Pitch or Ditch for Friday, June 15


Francis @ Crosby

McDonald @ Masterson – Masterson much better of late

Worley @ Hutchison

Zambrano @ Moore

Lyles @ Darvish

Gallardo @ Liriano – roll the dice on Liriano if you feel lucky

Cahill @ Haren – Cahill not always great, but rarely terrible

Bass @ Blackley – Bass has thudded back to earth

Vogelsong @ Vargas – good home matchup for Vargas

Matsuzaka @ Dempster

Hughes @ Gonzalez

Matusz @ Hanson

Mazzaro @ Lohse

Sale @ Kershaw – “wow” matchup

Arroyo @ Gee


any worries about Gee’s dead arm?


That’s the first I’ve heard of it so I guess not:-) I agree with Cory on pitching him here. The Reds’ offense has struggled on the road.


Hi, do you see any intriguing pickups here? Kris Medlen, Joe Kelley, and Henderson Alvarez (I have Ks, TB, and GIDP in my league)?


Alvarez has pitched better of late and despite the low K rate, I like the fact that he doesn’t walk anyone. I think he’s the safest option of that group, and with 16 GIDPs already, he carries added value in this format.


Five year keeper auction league, I was offered Matt Moore ($2) for Prince Fielder ($27). What you think? I’m way behind in last place. I have C. Santana who can fill in at first and I also have LaRoche until Anthony Rizzo gets called up.


If you really feel that you have no chance of contending this year, I’m OK with this. But 27 bucks for Fielder in a keeper league isn’t a terrible price when we factor in inflation. I might see if I could do better first. I generally don’t like to trade a big bat for starting pitching, so maybe there’s a chance you can get a high-end hitting prospect for Fielder.


ROS. Alex presley or revere?

I’m in a bit of a bind here; with Luke Scott going to the DL, I’m putting him on my DL spot & dropping Sergio Santos (who’s getting Wally Pipped). Problem; who should I drop him for? Should I get a CP like Frieri, Clippard, Cook, or Janssen, or just pick up a PoD starter every day (since my league has unlimited transactions per week). Keep in mind I also have Hanrahan & Motte at CP too. Sorry if it’s a little too long, just need some help with this.


I’d pick up a closer as I feel that you can never have enough closers and I like to carry at least three at all times. I’ll lean towards Janssen here as he’s done a fine job in the role and I think that he has the best chance of holding onto the job long-term. I like Cook too but the body of work is thinner. Clippard is only a temporary closer until Storen comes back and Frieri has Downs and even Walden to contend with.


ricky romero was dropped in my league and thought of dropping Parker for him but Parker had a nice game so now doubting that…..Ive asked this before and I know Lincecum is a hard one to drop….is there any point in the season where you would consider that,,,,,be nice if it was a injury causing his decline but as far as Ive heard he is healthy


Maybe in August! We’re nowhere near there yet. I’d still lean towards dropping Parker but if you’d like to keep Parker and just pass on Romero, that’s not a crazy idea either.


Hi Goose, I know we’re hearing that Brett Myers is gonna be dealt before the deadline, but do you think there’s much chance he ends up on a team and still closes? Or is it like the K-Rod situation last year. I have him in one league and feel it’s gonna be tough to deal him to my leaguemates who are no chumps. Where do you feel he could end up. Must admit can’t think of many winning teams who need a fireman right now, but do I just take the chance?


If Myers does get dealt, I think the chances of him going to a team with an opening at the closer spot are very slim. I can’t even think of a contending team that doesn’t already have a solid closer. That said, I wouldn’t be in a rush to trade Myers unless you get a solid return. I can also see him staying with Houston. In other words, trading him is fine, but don’t deal him at 50 cents on the dollar (don’t know off the top of my head how to convert this to pounds for you:-)) just because there’s a possibility that he gets dealt.


Haha Im not sure I know what it is in pounds anymore either. Understand what you’re saying though, am a bit suprised though as I thought he was a lock to be dealt due to his contract. Something about triggering a clause once he reaches a certain appearances. You heard that? If its 50/50 he gets dealt then think ill take the chance!

I got offered Chipper Jones, Daniel Descalso, and Jason Vargas for Asdrubal Cabrera. (20 team league). Jones is an upgrade over current my 3B Placido Polanco, Descalso proves depth for me, and Vargas has done better than most of my starting pitchers (and I am in need of starting pitching, but I don’t know if that is worth Cabrera. Should I take the trade?

Jon from Texas


I don’t like it. Cabrera’s clearly the best player in the deal, Jones is always an injury risk, and Descalso and Vargas are far from impact players (I understand this is a 20-team league but still…) I’m just not a fan of 3-for-1 trades where I’m getting quantity for quality. I prefer it when it’s the other way around.


Hi Zach, what is wrong with Ryan ZImmerman? I was expecting 30-100 numbers from him with a good average, and he’ll be lucky to reach 10 homers at this rate, whilst not even hitting for average. We don’t hear any reason for his struggles and he’s apparently healthy. Can we get this covered on the show? All the talk about Tim Lincecum, and ZImmerman’s been nearly as big a dissapointment this year.


I really have no idea. Assuming he’s back to being 100 percent healthy (and that’s all I’m hearing), the track record suggests that he’s bound to break out of this. There’s really nothing you can do but wait.


Lohse has been better of late and he’s pitching at home. I want to gamble- should I be worried?


Not a bad gamble at all. 2.67 ERA at home this year!


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