Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, June 21


Lohse @ Turner
Kershaw @ Blackley
Zambrano @ Matsuzaka – could be 1-0, could be 11-10
Hendriks @ McDonald
Moore @ GonzalezNICE
Francis @ Worley – Colorado doesn’t score on the road


Neise or Gee ROS?


Niese. I’m more confident that he won’t experience a second half meltdown. And despite Gee’s recent strikeout hike, Niese is the better bet for K’s long-term.


Hi Big Z, wow someone dropped Ricky-Ro in my league. He’s been pretty mediocre so far but I’d bank on him turning it around. Would you claim him dropping any of these guys:
Pettite- my 7th starter
Ackley- Recently added Ricky (weeks) and feel he’ll be better long term in an OBP league. Got so bored with Ackley’s mediocre performance/lineup.
Salty- Got Wieters but like to switch them in and out depending who’s hot.
Zimmerman- I wish! (joking)
Revere- Need speed and been rolling with him whilst he’s hot.
Firstly do you think Romero’s worth an add, and secondly who would you drop if so?


Yeah, Romero is definitely worth an add. Considering your situation, I’d say drop Ackley. But have fun with Weeks and his maddening inconsistency! I still prefer him to Ackley though.


thinking of dropping Fowler as it appears his manager does not like putting him in the line up ofter,,,,,available OF spots are Lo Mo, Casper wells, JD martinez, Maxwell…..any of them worth a pick up?


I mentioned in the previous post’s thread that I’d rather have Maybin than Fowler from here on out. That said, I’d rather have Fowler than any of those available guys.


ps….or make no move and wait for Lorenzo cain to return and hang with him til Werth is back?

Me again…I was looking at Fowlers numbers…runs/rbi/hr/sb they dont seem so bad any idea why he doesnt play for a few games at a time…..I dropped Venable for Logan Morrison?

I have been offered Tim Lincecum and Chris Davis. In return I give Josh Willingham. Would you pull the trigger? Do you think Lincecum will turn it around?


Just addressed this on the previous post.


Ok was just offered trade…10team H2H mixed league.
GIVE: Kipnis & Scherzer
GET: Pedroia & A.Gonzalez

Kipnis has been my best value pick this year and outperforming my expectations. Can I expect it to continue or is a regression coming?
A-gone & Pedey have been subpar, at best, this year…but aren’t they too good not to turn it around 2nd half…expect big things in 2nd half from them? Pull Trigger?

Thanks as always
Josh A


In a keeper league that uses round/dollar values, I might think twice before dealing Kipnis, but in all other formats I think you have to make this trade. You’re getting Pedroia and A-Gon on the cheap, and even if one of them bounces back and the other doesn’t, it’s a trade worth making. Scherzer is a non-factor in my mind.


Ok let me add rest of lineup and see if it makes a difference:
Santana,Miggy,Kipnis,Tulo(DL) A Ramirez(for now), Beltre, a Gordon, McCutchen, Heyward, Beltran, Youkilis, morales, moustakas, duda, ellsbury(DL)
Arms: Lester, Lee, Shields, Lewis, Bucholz, Nova, McCarthy, dempster(DL), Samardijza, Kimbrel, Chapman, Clippard, & Aceves.

Still enough to take on risk?

Thanks as always,
Josh A

Yeah, I’m fine with this. Then maybe you can even trade Aramis (as it looks like A-Gon would replace him at CI) for an upgrade at another position.


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