Pitch or Ditch for Friday, June 22


Zimmermann @ W. Chen

Jurrjens @ Lester

Friedrich @ Oswalt – Rox are so bad on the road, might as well start Oswalt right away

Greinke @ Sale

Kelly @ Mazzaro

Capuano @ Haren

Lincecum @ Parker – still trying with Lineceum, at least in a decent matchup

Fister @ Burnett

Shields @ Lee

Blackburn @ Bailey – Bailey is better away than at home, but it’s a good matchup

Pettitte @ Niese

Romero @ An. Sanchez

Jimenez @ Harrell – your guess on Ubaldo; I’ll ditch

Millwood @ Richard

Samardzija @ Saunders


Hey Zach,
A long-winded request for team help overall. Thanks up front for the patience.
I had a super nasty rotation in my 10tm H2H (5 keepers) but injuries have killed me with Beachy, Morrow, Lilly and McCarthy (continue to worry). I still have Hamels, Greinke, Anibal, and Harrison (dropped big Z), but don’t know if that’s enough. POD until I get some guys 100% or do I need to make a move for SP?
Before all those injuries I was looking to make a move for help at SS and 3B with Tulo out for a while and Youks stinking, even though Scutaro and Seager have been solid fill ins. I figure I can move from my very deep OF with JUpton, Holliday, Beltran, Choo, Rios, Zobrist (also backs up Pedroia). I was thinking targeting a top tier 3B with Beltran as a good sell high, but he just keeps raking. Also, Zobrist could be good sell to someone needing 2B (esp w BB and OBP), but I’m worried about Peds.
Given we only start the 8 positions/2 UTIL and we have extra stats like H, BB, XBH, TB, OBP, SLG who should I try to move/ what positions or specific players should I target? I’m finding it hard to get trades going being in 1st place, which is just another level of frustration, but at least I’m in first for now. Any overall advice would be awesome, thanks as always!


First off, I wouldn’t trade for a starting pitcher. You already have an excellent front 3 and in a 10-teamer you’ll be fine just pitching and ditching. No need to pay a high price for another SP. I like the idea of trading from your OF depth to address SS and 3B, particularly SS as it’s a harder position to fill and we know Tulo will be out eight weeks. It’s tough to deal Beltran at this point but I’d be willing to do it as his stock can’t possibly get any higher and he is old and an injury risk.


Do a Two for One trade and package Youklis and Rios. See if you can get Ellsbury or maybe someone lke Pence.

If you can do that, all the more power to you! I’m very skeptical that a Youk/Rios package would get it done but there’s no harm in trying!


I have a (good) problem but am confused on what to do for next week. My league only allows 5 starting pitchers and 2 relief pitchers. I have a lot of two start pitchers and was looking for guidence on who I should roll with. I’m sure about Gio and Johan and am leaning towards McDonald and Vogelsong as my 4 starters. That leaves Dubront, Parker, and Milone as my other 2 start pitchers with only one slot remaining. My Relief pitchers are Axford and Putz. I was wondering who I should start and if I should start Dubront as one of my Relief pitchers as he qualifies in our league. Parker might as well, I can’t remember. Wins are worth 6 more points than saves are. Thanks for any advise on this.

The rest of the scoring format for pitchers in my league are….
Thanks again.

Sorry for all the replies but Parker is not a 2 start pitcher. Scratch him, my bad.


Well, I like Doubront a lot more than Milone, who should only be an option when he’s at home. I’ll post my full two-start pitcher notes soon and we’ll discuss Milone specifically on the show, but with two road starts coming up, one of them being @TEX, he’s a definite ditch.


Please rank best to worst for ROS. Neise, Jarrod Parker, gee, Felipe paulino
Thank you


I’ll say Niese, Parker, Gee. Paulino’s likely headed for TJ surgery so we can forget about him!


Would you trade Adam Jones to get yadier and cliff lee quality stats is a category and I have Carlos Ruiz at catcher and I have bautista melky and ethier as of
Thanks Zac


Pass. Yadier is a decent but not enormous upgrade over Ruiz and Jones looks like the real deal. Lee is great but I’ll always take the elite level hitter over the elite level pitcher. Quality pitching is generally easier to find on the waiver wire than quality hitting.


hey you think Mark Reynolds is worth a pick up? Also asked before but again do you think trying to trade A Gon for Kershaw would be a good deal…..I have Hosmer and K Morales at 1B and CI with Ike on the wire…..My offense isnt great but it has some good bats……Or do you think A Gon’s potential is to much to give up?


With all those 1Bs on your roster, I don’t see why you need Reynolds. He’s an AVG killer and has only five homers on the year. A-Gon for Kershaw is fair, and I’d consider it if you think you really need starting pitching help, especially since you’ve got both Hosmer and Morales. That said, I do have confidence in A-Gon figuring things out, so it’s a matter of what you think your team’s needs are.


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