster spot for Robertson.


I commish a 14 team points league. I approved a trade between an 8-2 first place team and 4-6 middle of the pack team. The 8-2 team traded Fister, Doug, Ramirez, Aramis, Hughes, Phil for Lee, Cliff and Freeman, Freddie. Some owners are complaining this should not be approved that the 4-6 did not get enough in return? Thoughts please.

The only trades that should ever be vetoed by commish or league vote are ones of a collusionary nature, and this does not appear to be of the latter. Approve.

I agree with Adam on this. Would I rather have the Lee/Freeman side? Yes. But this is not a grossly one-sided deal.


Agree with all, but I still trust Zito @ home.

Sale of the Century??? In a 12 team keeper league I just traded Chris Sale and my 7th and 11th round picks for next year to get Cahill and his 1st and 5th round picks.. We keep 5 and i will be keeping Cargo Miggy Cano Longoria and most likely Weaver.. OR did i make a big mistake compromising this yar cuz im in 2nd right now.. im number one in era and whip for the season overall.

Yes, frankly you are an idiot for trading Sale in a keeper league!

Hey Zach, it’s me again who took the trade Tex, Cespedes for Zimmermann and Latos. Now it seems I’m in trouble with starting pitchers. 10×10 head to head Yahoo league, Howard, Ellsbury, Tulo and Morrow on DL, 1B I have Adam LaRoche, SS Furcal, OF Choo, Willngham, Hart, Hamilton, Cruz. Should I drop Howard for Pettite which can be had on wire? I do however have a decent RP including Kimbrel, Soriano, Myers, Broxton, and Cassila. Would you consider picking up SP’s on wire or should I stick to the gun wait for Howard and Ellsbury? (My 1B is stacked…)

Again, your help is much appreciate,

Ray Xu


I’d hold onto Howard as LaRoche isn’t exactly a sure thing. I think what I’d do is try to trade one of those closers (preferably not Kimbrel) for an SP who is above waiver wire quality. This way, you can deal from depth to get an upgrade while at the same time keeping Howard.


Im an idiot because i can only keep 5??? so which one do i not keep hot shot??? is it cano i should not keep end of year?? or is it longoria or cargo or miguel cabrera or Jered Weaver???? or is it Sale?? well i can not keep 6 can i.. so i would have to drop one at the end of the year.. orrrrr. i trade one for draft picks.. and this team is in 11th place so i would be getting the 2nd pick overall.. so answer my question now chief

You’re the one who asked for advice without providing any rules for your league (ie. number of keepers). I would of still found a way to keep Sale. If you’re in 11th place, trading one of those bigger names would have brought more in return, helping you this year and still have the future in Sale.


On paper, I’m fine with the trade as you obviously wouldn’t be keeping Sale barring a major injury to one of those other five players. But I’m not a fan of making trades for the future when you’re in contention this year. Remember, flags fly forever! Always play to win now. Personally, I don’t think I would have made this trade, but it’s not like it was a colossal mistake.


Good morning Zach,
I’m enjoying the back to back sweeps by our boys in the da Bronx. Doug Fister is back this weekend and he’s available in my 10 team, H2H, mixed league. My current rotation: Morrow (DL), Romero, Pettitte, Marcum, Daniel Hudson, and Josh Johnson. Would you somehow add Fister or stand pat with this rotation? The only one I would slightly be concerned with is Daniel Hudson. Thoughts? Thanks.
Rich D.


Fister’s definitely a worthy pickup but I still prefer all of your current guys. I’m not giving up on Hudson yet!


Middle reliever question for a league that counts holds (in addition to saves and net wins). Do you think Jonny Venters turns things around or would you drop him for Wilhelmsen? I drafter Venters at the end of the 14th round (9 keeper league, end of round 5) thinking I had grabbed an elite middle reliever, but he’s having a poor year so far. The holds and k/9 numbers are good; but era, whip and batting average against aren’t. Cut bait or wait? Thanks


I’m in the same boat as you with Venters and I actually recently dropped him for Benoit in one of my leagues. When it comes to middle relievers I usually don’t have a whole lot of patience as there are often quality options available on the wire. Also, there’s quite a bit of turnover from year to year when it comes to rankings. Venters’ WHIP is awful and even if he does turn things around (which is very possible) I just don’t think that he’ll be significantly better than some other appealing high K guys who might be available.


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