Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 19


T. Hudson @ Kuroda

Leake @ Tomlin – Leake was sick last time out but still had 6 K’s in 4.1 IP

Lynn @ Verlander

Buehrle @ Buchholz – yep, he’s back

Wood @ Peavy

Harang @ McCarthy – good K potential for Harang

Zito @ Wilson

Diamond @ Correiait’s the Pirates: pitch

Price @ Wang

Hunter @ J. Santana

Hochevar @ Wandy

Chavez @ Thornburg

Ramirez @ D. Hudson

Feldman @ Volquez – nope, he’s still DTM

Outman @ Hamels


Hey Zach,

Thinking of dropping Rizzo for either Ike Davis or Brandon Belt as they’re both finally heating up and who knows when Rizzo comes up. Who do you like more for the week? ROS? Am I being too impatient with Rizzo? It’s 12 tm H2H 7×7 with TB and OBP.

Thanks as always!


Yeah, I’m totally fine with you cutting ties with Rizzo at this point. Davis and Belt are fairly comparable in value but I’d give the edge to Davis since he’s accomplished more at the big league level up to this point. I’m just a bit more comfortable with him for the foreseeable future.


What are your thoughts on A-Gon ROS? Been a little disapointing so far, will he turn it on the second half?



I’m a big believer in track record, so there’s little reason for me to think that he won’t turn it around. He’s a nice buy low guy right now.


Hey 411,
Thanks as usual for all your advice.
I had a very bad luck run lately with my roster. Ellsbury, Storen, Halladay, Beachy, Norris all at DL…..Only 2 DL spots!
This is a 15tm league, so there no to much to choose on the wire.
I think i need to hang in there with all by ” DL Roster” , correct?😦


Yeah, all of those guys are still worth a roster spot in a 15-teamer, so there’s really nothing you can do right now. Norris is the one guy I might consider dropping if word comes out that he’ll miss a very long time, but it sounds like that’s not the case and he could return from the DL when eligible.


After his latest lousy outing, should I finally drop Latos?


Depends on the size of the league and who’s available, but I’d lean towards no. He’s a bench but don’t cut for the time being.


Why isn’t this show on MLB network anymore?? and also lincecum is on my bench.. is it time to completely forget abut him and trade him for a pick in next years draft or wait a lil longer… here ARE MY PITCHERS pitchers:

On the opposite side of that same coin…someone in my league just dropped him should I use waiver claim to pick him up? If yes drop who? Thinking Samardijza…
Rest of arms: Lester,Shields,Lee,Lewis,Scherzer,Bucholz, Nova, Dempster, Samardijza, McCarthy(PoD)

Thanks as always
Josh A


Looks like you might now be able to simply put Dempster on the DL, but if you have to drop someone, Samardzija would be my choice. He’s really fallen off of late.


DL is full…Tulo & Ellsbury are holding those spots so Samardijza is it…

Thanks as always
Josh A


I’m not completely opposed to trading Lincecum for a pick but the problem is that I don’t see his stock getting any lower than it is right now, barring any sort of injury. Now is probably not the time to trade him for pennies on the dollar. Unfortunately, you’re kinda stuck with him! He still shouldn’t be dropped though.


josh A,.. im in a 16 tm keepers league.. my 5 keepers were holliday ELLSBURY, TULO, LONGO AND LINCECUM…right now 4 of them are hurt and lincecum sucks

hey Zach would you take Maxwell(Hou) over fowler or Venable? both of them seem to sit a bit more often than I Like……also whats your take on R Romero…he is a free agent and I dont have much room for him….could DL Morrow if he will be out for longer than 2 weeks to make room for him…..going to give Lincecum another shot vs Oak


I’d just ride the hot bat. In a 12-team mixed league, I wouldn’t be afraid to cut any of those guys if they go through an extended slump. Not giving up on Romero and definitely think he’s worth a pickup, but if you don’t have the room and your rotation is strong as is, I wouldn’t go out of my way to grab him.


Hey 411,
I’ve got a person in my ten team auction keeper league who wants Prince Fielder ($27) and Ryan Braun ($37) for Bruce ($18) and Wieters ($9). While I think Bruce for Braun is an alright deal, I don’t want Wieters for I have Carlos Santana. I want to pull a 3 for 2 deal for I feel Braun and Fielder are still fairly good values and will obviously still be productive for the next few years. I like Bruce, and I also like his M. Moore ($1). Would any of these players, Jennings ($3), Sale ($6), Wainwright ($2), or J. Johnson even up a potential deal?

Chris Sale is better than all of those names right now


I agree with everything you said here. Braun for Bruce is fair but I’m also down on Wieters right now. If Jennings or Sale (I like Jennings) were substituted for Wieters, that would be something I’d strongly consider. I don’t really see a 3 for 2 trade that makes sense for you.

All that said, are you really raising the white flag already? Seems a bit early to make this sort of salary dump trade.


Big believer in reversion to the mean and in selling high. I’ve been offered Cliff Lee for RA Dickey (who I grabbed from the waiver wire 6 weeks ago). Do I pull the trigger? Can I hold out for more?


Always try to hold out for more if you can, but I have absolutely no problem with this trade. I can’t see Dickey’s value getting much higher.


Q 4 411
This seems obvious by name recognition alone, but I’m skeptical for some reason. I was offered King Felix and Justin Upton for Andy Pettitte and Curtis Granderson. Which duo would you prefer going forward?


Interesting. I’d have to say Felix/Upton, but if I was in first place, I might just stand pat and avoid trying to fix what isn’t broken. It’s medium risk, high reward.


Thanks for your input. First and second depending on the day all season so far. (10 team Roto). I’m taking it. As you said, medium risk, high reward. Thanks again!

What are your thoughts about dropping Napoli and picking up Pedro Alvarez? I currently have Carlos Ruiz at catcher and could start Bautista and Prado at the outfield if I pick up Alvarez. I also have Willingham, Rios, Jackson and De Aza at outfield and at utility. Thanks.


Absolutely not! Alvarez is very streaky and has fooled us before. He hasn’t proven anything yet at the big league level, and you’re ready to drop an elite-level catcher for him? No way!


who would you rather have in a10 team mixed league….I have Hosmer/K morales and A Gon on my roster…with Ike Davis starting to hit would you drop one for him?


While I’m encouraged by Davis’ progress, this is not a move I’d make. I still have more faith in your current group.


Hi Zack,

Thanks again for the advice yesterday. I have Brett Lawrie at 3rd so it doesn’t hurt as much to lose Middlebrooks. We are using a monetary budget/contract system that I won’t go too deeply into.

Any thoughts on Austin Jackson? I haven’t seen him play but I’m wondering if it might be worth flipping Jennings for him in my 14 team keeper.



Stick with Jennings. He’s having a tough season so far, primarily due to his health woes, but going forward for keeper purposes, I think he carries more upside than Jackson. More steals and a bit more power.


Zach –
I want to scoop Rizzo from the wire. 10-team league, weekly h-to-h total points. I have a deep staff, but my great-early lineup is starting to crack and come back to earth.
Shoould I drop Raul Ibanez, Ackley, or David DeJesus for Rizzo? The question sounds stupid, but DeJesus plays more than Ibanez, and Ibanez and Ackley have been ice cold lately.

I also have Chipper on my bench. Was waiting for his return to see if he’ll get some RBI when Braves are healthy. Worth holing onto, or should he be my drop?

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