Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 26


Wilson @ Matusz

Masterson @ Hughes – Masterson is en fuego, pitch vs. anyone right now

Laffey @ Matsuzaka – Dice-K not an unreasonable gamble here

Smyly @ Darvish

Floyd @ Hendriks

Archer @ B. Chen – good matchup for Archer, assuming he throws strikes

Blackley @ Vargas

Bedard @ Worley – Bedard struggling lately on the road

D. Hudson @ T. Hudson – hang with ‘em on Daniel

Estrada @ Arroyo – tough matchup for Estrada but good K upside

Lohse @ Zambrano – Lohse is on a tear, Zambrano notsomuch

Gee @ Wells

TBD (SD) @ Lyles

Gonzalez @ Friedrichgotta take the shot with Gio, even in Coors

Kershaw @ Vogelsong

***ZACH SAYS “As I’ve mentioned before, I’ll pitch Bedard vs. anyone as long as he’s healthy. Agree on rest.”


Do you think N. Feliz returns to rotation this season when he returns from DL? Or just be a cog in the Bullpen (non-closer)?

Would you drop for Rizzo? or the likes of A. Cashner?



I’d be surprised if Feliz returns to the rotation as I think the Rangers will do whatever they can to ensure that he’s healthy for the stretch run. I’d gamble on Rizzo making a bigger fantasy impact from here on out so yes, I’d make the Feliz for Rizzo move.


If you still see rotation or closer hope from Feliz, would you drop G. Floyd instead? If Rizzo gets hot, I could slide in to DH (in place of H. Kendrick) or use as trade bait once E. Longoria returns, etc.


Is it time to give up on Chris young and as Garrett Richards or Scott diamond


I’m not giving up on Young (I assume you mean the pitcher?) but I’d still take Richards or Diamond over him. I’ll give the edge to Richards due to the higher strikeout potential.

If you meant Young the hitter, I wouldn’t give up on him either!


Ok so I have some options for tmrw…not best options, but which you prefer:
Gee,Archer,Bedard, or Vargas
Then dropping Bucholz,Mcarthy, or Dempster…all DL slots are filled…(Ellsbury & Tulo)
Other options to drop are limited: Nova & Quintera (PoD but want to keep him for his next/last start. Bench bats are Youkilis,mouse,middlebrooks, & duda…one in Util usually..

Whatcha think? I’m leaning towards Gee/Archer but not sure who to drop to get them…

Which 2 shud I keep out of pitching options on DL to drop…thanks as always


I’d go with Gee. He’s been outstanding of late and I don’t think the Cubs’ lineup will get in his way.

I’d drop McCarthy. His shoulder issues have been ongoing this year and nobody really knows when he’ll come off the DL. I’m expecting him to be out for longer than the two weeks.


Is Kinsler ($19) an upgrade over Phillips ($14) in a 5 year keeper league?


Absolutely. Despite the injury history, Kinsler is younger and flat-out better. Certainly worth the 5 extra bucks.


Is it time to give up on Hosmer? I have Freeman and LaHair to take his place.


Nope. He had a nice game last night and I think he again belongs in 12-team mixed lineups. If you really want to keep him benched for a little while longer, that’s OK, but no way would I drop him.


I am having trouble with my Catcher postion. I started with Alex Avila, then had him in DL and Picked up Russell Martin,then droped him when Alex came back. Now I see both Alex and Russell are both day to day. Should I stay with Alex or pick up Salvador Perez, or Geovany Soto who are both available? My League last till Aug 18th then playoffs and I am worried both Alex and Russell are going to be injured longer than expected.


I’d definitely hold onto Avila but might think about dropping Martin for Perez. Martin has just been an AVG killer this year, and although you’d be losing some power by making this switch, I think it’ll be a net gain.


Hi Goose, am deliberating once again as to who should be my final (7th) starter in my 10 team keeper league. It involves 2 of my beloved Yankees, Petitte and Kuroda. Strangely they have been available pretty much all year long and both have pitched really well overall. Who do you like the best? I’m kinda leaning towards Kuroda because of Petittes age concerns (though Kurodas no spring chicken either), but both have been damn solid. Kudos to Cashman for the Kuroda signing (not for the Pineda one though).

Oh and tell Cory he is a saint for reccommending E5 to us once again, he’s finally been proved right! Getting a breakout guy like that (cost me $1 at auction) is what can win your league, E5’s been especially a godsend for me as Zimmerman’s been so bad. Need to have Cory talking about E5 a bit on the show so he can bask in the glory of that pick🙂


That’s a tough one. Pettitte has the experience of pitching in New York but I think Kuroda will end up with the better overall stats, particularly WHIP. I might try to pick up both but if I had to choose one I’d also lean towards Kuroda.


I have Matt Harrison, Vogelsong, and Pettite in a keeper league. Should I replace any of them with Trevor Bauer or Wade Miley?


Yes! Pick up Bauer immediately. I think I’d drop Harrison, though it’s very close between him and Pettitte.


Zach, I’m in 5th place, 12pts out of 1st, in a 12-team NL-only keeper. I’ve got Harper giving me a good return in my lineup, where he is a $5 B player, and I can contract him for another 3 years. If I’m playing for this season (and why wouldn’t I be) I believe Harper gives me more value in trade. I’ve already received an offer from a dumping team of Upton, EJax, and Campana for him (Campana is a non-asterisk player who gives me potential to replace Harper’s SB’s). Another dumping team could possibly return Votto and Motte (I need SV’s) on a Harper trade. I guess what I’m asking is: A) Am I looking at this the correct way? B) Are these good returns on a trade chip like Harper? Thanks buddy. – Chad S


I’d be very hesitant to trade Harper but if you’ve really examined the standings and have come to the conclusion that you will be better off this year by making a trade, I won’t stop you! Not in love with the first offer. The Votto/Motte one intrigues me though.


Is T Hunter worth dropping for Rizzo?


Depends on your OF depth but generally speaking I don’t have much of a problem with that. Torii offers minimal upside. He’s kind of boring at this stage of his career.


my OF is A. Jones M Holliday C Rasmus M Bourn Y Cespedes 1st base i have Pujols, so drop Hunter grab Rizzo for the Utility spot and Win this thing. does this sound fine to you?

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