Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, July 3


Haren @ McAllister – tough matchup but I’m bullish on McAllister

Blackburn @ Scherzer

Mazzaro @ Cecil

Nova @ Shields

Oswalt @ Sale

Lester @ Colon – give Colon a pass on this one

W. Chen @ King Felix

An. Sanchez @ Estrada – Marlins are next-to-last in MLB in road OPS

Lincecum @ Zimmermann – is Tim “back”? Good test to find out

Harrell @ Burnett – Harrell is rolling but so is the Buccos offense!

Volstad @ Jurrjens – Jurrjens looks sharp since his recall

Worley @ Niese

Francis @ Kelly

Cashner @ Bauer – must-see matchup of the night

Cueto @ Capuano


So I’m guessing Sale is no longer a 2-starter this week? Since he would have to pitch sunday for that to happen and with the allstar game, I doubt he will.


It’s also possible (probable actually) that Sale pitches Sunday and then just doesn’t pitch in the All-Star Game. The White Sox need him more than the AL does.


Would I be crazy to offer my ($16) Kershaw for Justin Upton ($23) in a keeper league?


Depends on the rest of your keeper list, but generally speaking I have no problem with you making that offer.


Joe Blanton or Zach Mccallister ???


ROS? This week? Both are matchups guys right now so it depends on who they’re facing in any given start. This week I’d still feel a bit more comfortable with Blanton, but there is some risk with him.


Hey Zach,
Happy 4th to you! Please pick two of three for ROS in a 10 team, H2H: Matt Harrison, Shawn Marcum, and Doug Fister. Thanks.
Rich D.


Marcum and Fister, but that’s assuming Marcum comes back soon.


What is the latest news regarding Marcum and his elbow?

He’s sidelined through the All-Star break but should return soon after. As a Marcum owner, I’m a little concerned but nowhere near panic mode. He’s reportedly made steady progress since feeling soreness about a week ago.


Do you think when Berkman is nearing return, should I add him and drop Chris Davis
And who would you add for Jair Jurrjens if he has a bad start Tommy Milone or Scott Diamond?


I actually wouldn’t rush to add Berkman for Davis unless Davis is on your bench anyway. We’re still not 100 percent sure when Berkman will return other than that it’ll be soon, but with him who knows.

Milone is a start at home guy, so the choice between him and Jurrjens is really based on the matchup. I’d take Milone over Diamond though.


Hi, guys–
I guess I have a closer pitch or ditch question for you. With Cashner still having just RP eligibility in my league, I have to bench one of my three closers (we have two RP spots and one neutral “P” spot that I use for a third closer) on Tuesday. Obviously, save chances are a total crap shoot, but who would you leave on the bench: Bobby Parnell (vs. Philadelphia), Addison Reed (vs. Texas) or Tom Wilhelmsen (vs. Baltimore)? Thanks for your thoughts!


Honestly, I might just bench Cashner for a couple more starts, but if I had to pick one to sit I’d lean towards Wilhelmsen as the M’s have the most underwhelming offense of those three teams.


drop napoli for santana, perez, or salty?


Can I be in this league? How in the world are all three of these guys available, particularly Santana? I’d try to pick up one of them without dropping Napoli and just bench Napoli until he gets his act together. Maybe add the red-hot Perez and ride him for awhile.


brennan boesch officially sucks.. its ridiculous how bad he is.. not saying id do better but he is by far the most annoying person to own.. is he worth dropping soon if he doesn’t come around?


Yeah, I’d drop him right now. He’s awful.


Hey 411, I’ve asked around the league about possible trades for my Ryan Braun ($37) and the best so far has been Bruce ($18). But now the owner of Stanton ($16) has said that he would do Stanton for Braun, does that deal replace the Bruce offer in the keeper league I’m in?


Yeah, I’d rather do the Stanton deal. I slightly prefer Giancarlo anyway plus you’re saving the two bucks.


Tommy Milone or Scott Diamond for Doug Fister?


