Pitch or Ditch for Friday, June 29


Quintana @ Warren

Lowe @ Arrieta – look past the ERA, Arrieta has been excellent

Big Erv @ Villanueva – flip a coin on Erv, I say ditch

Verlander @ Price – yum

Griffin @ Harrison

Mendoza @ Duensing

Cook @ Noesi – I like Noesi at home, but not vs. the Red Sox

Norris @ Maholm

Lee @ Johnson

Detwiler @ Delgado – risk/reward on both, I’ll play it safe

Kennedy @ Wolf

Marquis @ Francis – could be a 13-11 game, stay far away

Correia @ Wainwright

Dickey @ Harang

Leake @ Cain



On Wednesday post you told me to find a bench spot for Chapman and not to drop Axford, but I was not sreu which one. IS there a pitcher on the list of pitchers below that I could drop to make room for Chapman who should it be?The following is the list of my rent Starting and Relif pitchersz:

Johan Santana, NYM SP
Clayton Kershaw, LAD SP
Cliff Lee, Phi SP
Zack Greinke, Mil SP
Yovani Gallardo, Mil SP
John Axford, Mil RP
Joel Hanrahan, Pit RP

I was thinking of dropping also BJ to open a slot?

In one of two DL slots is Drew Storen*, Wsh RP DL60


Wow, none of those pitchers are drop-worthy. Maybe drop a hitter instead, or work a trade where you unload one of those SPs and create an additional roster spot for Chapman.


Luke Scott or Derek Norris??


Depends on whether you need a catcher, but overall I prefer Scott as you know he’ll give you solid power production.


i have chooch… so this is strictly for a UTILITY spot..

Then I’ll go with Scott.


Hi, guys–
I’m in a 12-team head to head mixed league and pitching is hard to come by. I’m having a rough week on the mound so I’m really tempted to roll the dice on Quintana at Yankee Stadium. Yes, his K rate is mad low, and it’s the Yankees so I am kind of scared, but he has been fantastic. Please give me a few reasons why I shouldn’t pitch Quintana tomorrow–talk me down from this ledge! haha Thanks.


Quintana has made only six career big league starts and the Yankees rank first in the majors in home runs at home. Not to mention the low K rate. This isn’t a terrible idea, but I just wouldn’t have the guts to do it!


Give: Hanley, Youk, Rasmus, Sale
Get: Bautista, Cespedes, Greinke

what do you think?


Very fair, so it’s really a matter of need. Who’s the top team’s starting SS? etc. I’d lean towards the Bautista side though as I view him as the best player in the deal and Greinke’s a safer bet than Sale going forward.


Hey Zach,
Missed CIN (Leake) vs. SF (Cain) on the PoD picks for Friday… IMO, Cain is a given… starting to trust Leake again


Good catch! Yes, pitch on both.


Should I pitch Scott Feldman against the White Sox?

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