Pitch or Ditch for Friday-Sunday, July 6-8



J. Sanchez @ Smyly – Can’t trust Smyly right now.

Cobb @ Masterson – Masterson’s on a roll and has a 2.73 ERA at home.

Kuroda @ Beckett – Time for Hiroki to face the big boys!

Liriano @ Perez

Laffey @ Peavy

TBD (BAL) @ Wilson

Millwood @ Milone – Milone + Home = Pitch

Hudson @ Kendrick

Pomeranz @ Strasburg

Zito @ Bedard – One of the rare times I’ll pitch Zito. Feel free to sit Bedard but I’m giving him one last chance since it’s a favorable matchup.

Wood @ J. Santana – Going for it on Wood.

Gallardo @ Happ

Nolasco @ Westbrook – This could be 3-2 or 10-9. Pass.

Kershaw @ Collmenter

Arroyo @ K. Wells – Arroyo’s actually been better at home than on the road but this is a matchup you can’t pass up.


Hughes @ Morales  (Gm 1 of doubleheader) – I like both but have a feeling that this game will be a slugfest. Playing it safe.

F. Garcia @ Doubront  (Gm 2 of doubleheader) – See above, except for the part about liking both. Freddy isn’t even PoD material.

B. Chen @ Fister

Romero @ Floyd – First time I’m saying ditch on Romero all year. It seems so obvious to ditch him that he’ll probably throw a shutout!

Moore @ Jimenez – Close your eyes and hope for the best with Ubaldo. This guy is so aggravating.

De Vries @ Holland – Nice matchup awaiting Holland in his return from DL.

Hammel @ Weaver

Vargas @ Parker – Love em both.

Greinke @ Wandy

Francis @ Gonzalez

Vogelsong @ McDonald

Samardzija @ Gee – Samardzija’s been awful on the road (5.63 ERA) and got roughed up by the Mets once already this year. Ditch.

Zambrano @ Lohse – I don’t trust Big Z in tough matchups.

Hanson @ Blanton – Blanton’s hot but I’m not buying it.

Bailey @ Richard – PoD delight!

Billingsley @ Cahill – Billingsley a tough call but career numbers at Chase Field are pretty good: 7-2, 3.50 ERA.


Shields @ McAllister – I don’t have as much faith in McAllister as Cory does and TB offense is far from weak.

Teaford @ Scherzer

Cecil @ TBD (CWS)

W. Chen @ Haren – Never thought I’d be ditching Haren but he’s done nothing to earn back my confidence.

King Felix @ Colon – Colon not a bad option but M’s hit well on the road.

Blackburn @ Oswalt – Pitching Roy is risky but Twins’ lineup is a lot less scary than Tigers or White Sox.

Nova @ Lester – Who knows what will happen here but I’ll pitch both.

TBD (CHC) @ Niese

Guthrie @ Zimmermann

Jurrjens @ Worley – Jair has earned it.

Lincecum @ Burnett – Seriously, if Lincecum can’t pitch well here I give up!

Estrada @ Lyles – Estrada worth a shot vs. El Caballo-less Astros.

An. Sanchez @ Kelly

Cueto @ Ohlendorf

Capuano @ Bauer – Need to see something positive from Bauer before I can trot him out there again.


What’s up Goose:

A) Where’d you get the goose nickname from?
B) Just dealt Timmy McCann Ichiro and Rollins for Hanram and Mauer. what do you think?


Just answered your question on the previous post. As for the nickname, you better ask Siano because I’m still not 100 percent sure. Something to do with the “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” saying. I think he was just trying to come up with a nickname for me and this was the first thing that came to mind!


Now that Quintana just shut down the rangers, are you buying?


I’m starting to. He’s still not a grad but I definitely have more confidence in him now than I did a week ago.


I get Pierzynski, Smoak and Chapman. I give Adrian Gonzalez. Should I do it?


Not in love with that one unless your closer situation is a true disaster.


For a AL only 8 team league 5×5 vanilla roto league
Between Crawford, Ellsbury and Gardner.. who is the most valuable down the strech? what if you really need SB?
Then, besides those guys.. who in the minors is likely to get called up and contribute to SB?

is Tony Campana available? He gives you lots of SB, unfortunately nothing more

Tony is a Cub.. I am in a AL only league.. unless he is about to be traded


Ellsbury. He could be back as soon as this week and is by far the most valuable player of that group considering what he can do in addition to stealing bases.


Is it time to drop Bauer for Buehrle, Volquez, Vargas? Or give Bauer a few more shots?


Bauer’s performance yesterday has bought him some more time. Sit tight.


Grandal or jesus Montero, ROS?


I’ll say Grandal. I think he’ll hit for a higher AVG from here on out and I’ve seen enough from Montero to come to the conclusion that this just might not be his year. I’d sooner take a chance on the red hot Grandal and see what he can do.


Another Jesus question….Im from the seattle area so took Jesus in the draft but now not sure of his playing time rest of season….would you stick with him or what do you know about Derrick Norris of Oak?


I’d still rather have Montero than Norris, who isn’t exactly known as a great prospect. Grandal is a lot more intriguing to me.



Is Tyler Colvin worth picking up, or is this just a lucky streak? If he is worth picking up the only three players I find on my bench regularly are the Uptin brothers, and Alex Gordan. I was planning on haning on to all three for the second half, but is Tyler to good to pass on? Who would I drop of the three if he is this good?


There’s no way I’d drop any of those guys for Colvin.


Hammel or Worley? have Worley now but wondering about his bone chips and I like Hammel K;s


It’s close but I’m still a bit more confident in Worley being that his body of work stretches back to last season. I’m skeptical that Hammel can keep up his current K rate.


