Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, July 4


Phelps @ Price

Big Erv @ Lowe – Cleveland doesn’t score much at home

Morales @ Griffin – gotta roll with Griffin

Tillman @ Noesi – Noesi is high risk/high reward, go with need

Duensing @ Verlander

Mendoza @ Villanueva

Feldman @ Axelrod

Bumgarner @ Jackson

Lee @ Young – hang with ‘em on Clifford

Keuchel @ Correia

Johnson @ Wolf

Maholm @ Delgado – Delgado too inconsistent to trust

Guthrie @ Wainwright – hang with ‘em on Waino

Leake @ Harang – Leake on a nice roll, Dodgers notsomuch

Marquis @ Kennedy


Yep thats the one I have Wieters in.
I explore trades for him, can Salty likely improve on his .300OBP though? Its a bit sub-par in on base leagues, pretty Arencibia-esque.

Plus Salty seem to play much against lefties… I think im better of trying to trade him. Wieters should have another prolongued hot streak left in him also.
Found a potential buyer (frustrated Jesus owner) so i’ll let you know what we come up with!


I’m in a 12 team dynasty league. Offensive categories are R, RBI, OBP, SB, TB. I have Ellsbury coming off the DL soon and hopefully Longoria within a few weeks (wishful thinking at this rate). Currently, I’m fielding this lineup:

C – M Montero
1b – Ike
2b – Walker/Altuve
3b – Trumbo
SS – Asdrubal
OF – Bruce
OF – Upton
OF – Heyward
U – Rasmus

My question is, assuming longoria and ellsbury produce like they should, what two guys do you sit? Trumbo qualifies at 1b,3b and OF in this league. The others qualify at their normal positions only.



Rasmus and Ike. I’d move Trumbo to 1B and move an OF to U. But it would be better if you could work a trade to at least get something back for the guys you’re sitting because they really deserve to start in most leagues, particularly Rasmus.


Hey Zach, you’re probably getting asked this a lot but is it time to give up on ricky romero? I don’t have a slot to PoD with right now and was thinking of dropping him to have that kind of slot. He has tough matchups coming up (if I read the schedule right – CHW, NYY, BOS, DET) and if I wasn’t going to cut him I’d probably bench him for all those starts. 10 team H2H. Thanks!


As much as it pains me to say it, I think Romero is expendable in a 10-team league, and like you mention those matchups are far from promising. I’d keep him in a 12-teamer, but in a 10-teamer feel free to move on and maybe you can re-acquire him down the road.


Do you think Jurrjens is worth pick-up in that case? He’s been on a roll lately. Other pitchers on the wire: Buehrle, Masterson, Cahill, Lewis, Nova, Niese. Thanks Zach!

Of that group, I trust Masterson the most, but the quality of the available SPs in your league seems to be very high, so I’d just pitch or ditch.


Matt Harrison for Billy Butler – which side?


That’s comparing apples to oranges but overall I think Butler is the more valuable player.


I’m sceptical about this trade some may say I’m crazy not to do others would think I’m crazy to do it
I get
A rod

I give
E Jackson

I need pitching but I really don’t have much margin for error in both pitching and offence and I hav you’ll on the bench your thought are greatly aprieciated

Sorry youlk on the bench my stupid I pad did that auto fix thing

And one more thing since carpenter is done for the season what would be my best bet Cashner .Bouer, Samardzija or Homer baily


That’s an interesting one but I’d do it. Strasburg is the best player in the deal and offers the most value going forward, regardless of the innings cap. The fact that you have Youk on your bench significantly lessens the blow from losing Middlebrooks, and while A-Rod and Ichiro are clearly in the twilight of their careers, you’re not giving up a ton for them. Jackson isn’t exactly a deal breaker. I’d much rather do a Jackson + Middlebrooks for Strasburg deal, but I’m OK with this one.


hey well Hughes and Hammels are on my waiver wire…..better option than Lincecum?????


I assume you mean Hammel and not Hamels (that would be ridiculous if he were available!) I’m quickly running out of patience with Lincecum but still wouldn’t drop him. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it! Try to pick up Hammel or Hughes anyway though if you’ve got the room.


Who would you start, Napoli vs Axelrod or Chris Davis vs. Noesi?

Am I making a mistake in trading Kennedy C. Chen and McCann for Molina and McDonald?

(W. Chen not C. Chen)
or what about Kennedy Harrison and McCann for Shields Hammel and Molina?

Sorry, Cahill instead of Chen in the first trade.

This one I’m OK with. Kennedy to Shields is enough of an upgrade to make the catcher downgrade worth it. Simply put, I’d much rather have Shields than McDonald from here on out.



I don’t really like this trade for you. ROS I still prefer McCann to Molina and would take Kennedy + Chen over McDonald.


Same answer for first trade!

12-team mixed keeper. Who will give me the most steals RotS without killing me in the other cats: Davis, Blanco, Crisp, or Aoki?


I’d say Crisp so long as he’s not on the DL. I do expect his AVG to improve as he is a career .273 hitter, which is fairly respectable.


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