Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, July 14-16



Williams @ F. Garcia

Jimenez @ Laffey – Not risking it with Ubaldo.

Scherzer @ W. Chen – Playing it safe and ditching Chen, though I haven’t given up on him.

Buchholz @ Price – Clay is a toss-up but I’m just not a fan of the guy.

Peavy @ Hochevar

Milone @ De Vries – Taking a chance on Milone even though he’s on the road.

Darvish @ King Felix

Saunders @ Dempster – Dempster was solid in his return from the DL.

Dickey @ Hanson

Lynn @ Leake – Leake not a bad option in deeper formats despite the tough matchup.

Correia @ Estrada – Pirates’ lineup still worth picking on.

G. Gonzalez @ Buehrle

Worley @ Guthrie – Worley hasn’t been overly sharp of late. I’ll ditch him at Coors.

Wandy @ Lincecum – Tiny Tim is a ditch until further notice.

Volquez @ Harang – Edinson has allowed a combined 2 ER over his last three starts spanning 19 2/3 innings.


Weaver @ Nova – Ivan is on a roll.

Lowe @ Villanueva – I can’t get too caught up in Villanueva over two starts.

Verlander @ Tillman

Beckett @ Shields

Sale @ Mendoza

Parker @ Duensing

Harrison @ Iwakuma

Strasburg @ Nolasco – Nolasco has looked pretty good of late.

J. Santana @ Sheets – Sheets definitely worth monitoring but I’m not about to pitch him for his first start in a long, long time.

Burnett @ Gallardo

Cahill @ Garza

Hamels @ Pomeranz

Harrell @ Cain – Giants’ lineup not the pushover they once were and Harrell came back down to earth his last time out.

Marquis @ Billingsley

Westbrook @ Cueto – I’m still very wary of Westbrook. Too blowup prone.


Big Erv @ TBD (DET) – Much like Lincecum, Erv is a ditch until further notice.

Alvarez @ Hughes – Alvarez is high risk, medium reward.

Floyd @ Cook

McAllister @ Cobb – I’ll roll the dice on McAllister. Cobb strictly an AL-only play.

M. Gonzalez @ Diamond – Diamond is hot!

Vargas @ J. Sanchez – Vargas has gotten back on track since disaster outing @ARI.

TBD (ARI) @ Arroyo – Hard to sit Bronson right now.

Jackson @ Zambrano – I’ll take a chance on Big Z.

Lohse @ TBD (MIL)

Karstens @ Francis

Norris @ TBD (SD)

TBD (PHI) @ Capuano


So, it looks like Fiers gets the nod for Milwaukee Monday vs. the Cards. POD?

i think you guys are messed up with the astros pitchers wandy is pitching tonight

Norris is vs SF, not SD. Pod?

Hi Zach, with Ellsbury back from DL, 10 teams, head to head non-keeper Yahoo league. I need to drop one OF… Who would you cut from the following? Jennings, Cespedes, Choo, Willingham, Cruz and Hart. As pain as it sounds, I hate to drop any of them, but….

Thanks again!



Wow. I’d love to see you try to trade one of those guys rather than lose them for nothing, but if I had to pick one I’d lean towards Cespedes. I just feel that he’s the most expendable despite the high counting stats/game ratio. His track record is the thinnest of that group so he’s more of an unknown going forward.


Hey Zach,
I hope you are enjoying your Summer. I think the injury Shawn Marcum has is really going to hold him out well into the second half. My current rotation in a 10 team, H2H mixed league: Morrow (DL), Romero, Josh Johnson, Burnett, Sale, and Fister. I’m ready to drop Marcum and here is what is available: Harrison, Diamond, Sheets, Oswalt, Milone, Quintana, Vargas, and Niese. Stand pat, acquire another hitter, or pull the trigger? Thanks.
Rich D.

grab harrison right now, just threw another gem yesterday.


I’m OK with you dropping Marcum in a 10-teamer where you don’t have an open DL spot. Overall, I prefer Harrison of that group but I think you’re better off just playing the matchups since the quality of starting pitchers available seems to be quite high.


hey Is Hosmer a drop at this time? I have A Gon/ Morales/ and Ike to cover 1st and CI….wondering if I should pick up Marmol as a 4th closer( J Johnson/Kimbrel/ and Cook) are my 3……


Not giving up on Hosmer yet. I might try to find a way to pick up Marmol for a different player but it depends on how you’re doing in saves.


Hey Zach–

Salvador Perez or Yasmani Grandal ROTS? Although, their future matters to me, too, because I’m in a 10-player, 12-team keeper league.

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