Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, July 5


Diamond @ Porcello – Porcello not a bad gamble in deeper leagues but I’m just not a fan.

Harrison @ Quintana

Hellickson @ Tomlin

Hochevar @ Alvarez – Alvarez makes me a little nervous though as KC lineup is no slouch.

Arrieta @ Richards

Buehrle @ Fiers

Norris @ Karstens – If Norris doesn’t pitch well here, something is wrong.

Cain @ Detwiler

Garza @ Minor

Hamels @ Dickey

Friedrich @ Lynn

Eovaldi @ Miley

Latos @ Volquez – Feel free to sit the erratic Edinson but he’s at home so I’ll take a shot.


I’m pitching Fiers tonight. No Stanton in the lineup and the Marlins aren’t exactly the Yankees or even the Rockies WITH him in the lineup. If three home & three road splits are scaring you away, you’re a little “batty”.

Who do u prefer ROS, Jesus Montero or Salvador Perez? I don’t have roon for 2 catchers & getting a little impatient w Montero….


I’m very high on Perez and feel that he’ll be the more consistent hitter. Not as much power but not as prone to extended slumps.


Thx, Zach
I am tempted to start Lynn tonite based on the suggestion above to “pitch” tonite, however, can someone plse explain to me why I should pitch him. His last 3 starts have been disasters & he is killing my era…


Home for the Rockies isn’t exactly an intimidating matchup. I haven’t lost faith in Lynn.


Hey Zach,
I hope you had a good 4th. I am in a 10T, H2H, league and I believe it’s time to drop Romero. He has an extremely difficult stretch upcoming and I don’t trust him. Here are available options and would appreciate your thoughts:
Harrison, Diamond, Milone, Richard, Cahill, Worley, Masterson
Rich D.


Worley and then Masterson would be my top two choices but I’d mostly pitch or ditch here as it looks like the quality of the available SPs in your league is very high. Milone and Richard are home specialists, of course!


Just made a big deal and wondering what you think. I sent Lincecum McCann Ichiro and Rollins for HanRam and Mauer. Whatcha think?


Not in love with it as Mauer is such a question mark with his health and complete loss of power. You did get Han-Ram, the clear-cut best player in the deal, but in order to get the SS upgrade you had to take a downgrade at catcher + give up Lincecum and Ichiro for nothing. Not a bad trade but probably not one I would’ve made.


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