Midseason All-Surprise, All-Disappointment and All-Fantasy Teams + Grades

Hey everyone,

On today’s podcast, we unveiled our midseason all-surprise, all-disappointment and all-fantasy teams and graded Mike and Cory’s preseason overrated and underrated teams. Here’s the printed version. Catch the podcast for the discussion. Keep in mind that I did the grading and I’m a very tough grader!


                                                                                                                                             ALL-SURPRISE TEAM

C    Carlos Ruiz

1B  Mark Trumbo

2B  Jason Kipnis

SS  Ian Desmond

3B  Edwin Encarnacion

OF  Carlos Beltran

OF  Melky Cabrera

OF  Josh Reddick

SP  R.A. Dickey

SP  James McDonald/Chris Sale/A.J. Burnett/Chris Capuano/Jason Hammel

RP  Fernando Rodney

                                                                                                                       ALL-DISAPPOINTMENT TEAM

C  Carlos Santana

1B  Adrian Gonzalez

2B  Rickie Weeks

SS  Erick Aybar

3B  Ryan Zimmerman/Kevin Youkilis

OF  Justin Upton

OF  Cameron Maybin

OF  Alex Gordon/B.J. Upton/Shane Victorino

SP  Tim Lincecum

SP  Dan Haren

RP  Heath Bell

                                                                                                                                      ALL-FANTASY TEAM

C    Carlos Ruiz

1B  Miguel Cabrera/Joey Votto

2B  Robinson Cano

SS  Ian Desmond

3B  Edwin Encarnacion/David Wright/Jose Bautista

OF  Andrew McCutchen

OF  Ryan Braun

OF  Mike Trout/Josh Hamilton/Carlos Gonzalez

SP  R.A. Dickey

SP  Justin Verlander/Matt Cain

RP  Craig Kimbrel/Fernando Rodney/Kenley Jansen

                                                                                                                                     MIDSEASON GRADES


C – Joe Mauer  B

1B – Lance Berkman  B+

2B – Dustin Ackley  A

3B – Kevin Youkilis  A-

SS – Starlin Castro  D

OF – Michael Morse  INC

OF – Melky Cabrera  F

OF – Yoenis Cespedes  D

SP – Yu Darvish  D-

SP – Jeremy Hellickson  B+

CL – Andrew Bailey  A



C –  Wilson Ramos  INC

1B – Ike Davis  C-

2B – Kelly Johnson  B-

3B – David Freese  A

SS – Marco Scutaro  B

OF – Chris Heisey  F

OF – Lorenzo Cain  INC

OF – Dominic Brown  F

SP – Derek Holland  C-

SP – Mike Minor  F

CL – Jason Motte  A



C – Mike Napoli  A-

1B – Ryan Howard  A

2B – Dustin Ackley  A

3B – David Freese  F

SS – J.J. Hardy  A

OF – Andre Ethier  C-

OF – Emilio Bonifacio  INC

OF – Carlos Quentin  B+

SP – Josh Johnson  B+

SP – Matt Moore  A-

CL – Andrew Bailey  A



C –  Wilson Ramos  INC

1B – Paul Goldschmidt  A-

2B – Jose Altuve  A

3B – Edwin Encarnacion  A+

SS – Tyler Pastornicky  F

OF – Brett Gardner  INC

OF – Michael Cuddyer  A-

OF – Alex Presley  D

SP – Jon Niese  A-

SP – Brandon McCarthy  A-

CL – Rafael Betancourt  A


Good stuff Goose, will wait for the podcast to see the picks, saw my and Corys boy E5 on there though!🙂

Know you say to start Lee today, but in a 10 team roto its not crazy to bench right? Noticed he’s never pitched there before too suprisingly, might take some adjustments and could be ugly early on until he adapts.


Not crazy, but I’d still say pitch.


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