Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, June 27


Jimenez @ Pettitte

Sale @ Blackburn

Romero @ Lester – Romero hasn’t been at last year’s level

Moore @ Teaford

Parker @ Millwood – Millwood at home vs. the A’s? Worth a shot

Weaver @ Hammel

Fister @ Oswalt

Greinke @ BaileyBailey has struggled at home, pass on this one

Niese @ Samardzija

Billingsley @ Lincecum – Lincecum keeps showing just enough to earn the nod…

McDonald @ TBD (PHI)

Cahill @ Hanson – Cahill has been solid

Kelly @ An. Sanchez

Richard @ Harrell – not an easy enough road matchup to start Richard

Zimmermann @ Outman


Hey 411,

I have Longo on DL. Should I drop Plouffe for Youkilis or should I trade one of my closers (Nathan, Street, Putz, Marmol, Parnell, or Broxton) for Michael Young or just wait for Longo.

As always,


Yeah, I’d definitely make the Plouffe for Youk switch. I don’t think you have to give up one of your closers to get Young, who you might not even need once Longo comes back.


Carrying over from previous blog post… What is more intriguing, Zach – Votte/Motte for Harper, or Braun/Gallardo for Harper? These are the two best scenarios I’m looking at with dumping teams in my NL-only. The x-factor is that Motte propels me quickly up the Saves category. And I’ve got a fairly strong SP roster already (until they all get traded to the AL, that is). Thanks buddy. – Chad S.


Votto/Motte it is then! It’s really a question of need and it sounds like a closer is a greater need for you than an SP.


None of my business but to the above post… Anyone who is trading Votto or Braun (plus Motte/Gallardo) for Harper in a keeper (no matter how long) would be beyond foolish!!


When dollar/round values are involved though it does become more of a close call, so this of course depends on the specific format of the keeper league.


Harper is a $5 player for next season, and contractable for up to 3 years at $15. Braun, Votto, and Upton are all +$40 players. For a team dumping, and rebuilding for the future, a $15 player with Harper’s projectable return is pure gold. – Chad S.

Very true but there is a good chance that Harper was well priced coming in and probably taken in the middles round.
Even if not the case, I just find it hard to let go of Votto or Braun in a keeper regardless of prices/rounds etc. They are top 5 picks regardless the format IMO. Harper is still so unproven.

I’m going to take a wild guess that you haven’t participated in too many NL-only auction leagues, Mays Ways. But I will take your input under advisement. Thanks! – Chad S.

Key words: projected return. I would still find it very hard to find a “expert analyst” who would still throw back Votto or Braun for Harper regardless the circumstances. Also, just as difficult, would be to find one who would say Harper would return better stats the next 3 years. Let’s see a first full season from Harper before anything

Hey Zach, would you drop Morrow and pick up D Hudson on wire in a 10×10 Yahoo head to head non-keeper league? I have Hammal, Miley, Darvish, Garza and Scherzer as SP.

Thanks and keep up the good work!


It looks like D Hudson is heading to DL… What a crazy year in pitching! How about Pettite on the wire instead now? Heh, thanks Zach!


You must have a crystal ball when it comes to predicting injuries:-) That’s a talent you should market!


I have Axford and I noticed someone dropped Chapman. Should I pick up Chapman and drop Axford, or do they have the same value now since both have been struggling? I have two RP slots only, and I also have Hanrahan in the other with Storen in the DL Slot.

Storen isn’t going to be closing when he comes back


I’d find a way to pick up Chapman without dropping Axford. If you need to use a bench spot for this, so be it.


Trade Lester Ruiz and bautista to get bum beltre and Carlos Santana?


That’s fair but I’d pass. Although Ruiz is a nice sell-high candidate and Lester has been mediocre this year, I’d have a hard time trading Bautista, who is by far the best player in this deal.


Dan Haren? Does he go DL with back issues? Something keeping this normally hot pitcher down, even now that his team has started gelling. Your thoughts?


Haren’s been one of the biggest mysteries of this season. You can’t cut him but probably should to sit him in tougher matchups for the time being.


Hello 411,
I am hurting in every offensive category except stolen bases,
Will Middlebrooks & Anthony Rizzo are both available in my roto league. I am going to pick up one of em as my UT hitter.. which one would you rather have?


Middlebrooks because he’s more proven at the big league level, but ideally you want to pick up both.


hey well my pitching is killing me again this week….Petitte now injured so thinking of dropping him and possibly dropping ricky romero also….leaves me with Morrow on DL/ Moore/ Lincecum/ Gallardo/ Parker/ would you consider Latos, Hughes, Burnett, Volquez, Milone as a better pick up? also wondering I have Lo Mo would you take Saunders over him?


I’d hold onto Romero but I don’t have a problem with you dropping Pettitte if you don’t have an open DL spot. I’m not expecting him back until September.


one more….what ya think of dropping K morales for Ike Morales doesnt seem to get regular playing time and I have A Gon and Hosmer also


I’d stick with Morales. He still plays the majority of the time and Ike needs to prove that he can maintain consistency over a more extensive period of time.


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