Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, June 28



Axelrod @ NovaSuper Nova in June!
McAllister @ W. Chen – keep an eye on McAllister though… good stuff
Haren @ Cecil – Haren struggling in June but has earned trust
Scherzer @ Shields
Ross @ Feldman
Morales @ King Felix – Morales adjusting nicely to starting
Burnett @ Kendrick
Jackson @ Outman – The Nats’ top four have all earned trust in Coors
Bauer @ Jurrjens – um, ya think?!
Cashner @ Keuchel – I’d be cautious on Cashner to start out
Young @ Capuano
Cueto @ Bumgarner


Best 2 options out of these 3 for tomorrow; Burnett, W. Chen or Morales?


Burnett and Chen. I’m not sold on Morales yet, despite the great matchup, and the Indians’ lineup has been struggling.


My SP has been dreadful all year. As it stands now I have J. Santana, Garza, Burnett, and I just picked up Bauer yesterday. Nova is available on the waiver wire. Is he worth dropping any of these other SP’s before his start tomorrow against the White Sox?


Nope. That’s not a very good matchup for Nova and I prefer all of your current guys anyway.


hey zach,,

who should i PU as a utility,,

gregor blanco, scott hairston, luke scott(returning june 28th) or chris johnson… i need some SB but have ellsbury returning shortly as well… this utility would be filling that spot only until ellsbury comes back… I’m thinking scott because i feel good about my speed when jacoby comes back.. LMK what u think though,, thanks

or quintin berry?


I’d be between Hairston and Scott but would give the edge to Scott as I think he’ll receive more regular at-bats, so the counting numbers will be better.


I’ve put out a little contest for Ryan Braun in my 5 year keeper league. I’ve asked already about one offer I received: Braun($37) and Phillips ($14) for Kinsler ($19) and Bruce ($18). But now I received another offer: Rasmus ($1) and Hosmer ($3) for Braun. Which of these deals for Braun sounds like the winner for the future?

rasmus and hosmer sounds better but i wouldn’t do either of em..


I’m not a fan of the Rasmus/Hosmer deal as Rasmus still needs to prove that he can hit with consistency and as much as I like Hosmer, he hasn’t exactly been tearing it up. I actually prefer the dollar values of Kinsler and Bruce in a relative sense and view that package as something that could help you both now and for the future. If you feel like you’re out of contention, I think I’d make that deal.


Drop Rickey Ro for Morales is this a good idea? because I’m about to pull the trigger.

How about Steven Drew is he worth grabbing over JJ Hardy?


Hardy’s been mediocre this year but I still wouldn’t do this yet. Let’s see how Drew does first.



Absolutely not!


Hey Big Z, listening to Cory the other day made me realise that Salty is legit. I’ve been rotating him and Wieters all year long, and don’t feel I can drop Salty cos hes been too valuable. Does Salty have much value in a 10 teamer or am I better off actually shopping Wieters (and riding Pits all year)? Only thing that scares me with Salty is his lacklustre .300 OBP, as our keeper league uses OBP over AVG.


Personally, I’d try to shop Salty. I’m not as into him as Cory is and feel that his stock is at a high right now while Wieters’ stock has leveled off. Going forward I still prefer Wieters.


I got an interesting trade offer (20 tam league) Jesus Montero, Will Middlebrooks, and Roy Oswalt for Jose Reyes and Freddie Freeman. With four pitchers going down in the last 2-3 weeks I am need quality pitchers, my is current catcher Ryan Doumit, but always hesitant to trade away superstars and my SB takes a size able hit.

Jon from Texas


I’d pass. You’re giving up the best player in the deal with the main goal of upgrading your pitching. The problem though is that Oswalt hasn’t looked sharp through his first two outings and I’m a big believer in the challenge of making the NL to AL jump. Oswalt is a good pitcher but just not a great one anymore. I’d want an ace if I were to consider trading Reyes.


You’d still start a struggling Haren in Toronto? The ball is flying out of the park there.

Hello 411,
I am hurting in every offensive category except stolen bases,
Will Middlebrooks & Anthony Rizzo are both available in my roto league. I am going to pick up one of em as my UT hitter.. which one would you rather have?

My team:

C Nelson
J Upton


DL: Tulowitzki

Just lost my first matchup and my offense has been under performing so id like to upgrade somehow. where do you think i should make the upgrade.
Also, just got offered this trade

Give: Victorino, Rasmus, and Sale
Get: Cargo and Beckett

What do you think?


Answered that top question on the previous post. As for the trade, I’d take it!


Are there any recently promoted SP I should add to replace Pettitte? I already have Bauer.


Stick with Bauer for now. I can’t think of any recent SP callups who offer much mixed league value. Pitch Bauer and use the waiver wire for PoD.


Saw lincecums last to starts like what I saw but beginning of the Oakland game scared me a little And the the other against a weakend dodgers lineup got offered a trade for him that I would be happy with do I pull the trigger or no cuz these 2 teams are not exactly powerhouses and pitching in oakland for that game helps too


Depends on the offer!


I may be wrong but shouldn’t Chris Young be consider for a pitch against a Dodgers team that was bad before without Kemp but now Ethier is out as well. That just leaves Abreu which wouldn’t scare me away.

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