Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, June 23-25



Wainwright @ Mendoza

Outman @ Lewis

Delgado @ Morales – I’m not trusting Delgado in this matchup.

Capuano @ Big Erv – Erv is back!

Wolf @ Humber

Bumgarner @ Ross

Jackson @ W. Chen – Chen bounced back nicely his last time out.

Cecil @ Johnson

Gomez @ Keuchel

Scherzer @ Lincoln – I expect Scherzer to dominate here.

Cobb @ Kendrick

Duensing @ Cueto

Nova @ Young – Young worth watching going forward though.

King Felix @ Marquis

Maholm @ Kennedy


Minor @ Buchholz  – Clay’s a grad now.

Detwiler @ Arrieta – Detwiler should be on your radar but let’s see how he does in return to rotation vs. a quality lineup.

Fiers @ Quintana – Quintana not a terrible option in deeper formats but I’m in a conservative mood today.

Lynn @ J. Sanchez

Harang @ Richards – This could be 10-9 or 2-1. I’m not risking it.

Cain @ McCarthy – McCarthy’s lights out at home.

White @ Harrison – Harrison a very strong play here.

Diamond @ Leake– I love Leake vs. weak Twins’ lineup. Diamond a bit risky but I’ll chance it.

Alvarez @ Buehrle – Buehrle up and down of late but 3.21 ERA at home.

Verlander @ Correia – Perfect game alert for Verlander!

Price @ Hamels

Lowe @ Happ

Noesi @ Volquez – Great matchup for Edinson. Noesi always risky but if you’re not going to pitch him here there’s no reason to own him.

Sabathia @ Dickey – Nice!

Garza @ Miley


Tomlin @ Kuroda

Chavez @ Doubront – I trust Doubront.

Porcello @ Feldman – This one could get ugly.

Peavy @ Liriano – Still not sold on Liriano. Let me see another quality start and then I’ll think about pitching him vs. KC his next time out.

Archer @ Hochevar – Archer an intriguing AL-only option. Not mixed league relevant just yet.

Bedard @ Blanton – Gotta go with both.

Gallardo @ Latos – Latos coming off terrible performance. He’s back in my doghouse.

Westbrook @ Nolasco – Nolasco is close to DTM and Westbrook offers little upside.

J. Santana @ Wood

Ohlendorf @ Wandy

Strasburg @ Francis

Eovaldi @ Zito – I’ll take a chance on Eovaldi here. Can’t trust Zito.


Hey Zach,

Brandon Belt or Mark Reynolds ROS?



Belt. I’m just not a Reynolds fan and he isn’t even hitting homers this year. So what exactly is he doing? Nothing! I’d sooner take a chance on the upside of Belt and see what happens.


Got offered a huge trade, which I hate, but it’s kind of intriguing.
Pedroia, AGon, Granderson, Strasburg, King Felix
M Young, J Upton, Stanton, Lester, Casilla, Dickey
I don’t know but I honestly don’t like it because Pedroia>Young, Strasburg>Lester, Felix>Dickey? Thoughts?

I’d take it, but definitely wait to hear what Zach says.

Keeper league FYI

No way I would wait for zach but u r defiantly losing in this deal

Felix is not better than Dickey, in fact no one is better than Dickey this year, yesterday included. That being said, depending on your league setup (example: my league favors pitchers), you still might have the better guys already. I agree with Pedroia>Young and Stras>Lester. Grandy is on a hot team and hits lots of HR. I’d turn down that deal for sure. If he’s willing tod deal Dickey, go after him with a player or two you can give up.

Thanks for the input everyone! Stephen, I’m not a fan of this deal.Strasburg + Felix > Lester + Dickey, particularly in a keeper league. Let’s call Granderson to Stanton a wash. Pedroia > Young and I’ll give Upton the edge over A-Gon. You are getting Casilla, but that’s not enough to counteract the overall SP downgrade and the 2B downgrade.


Should I be worried about Chris Sale being shut down or being kept on a strict pitch count at some point

Also I got offered a deal where i would get Josh Hamilton for Kershaw and Pedroia, I dont really need an outfielder but i would be more then willing to drop or trade alex rios to make room for hamilton, i have being trying to trade pedrioa, the only part of the deal that worries me is Kershaw, my pitching staff would still be good without kershaw, as i also have Chris sale, Cueto,, Vance Worley,, Lance Lynn, Chris Capuano, James Mcdonald and AJ Burrnet. Should I make this deal?


Sale’s innings will probably be limited but it’s too early to worry about that. Enjoy the ride!


Adam Jones for choo and tulo?


Depends on what your SS situation is like. If the player you’re using right now at SS is mediocre, I’d be more inclined to make the trade and bank on Tulo giving you elite level production when he comes back, which might not be until late August. But overall, I’d be wary of making the trade. Is five weeks of Tulo really worth the OF downgrade? I’m skeptical.


Hey Zach, Mike and Cory,
got Ryan Zimmerman on my roster. Nobody wants him. Should i release him? his latest shoulder issues (again!!) have me concerned. John Mayberry is available on the WW.

