Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, June 30-July 2



Peavy @ Kuroda

Richards @ Alvarez – Richards not a bad gamble in deeper leagues but this matchup is too risky for my liking.

J. Sanchez @ Diamond  (Gm 1 of doubleheader) – Diamond worth a shot.

Tomlin @ Eveland

Hochevar @ DeVries  (Gm 2 of doubleheader) – Hochevar is hot!

Milone @ Grimm

Porcello @ Hellickson

Beckett @ Ramirez

Karstens @ Lynn

Strasburg @ Minor – Minor too erratic to trust.

Happ @ Garza

Latos @ Zito

Hamels @ Buehrle

Miley @ Fiers – Miley just keeps on rolling.

J. Santana @ Eovaldi – Eovaldi’s last start has scared me off.

Volquez @ Friedrich – No way on Edinson here!


Masterson @ Matusz – I have faith in Masterson.

Smyly @ Cobb

Floyd @ Hughes – Ditto for Hughes…for now.

B. Chen @ Liriano – I’ll take a chance on both.

Wilson @ Laffey

Doubront @ Vargas

Blackley @ Darvish

Blanton @ Nolasco – I need to see more consistency from both.

Gonzalez @ T. Hudson

Collmenter @ Gallardo

Bedard @ Westbrook – Taking a break from Bedard. Great matchup for Westbrook.

Wandy @ Wood – Tempted to say pitch on Wood but will wait one more start.

K. Wells @ Cabrera

Arroyo @ Vogelsong – Arroyo always risky but this is a nice time to try him.

Gee @ Kershaw


F. Garcia @ Moore

Weaver @ Jimenez – Still reluctant to pitch Ubaldo in tougher matchups.

Hendriks @ Fister

Teaford @ Romero – I’ll give Ricky Ro one more chance before I sit him.

Matsuzaka @ Parker – Dice-K worth a shot here in deeper formats.

Hammel @ Millwood

Lyles @ McDonald – I love to pick on the Pirates!

Samardzija @ Hanson

Zambrano @ Estrada – Both are borderline calls though.

Outman @ Lohse

Richard @ Cahill – Tough road matchup for Richard.

Bailey @ Billingsley – Homer a great option here. I’ll pitch Billingsley for this start but if he blows up I’ll sit him @ARI.


Hey 411, is it time to cut bait on Anibal Sanchez or was that just a rough stretch for him? Also what are your thoughts on Ian Kennedy for the long haul? Thanks.

Al, I would wait for the 411s answer, but I own both in a 10 team H2H league. Both pitchers had a miserable June, but ended strongly in their last start. I am not considering releasng either one of them for the 2nd half because both have 200k potential. With Kennedy specifically, I knew going into this season that there will be some regression from last years numbers, but feel confident he will earn me the points for the RoS. I am willing to forget June with both SPs.


I completely agree with Steve on this. Don’t overreact over a small sample size. The bigger picture shows that both are worth rostering in any format. I’d continue to start both as well.


H2H 14 team league I have Rollins and Castro for SS. This guy offered Youkilis/Drew for Castro. I have Encarnacion at 3b so really im looking for a UTL spot. Have a feeling in my gut Youk gonna have a nice 2nd half. You like Castro or Youk/Drew?

Hey 411, I have lance lynn in both my leagues. He has done pretty bad in his last 4 starts. Is it time to drop him? Or just be more aware of who he faces the rest of the season? thanks, dan


The latter. You’re really going to drop a guy who opened the season 10-2 because of three mediocre starts? Patience!


Give: Youkilis, Hanley, C Nelson, J Upton, Victorino, Arrieta, Sale. Get: Sandoval, Asdrubal, B Phillips, Holliday, Beltran, Josh Johnson. What do you think? Take it or Leave it?


A 13-player trade? I don’t like these…very easy to lose focus on what you’re trying to accomplish. What are you trying to accomplish? I really can’t tell.


i was offered this trade by 7th place team in 10 team league…he is frustrated with his team so he is trying to overhaul.

I don’t think I like this. I prefer the Upton/Victorino OF duo to Holliday/Beltran and Hanley to Asdrubal is a pretty significant downgrade in my mind. You are basically getting Phillips for free but I’d rather have Sale than Johnson and Youk to Sandoval is at best a moderate win for you…not an obvious one. I just don’t see how you’re improving your team by making this trade.



Is it time to consider dropping B.J. Upton for backups that may contribute more. I was thinking of picking up Salvador Perez, Yasmani Grandal, or David Murphy?Also do you think Justin Upton may turn it around? See I have both, d thougt they would,but now I am really not sure?


Stick with B.J. He’s still a far better option than any of those waiver wire guys. The season is only halfway through!


Hi Zach which pure speedster do you like to fill out my OF in my 16 team H2H:
J Dyson, B Revere, J Schafer.

Or Andres Torres, who’s been stealing like crazy recently.


Revere. I like Schafer too but he’s too much of an AVG liability, not to mention very injury-prone.


Hi Goose, what are your thoughts on the adverb (Cliff Lee)? Not been good recently, I get the feeling still not having won is getting into his head right now and affecting his pitching. I’m definately benching him in my 10 teamer next start and so which of these guys do you recommend as a PoD type this week (not cutting Lee obviously):
M Fiers (who?), P Hughes, Ubaldo (recent success a mirage or signs of hope?)
Thanks, BB

Also an unrelated question, is it time to cut RIckie Weeks (same league 10 teamer)? We’ve seen ZImmerman starting to turn it around at last so im clinging onto the same hope with Rickie but is he just not right this year? I’ve got Altuve so am only hanging onto Rickie in the hope he heats up and I can trade one.


I’ve been very impressed with Hughes and simply trust him more than Ubaldo or Fiers. I wouldn’t have the guts to bench Lee though:-)


Depends on who you’d be picking up, but with Altuve already on your roster, I wouldn’t be opposed to you cutting Weeks. I’ve never really been a fan of his, even during the rare instances when he’s actually playing and not nursing some sort of injury.


hi well Im looking at adding a relief pitcher for holds and dropping crain….Im looking at Logan for the Yanks or A Miller for the Red sox? Who would you prefer in that role…both provide Ks and good whip and era


Logan. A little more trustworthy.


Would you do Braun ($37) for Ellsbury ($16) or Braun for Bruce ($18)? I’m selling Braun in a 5 yr keeper league, I have a bad team.


I prefer Bruce. Ellsbury’s ceiling is higher but I’m concerned about his health, both short-term and long-term.


And yes, in your situation I’d make that trade.

12-team mixed keeper. Someone in my league just dropped Phil Hughes. The only starters I’d consider dropping for him are Wainwright and Masterson. Should I do so and which one? FYI Wainwright is one of my keepers and I can get him next year somewhere around the 20th round.


Definitely not Wainwright. I think I’d pick up Hughes for Masterson though. I see Hughes as having greater long-term upside.


SS Question. I have JJ Hardy and i know that his worth is only good when he is hitting homers, so should i drop him for someone like Everth Cabrera, Ruben Tejada, Yuniesky Betancourt, Stephen Drew, Ryan Theriot or Andrelton Simmons?


I know Hardy’s a frustrating guy to own, but all of those available players have their own drawbacks. Unless you’re desperate for Cabrera’s speed, I think you’re better off sticking with Hardy.


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