Pitch or Ditch for Friday, July 13


Wilson @ Kuroda

Fister @ Hammel

Masterson @ Romero – Masterson coming off terrible outing and @TOR is always a scary matchup.

Morales @ Hellickson – Morales a risky play but I’ll take a shot.

Quintana @ B.Chen – I’m fully aboard the Quintana bandwagon, for now.

Griffin @ Liriano – I like the matchup for both.

Holland @ Millwood

Kennedy @ Maholm

Wainwright @ Latos – Latos seems to be back on track.

Zimmermann @ Johnson

Young @ Hudson – Four straight quality starts for Young.

McDonald @ Greinke

Lee @ Friedrich

Richard @ Kershaw – Richard slowly but surely figuring out how to pitch well on the road and Kemp and Ethier (if he plays) might be rusty.

Lyles @ Bumgarner – Lyles strictly an NL-only play until further notice.


Villanueva, Leake, Clayton Richard. I have to start one of these PODers this week unfortunately. I see you have Richard as a start this week, but I’d like to get some K’s… You think Villa is a better candidate for that?


I need to see more from Villa than just two starts, so I’d be hesitant to pitch him. Chasing K’s can be dangerous too. I’d go with Richard.


I’ve been offered CarGo for Cutch straight-up. I have Kemp coming off the DL soon. The rest of my OF is average to slightly above-average. Thoughts? Is this just a trade to make a trade?



Yup, sounds like a trade just to make a trade. To me, it’s six of one, half dozen of the other, but McCutch is having an MVP caliber season and you drafted him. Might as well keep him!



First time poster and I have watched your site for awhile! I was looking for some advice.

My Buster Posey and Brett Lawrie for Jon Lester and Desmond Jennings.

I have Jose Bautista to slot into 3rd base and Choo to slide into RF.

My offense will be Sal. Perez , Butler, Kipnis, J. Reyes, Allen Craig, Curtis Granderson, Choo, Berkman and Jennings.

On the pitching side I have Sale, Josh Johnson, Lincecum, Cliff Lee, Morrow (DL), Bauer, Matt Harrisonand Scherzer

Its a 10 team H2H Mixed league.

Lawrie is definitely expendable but the main questions are: can S. Perez adequately replace Posey and do you think Lester/Jennings will turn it around?


Definitely pass on that one. While I do expect Lester and Jennings to improve in the second half, the bottom line is that both have been huge disappointments this year (Jennings’ injury notwithstanding) and are question marks, so how much they will improve is anybody’s guess. Posey has lived up to expectations while Lawrie, although a little disappointing, hasn’t been a total bust. I’m high on Perez but still think that you’re giving up too much here and taking on too much risk.


Who would you start at 1st; Ike Davis or Tyler Colvin (for the rest of the year)?


Why exactly do you need to make a ROY decision right now? Go with the hotter Colvin and take it from there. If you’re forced to drop Davis and someone else picks him up, so be it.


Could you please offer me a second half prediction of Andre Ethier? I have been offered Ethier for Espinosa and Stanton in a 10 team NL only. I need OF help but I’m worried I may be giving up too much. Thanks.


Pass. Espinosa is really a non-factor here and I’d definitely take Stanton over Ethier ROY. Ethier did this same thing last year, starting out red hot before going ice cold and then getting hurt. I’d rather not deal with the headache and am simply more enthusiastic about Stanton going forward.



I have a trade advice question:

H2H 10 team league (allowed to keep 3)

Lawrie and Posey for Lester and D.Jennings

My offense is strong as I have Bautista to slot in at 3rd and S.Perez at catcher.

My main questions are do you think S.Perez can replace Poseys offense? And do you think Jennings and Lester can have a rebound second half.


Just answered your question above.



Who do you believe will have a better second half…Stubbs or Ichiro?


I’ll say Ichiro. I just think that Stubbs’ AVG is too much of a killer and I can’t envision Ichiro’s AVG to remain this low all season.


G’day 411,

I was thinking of picking up Carl Crawford and dropping Carlos Quentin. 12 team league and not a lot of help out there on the wire. Your thoughts?


If Quentin is truly your best drop candidate, I have no problem with that. Crawford carries more upside in my mind, especially if Quentin remains in San Diego.


Thanks for the input Zach. Much appreciated.

ROS McAllister or Estrada?


Both are PoD guys so ROS predictions aren’t really applicable right now. Play the matchups. I’m a little higher on McAllister though.


A Gon or Beltre rest of the season?


Beltre. He’s simply having the better year and the position factor is another advantage he has over Adrian. First basemen are generally more replaceable than third basemen.


Is Estrada a pitch or ditch for tonight ( he is pitching, not Greinke)?


I’d pitch. The Pirates are still a lineup that can be picked on.


Full Keeper league trade question. We start 9 offensive players and 4 pitchers, 5×5 league. I have been offered Hanley, Victorino, and Hamels for Lawrie, Bruce, Marcum, and Archie Bradley. My other pitchers are Kershaw, Cain, Yu, JJ, and Zimmermann along with Tijuan Walker. Victorino would be a bench guy for me as I have Choo, McCutchen, and Trout and would put Rizzo in at DH. My other starters are McCann, Pujols, Kipnis, Castro. What are your thoughts?


I’d pass. Victorino is getting up there in age and you’re already stacked at starting pitching, so I’m not sure how much you really need Hamels. But above all, I just don’t like the idea of trading away two young, high-end keepers in Lawrie and Bruce.


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