Rest of season….pujols or hamilton?


I’m going to say Pujols. I still have faith in him, and Hamilton’s propensity to get injured is concerning.


alright!!!! It is time for me to cut ties with Lincecum, he is just plain horrible…….now I dropped Parker for Mccallister so wondering if I should pick him up again or Hammel/ Vargas/ gee/ Milone/ bailey any of those to replace Lincecum which I assume will throw up better stats


Yeah, I’m officially giving up on Lincecum now and would drop him for either Parker or Hammel, probably Parker.


I have Kemp coming back after the all star game…three OFs and two UTIL. I have Heyward, Bourn, BJ Upton, Trout, and Pence in right now…is BJ the odd man out? I need HRs and RBIs mostly, with a 20SB lead right now. Trying to shop OF help around, but getting some bad offers, such as Kemp for Kipnis or Uggla

Also, I have McCann and Santana for behind the plate and Morse at 1B so I can’t slide Santana over there right now. Should I start McCann over Santana? Neither have been great but McCann is looking like he is turning it around heading into the break.


Yeah, B.J. is the odd man out. He’s having a disappointing year, particularly in the HR and RBI departments (we knew he would hit for a low AVG), so given your needs, sitting him makes the most sense.


I want to drop either Mike Aviles or Kelly Johnson. Who would you drop?
the other Rich D


I’d drop Aviles as Johnson is the safer bet for homers, though I’m not a huge fan of him either!


Hey Goose, seeing as we’re at the ASB, any thoughts of having an “all first half team” on the show? Maybe one going by best value picks, therefore E5’d be on there for sure! Maybe some guy called Mike Trout too, I’ve heard he’s pretty good.🙂
Thoughts on Bruce after the break? Been frustrating to own with his lengthy slumps, am wondering if i’d get more from him in a trade right now (for 2nd/3rd rnd value) due to name value, or should I ride out the storm.


Yep, we’ll be unveiling our mid-season all-surprise, all-disappointment and all-fantasy teams very soon. We’ll also grade Mike and Cory’s preseason overrated/underrated picks.

As for Bruce, I’d probably ride out the storm, as in a roto league you know the numbers will be there in the end. But if you get an overwhelming offer, by all means consider it.


Buster or c santana in a keeper league? Buster being 4 dollars more


Buster. Although you might lose some homers by passing on Santana, Posey will make up for it in the AVG and consistency departments.


Hey Zach, hope you’re enjoying the all-star break. Need a ranking for these 3 guys ROS for my last Util spot: Quentin, Middlebrooks, Salvador Perez.
Also, what’s your opinion on starting high-quality set-up guys (like Grilli) in a standard h2h league with no holds?


I’ll say Middlebrooks, Perez, Quentin. I’m fine with starting elite setup guys but only if you don’t have enough solid closers to fill your RP slots. I’d still give a mid-tier closer the edge over a high-end setup man.


Does the ranking change if Quentin moves to a more hitter-friendly ballpark? Thanks.

Yeah, I’d then move Quentin to the #2 spot. I still like Middlebrooks at #1.


just want to clarify before making a move…drop J Montero for Grandal? I asked a question again about Lincecum….maybe stick with him til Morrow comes back than make a decision instead of replacing him with someone else?

I have no problem with you making that catcher switch.

Do you prefer Parker to J Quintana?


Many injuries caused me to throw in the towel for this year.Getting some keepers to fill my 7 spots. I already have Longo, Tulo, Ellsbury and Cueto..

I recently traded michael cuddyer, Nick Swisher, and Matt Harrison and got Ian desmond.. (3 units) him and tulo are going to be the best keepers middle wise in the league..

i also traded Gio Gonzalez and got Starling Marte( 5 units) and Trevor Bauer(16 units) keeping Marte and possibly bauer.. marte looks like he is going to be a stud..

the last trade i made was Matt Holliday and Chris Perez for Chris Sale(15 units)..
Sale looks like a stud.. and him and cueto will be a sick keepers pitching wise..

so this is how my keepers look…



and now out of these 2 which 1 would u save,, BAUER, MARTE…


first can u let me know how i did on the trades.. i know i overpaid for desmond..

and 2nd of all let me know about the last keeper..



I’m OK with the Desmond trade, not in love with the Gio trade as 16 for Bauer is no bargain and you probably have Gio at a decent price anyway. I’m lukewarm on the Sale trade as Sale for 15 is good but not great value but if Holliday’s price tag was really high, this could turn out to be worthwhile.

And yes, at those prices I agree on Marte over Bauer.


holliday is 26 units
gio is 30 units

I’m fine with the other two then. Wow, Gonzalez at 30!

Latos($10) or darvish (9) in a 5 yr keeper?


Darvish, without question. Latos has been very good of late but two of his last three starts were @SF and @SD. I still have trust issues with him.


ROS Thome or Pedroo Alvarez?


Thome. I have more confidence that he can avoid mega-slumps and I just think he’ll offer more in terms of counting stats.


Plse rank for ROS best to worst
Parker, Villanueva, Estrada, Bauer
Any SP flying under radar you like for 2nd 1/2?


Parker, Bauer, Estrada, Villanueva.


Alexei Ramierez or JJ hardy to start the 2nd half? I have JJ and would have to drop to get Alexei. JJ has been cold of late and Alexei is playing well and his story with his parents watching his first MLB game was pretty cool.


Yeah, I’d take Alexei, mainly because I’m fed up with Hardy. Alexei also offers some speed, and like you mentioned, he’s red hot!


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