Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, June 20


Hanson @ Hughes

Arroyo @ Masterson – Masterson en fuego now that he’s throwing strikes again

Westbrook @ Porcello

Nolasco @ Doubront – Nolasco back to PoD, matchup-based usage

Wells @ Floyd

Eovaldi @ Milone – Milone a stud at home

Vogelsong @ Weaver

Mazzaro @ Lyles

TBD (TOR) @ Gallardo

Vargas @ Cahill

Darvish @ Bass

Liriano @ Bedard – both are very high risk, very high reward

Hellickson @ Strasburg

Matusz @ Gee

White @ Blanton – Rockies are awful on the road


ever since Chris Young(ARZ) has come off the DL, he has done next to nothing..

is it time to ship him off or will he rebound soon??



Young is an incredibly frustrating player to own (he’s a personal DTM) as it’s impossible to predict his hot streaks. When he’s hot he’s hot, but when he’s cold he’s ice cold. If you own him, I think you just have to sit tight, wait for a hot streak and then maybe trade him. Either way, he doesn’t belong on waivers.


Man oh Man, what a bad beginning to the week. CBSSPORTSLINE 10 team H2H weekly points league.

I’m the owner of both Beachy and Marcum. Working under the assumption that beachy is done and Marcum is possibly done, scanning the waiver wire. Rest of season whos your favorites of the guys I’ve targeted: Masterson, T. Hudson, Hughes, Kuroda, Ubaldo Jimenez.

Im leaning towards hudson and hughes if both my guys are done but masterson looks for real again. Thanks for the reply guys keep up the good work.


Beachy’s injury sounds serious but I haven’t heard anything definitive about Marcum yet. I recently traded for him in one of my leagues and am hoping it’s just a 1-2 start thing, but I’m not jumping to the conclusion that he’s done. I’d pick up Hudson right away. His lack of K’s limits his value but all in all I think he’s the safest choice of that group.


Hey Zach,
If Marcum goes on the DL, I will have to drop him as I already have Morrow on the DL and my SP is shaky at best. That will leave me with JJ, RoMo, Pettitte, Sale, and D Hudson. My choices would be Cahill, Fister, Harrison, Burnett, Wei-Yin Chen, and Worley.
Rich D.


I’d give Fister the slight edge over Worley. I think he’s the least blowup prone of that group.


Hey Zach,
2nd question of the day: I have Yadier Molino and McCann as catchers. Our league is set up to only play one catcher at a time (unless you position the other as a UTL). How about a nice McCann for Cliff Lee trade since I need SP so badly? Thoughts?
Rich D.


I’m fine with that given your C situation.


411 Crew,
11 team roto , 4 keepers vanilla mixed league. Presently in 2nd place and need some help in catching up on saves (42 4th leader at 60), ERA (3.62 6th leader at 2.81) and WHIP (1.29 8th leader at 1.12) . I also have +64 innings in the bank for pitching. Thinking to lay a couple of these guys on the trading block (only trade 1)-Brandon McCarthy, Anibal Sanchez, James Shileds, Max Scherzer( noone wants him yet), but maybe not CJ Wilson for a shut the door closer. Presently have Kimbrel and Valverde loading the categorie but Fuentes is not doing his job rite now and thinking to offer him in the deal to try and sweeten the trade. I do a fair bit of POD with a selected bunch-Wiliams, Parker, Eovaldi and a few other favourites depending on match ups. I heard Corys way of having 3 aces and rolling the POD to keep up innings and I pretty much do that now ontop of having the starters you see above. Am I on the right idea?

Your thoughts,


Seems reasonable, but for Shields or Anibal I’d want a clear-cut top-10 closer.


Just a heads up, Hellickson was just put on the DL.

I’m looking to get rid of Floyd and Nolasco for something more consistent where I can start a guy for the week and not worry about match ups in the future. Which two out of the three do you like best? Ervin Santana, Jarrod Parker, or Ivan Nova (who just hit the waiver wire today)?



I honestly like all three of them! I’d probably say Parker and Nova for now as Erv needs to put together a couple more good starts before I can fully trust him again. But I’d definitely add any of those three to replace Floyd and Nolasco.


Who would you take between Andrus ($13) and J Upton ($23) for Fielder ($27) and Braun ($37) in a five year keeper auction league?


If the prices are frozen I’d say Fielder/Braun. But if there’s a price increase each year I’d take Upton/Andrus. Roughly $40 for Braun would be my limit.


Hey Zach, I was thinking about picking up jon jay before he gets back from the DL.. I’m in first in one league and second in another so I can afford to have him on the bench til he gets off the DL.. Whats your opinion?


Depends on who you’re dropping for him and/or who he’d be replacing in your lineup, but sure why not!


Sad question 411

Looks like a replacement for Beachy is imminent. My choices (if you call them that) are Masterson, Buchholz, Blanton, Lowe and Harang. I’m leaning Buccholz due to recently lowered ERA and wins. Your thoughts?



Close call between Buchholz and Masterson. I’d say Masterson. He’s been the more consistent pitcher overall, and I’m a little more confident in his ability to maintain a respectable K rate. I’m not buying Buchholz’s recent K hike.


Thanks for your input Zach. Much appreciated.

I’ve been offered a trade of receiving Ethier and King Felix for Colby Lewis and Austin Jackson. should I jump on this trade?


YES! You’re getting the top two players in the deal.



Looking for input on this trade.

Give: Vogelsong and Michael Young
Get: Houston Street and A-Gon

My other starters are: Darvish, Gallardo, Bumgarner, Niese and streeming one.

The extra saves can pick me up a few points and if A-Gon starts to play like he can it is a big boost for my hitting.


Thanks as always,


I like it. You’re buying low on A-Gon while at the same time addressing your need for saves.


me and my friend took a vote. i picked verlander.. he picked dickey… if you had to choose a pitcher to pitch game 7 of the world series,, who would it be, RA DICKEY, VERLANDER, KERSHAW, STRASBURG OR CUETO?? name in order please.. thanks


Verlander, Kershaw, Strasburg, Dickey, Cueto. Sorry:-)


For ROS who do you think will help in Fantasy the most….Fowler vs Maybin I have Fowler currently but Maybin was dropped…..also have Venable in my OF so do Padres may not be smart but could use one on the bench


Maybin. He’s got more SB upside and the fact that he’s off to a slow start means that you could be getting the best part of his season.


ps Mayberry is also a free agent…will he continue to start and hit?

I have been offered Tim Lincecum and Chris Davis. In return I give Josh Willingham. Would you pull the trigger? Do you think Lincecum will turn it around?


Yeah, I’d take a chance on that. He’s still worth the downgrade from Willingham to Davis.


whats your take on scott Hairston?


He’s a nice guy to have in NL-only leagues for the pop but don’t expect the .284 AVG to hold up. He’s a career .247 hitter! In 12-team mixed leagues, I’d pass.


I would give matt holiday for jared weaver?

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