ROS I still like Fister the most, so I wouldn’t make that move.


Rickey Ro!?!? What do we do we this guy?

Cover up the name man, guy’s been absolutely abysmal for a long time now. His numbers are atrocious, it’s not just bad luck, he’s walking a ton of guys and getting hammered. I’d bench him for now in deep formats but wouldn’t be opposed to cutting him in shallower ones.


Bench but don’t cut. Believe me, I’m very frustrated too! In a daily league, I’m ditching him for his next start @CWS.


Should I pick up Berkman and drop Weeks and should I pickup maybin and drop Chris young the fielder or Scot diamond

Rickie Weeks


I’d do the Diamond for Maybin move and would probably do Weeks for Berkman too, unless your 2B situation without Weeks would be bleak.


Hey Big Z, more catcher platoon questions im afraid🙂 . Haven’t had any luck trading Salty and it’s only a 10 teamer so not sure I will (OBP, 1 C league). So do you think it’s worth continuing to ride the hot bat, or would you be willing to drop Salty if you needed help elsewhere (chasing saves)?

Also thoughts on my trade I made over the weekend (needed speed and a 2B, had power): Get: J Altuve ($3) and N Castellanos (Prospect) FOR A Dunn ($3) and T May (Prospect). Dunn’s season is on the verge of capsizing right now so hoping I jumped ship at the right time, solid deal?


Is this the league where you have Wieters as well? If that’s the case, I’d first see what I could get for Wieters. I’d rather not drop Salty but if you have to you have to. I’m not completely opposed to it.

As for the trade, I love it!


Yep thats the one. You think I can roll with Salty all year then? Only question mark is his .300OBP which is a bit sub-par.

Glad you liked the trade!

I’d still rather have Wieters than Salty but if you can get something meaningful for Wieters in a trade, I’d have no problem taking the small downgrade. And yes, I think Salty’s a top-12 if not top-10 catcher, so he’s definitely an acceptable starting option.


Hi Zach, thoughts on this trade I made (H2H non-keeper):

Bauer, Clippard, and Trout FOR Cano and Latos

I needed a 2B bad as Jemile Weeks has been terrible and needed more power also (had lots of speed), so what better than the best hitter in baseball recently (Cano, don’t ya know). Latos seems to have figured things out big time, and I think Bauer’s iffy control will lead to growing pains this year, reckon Clippard would keep the job once Storen’s back? Pained me giving away Trout but I think it’s worth it.

One more question Zach, been offered Strasburg for Tulo in a 16 team H2H.

Do you think Davey will keep his word and cap Stras, even in a playoff hunt? It’s a tough one to know, obviously I’ll need them for my H2H playoffs. Tulo will probably help me a load in my playoff, but if I can have Stras from now and including the playoffs, maybe its better?


Pass. I’m really believing the Nats about the Strasburg innings cap so if you’re looking for a pitcher to help in your fantasy playoffs, he’s not a guy I’d target. Tulo is historically a ridiculously good second half player, so as long as he doesn’t suffer an injury setback, I think he’ll give you more value down the stretch.



Yeah, I’ll endorse this. The fact that the league is a non-keeper is a big reason why.


Thanks. And thoughts on the Stras/Tulo deal?

Sorry Dan replied to the wrong post by mistake.

FWIW I wouldnt trade Tulo for Stras. Can’t see them not reducing his innings somehow soon.

@mlbstufantasy411 – thanks for the feedback. Would you considered blackely a matchup guy only at this point as well? Also out of these 6 which would u pick as your (3)outfielders and (2)utility – Melky Cabrera, Harper, Plouffe, AJ Pierzynski, Miguel Montero, & Travis Hafner

^ This is a h2h pts 12 man league.


Yes, Blackley is PoD (in other words, a matchups guy) for the time being.

I’m assuming this question is for the rest of the season because Hafner hasn’t played since May. Regardless, he would be my odd man out, though I’m not too confident in Plouffe either.


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