What do u think

Or Chris Nelson🙂


Nooo! Zim is not a guy you should flat out drop under pretty much any circumstances. I’m sure you can find a way to pick up a replacement without cutting Zim.


Oh one more quick question – Hochevar or Samardzia this week?
Thanks … you guys are the best!!



I prefer Samardzija in general due to the higher K upside and the fact that he’s simply having the better year. But if you’re in a weekly league and could really benefit from Hochevar’s two-start week, I’m not against you going with him.


I have been offered a trade – Lincecum for willingham straight up. Middlebrooks is available on the wire (not for long I’m sure) and I was thinking of dropping either Latos or Scherzer for him.

Who would you rather have – Willingham and Latos (keeping the Status Quo)
or Lincecum and Middlebrooks (while giving up willingham for Timmy and dropping either Latos or Scherzer for Middlebrooks)

What would you do?


Lincecum and Middlebrooks. Make that trade!


Do you think Latos is droppable? He has been pretty bad in Cincinnati this year and has given up a ton of dingers.

On the wire in my league right now there is Masterson, Jiminez, Worley, Diamond, Liriano and Jurggens so Starting pitching seems pretty available.

I’m pretty surprised that Worley is available. I’d definitely take him over Latos. The other guys? Probably not.


Also Fister, Zambrano and Nolasco

Who would you rather keep at 3rd; Prado or Aramis Ramirez? Thanks.


Aramis. A lot more power potential. Prado will probably finish the year with a higher AVG but A-Ram is no slouch in that area either.


Hey Zach, what’s your opinion on Bauer coming up? worth a pick-up? Thanks.


Depends on your needs, league size etc. but sure, why not! He certainly carries a ton of potential.


Would you start him on Thursday (I think it’s away against the Braves)? Thanks Zach!

I’d lean towards no unless you’re desperate. I’m usually wary of starting SPs in their first MLB appearance.


1800 411 crystal ball gazing,
11 team roto mixed , 4 keepers vanilla. I have offered all but one of my starters to pick up a closer in the league (Shield, Sanchez,McCarthy DL now, Scherzer) and not one bite, not even a comment in the topic box! Nobody in this league wants to trade with the Aussie! I have just made the #1 spot but feel I am sliding in the closer numbers with Fuentes (others Kimbrel/Valverde) pretty much being non existant.Rizzo seems to be on the verge of getting the call up and thinking to place a 1B on the trade block to try and catch a closer. Morse (pick 21 value), Freeman , Michael Young ( 3 positiion eligable). My offence is strong in rankings but pitching probem is saves, ERA and WHIP.
Options off the wire are D,Hernandez, Hisashi Ishikawa (good option as he can slot into SP spot), Glen Perkins/Jared Burton,Veras, Camp. To pick one up I will need to drop Lucroy (DL spot), Maldonado in now as I am sticking with the hot catcher, and place McCarthy on the DL position.
Sorry it is so long winded, but as you can see, one choice forces a few canges and frankly I this the 1B option is better as none of the Wire options really show any more promise than being stuck with Fuentes in the first place!
Fyi- my four keepers options are plenty-Harper, Trout, McCutchen, Stanton,Braun, Freeman, Rizzo (pick 25+), Freeman and Ackley.

Cheers, G


I’m totally fine with you trading one of those 1Bs if you can get a quality closer in return, but one thing I’d definitely do first is grab Perkins (and maybe even Burton too if you have the room, but Perkins would be my preference) as we’re still not sure when Capps will return.


Hi Zach,
10 team H2H 12×13 8 keeper league. I have Tulo on the DL, and have been riding Scutaro for the past 21 GP. Although he was been doing great for me, a manager in my league dropped Lowrie and his 13HRs during Jed’s recent struggles. Curious to know if this would be a viable upgrade until Tulo returns. Also, doing a quick look on the wire and both Seagar and Cozart are there too. Not looking for a long term nor a Mon/Thurs player, just an upgrade until either Tulo or Bonifacio return off the DL on my team.



I’d grab Seager. I think he’s legit. Still slightly prefer Scutaro to Lowrie. He’s just more established and a little safer going forward.


Would you trade Colby Lewis for Encarnacion? I currently have Ike Davis at 1st. Thanks.


Absolutely! Do it now.


Josh Johnson($2)or Wainwright ($2) for choo(19$) in a 5 yr keeper league? Or hold off?


I wouldn’t do this. Looks like both JJ and Wainwright have gotten their acts together, so I think you’d be overpaying by trading both of them at that price for a non-elite player in Choo. If it were Johnson OR Wainwright for Choo, I’d do it. Not both.


Id be the one receiving JJ or wainwright and I dont plan on keeping Choo

Id be the one receiving JJ or wainwright and I dont plan on keeping Choo. Any youd prefer for the future?

OK, I like the JJ/Wainwright side then. I prefer Wainwright to JJ. When both are at the top of their games, Wainwright has been the slightly better pitcher, and though Adam is coming off a major injury, Johnson has been plagued by injuries throughout his whole career. Every year is an adventure for him.


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