Two-Start Pitchers – Week of 7/16

Hey everyone,

After a week off from two-start pitchers, let’s get back at it. I’ve picked eight guys who I consider to be the toughest decisions. Keep in mind that I’m basing my recommendations on 12-team mixed leagues unless otherwise noted.


Jason Vargas  (@KC, @TB)

Vargas has rebounded nicely since his June 20th disaster outing @ARI, posting a 1.52 ERA over his last three starts. But here’s the key number: 5.09. That’s Vargas’ road ERA this season. The Royals and Rays aren’t elite offenses but they aren’t terrible either. I have a bad feelingt about this. Ditch.

Scott Diamond  (vs. BAL, @KC)

Don’t count on a ton of strikeouts from Diamond, but you can count on a quality start more times than not. He’s 2-0 with a 2.74 ERA over his last three starts and will be facing two middle of the pack offenses. Pitch.

Homer Bailey  (vs. ARI, vs. MIL) 

Homer proved to be an outstanding two-start choice last week but that was against the Dodgers and Padres on the road. He’s been awful at home this year (1-4, 5.86 ERA in eight starts) and the D-Backs and Brewers are both pretty solid offenses. I’m ditching.

Carlos Zambrano  (vs. WAS, @PIT)

Big Z’s last few starts haven’t been pretty but the schedule hasn’t been kind to him (@BOS, vs. STL, @MIL, @STL). He’ll get a bit of a breather next week as the Nationals’ lineup is OK but not great and the Pirates’ offense, although improving, is still sub-par. I could end up regretting this but in 12-team mixed leagues I’ll say pitch.

Joe Blanton  (@LAD, vs. SF)

Yeah, the matchups are tempting but Blanton has simply been too inconsistent to trust. The Dodgers will probably have both Kemp and Ethier back in the lineup and the Giants’ offense really isn’t that bad anymore. In an NL-only I might consider throwing him out there, but no way would I start him in a mixed league.

Bronson Arroyo  (vs. ARI, vs. MIL)

Anyone notice that Bronson is having a pretty darn good season? With five quality starts in his last six outings and, unlike Homer Bailey, a solid home ERA (3.71), I’m pitching him, even though the matchups aren’t great on paper.

Drew Smyly  (vs. LAA, vs. CWS)

After starting the season on fire, Smyly has been a mediocre pitcher since mid-May, as his most recent outing marked his first quality start since May 9th. The Angels and White Sox haven’t been elite offenses this year but both squads have some dangerous hitters in their lineup. In an NFBC-style league (15-team mixed) I might take a chance on Smyly, but in a standard 12-teamer I think you’re better off staying away.

Zach McAllister  (@TB, vs. BAL)

I like what I’ve seen from McAllister so far, especially the strikeouts. Next week will be a good test for him. I think he’ll pass it.



Zach Britton pitching next week, worth an add?


In a mixed league, I’m passing. Let’s see him pitch this year first!


Z-Goose –

12-Team H2H points!

You giving the nod to 2-start arms: T. Bauer (@CIN, HOU); and G. Floyd’s surprising solid career #’s (@BOS, @DET)?

Would think Niese and Lynn are Grads/Aces to go with correct as 2-start options?


Never mind about Floyd now….dropped him and picked up Sheets. Thoughts for RoS on Big Ben?


I think Sheets is worth a speculative add in 12-team mixed leagues but the jury is still out.



Yes on Bauer, no on Floyd. Lynn and Niese are automatic pitches. Didn’t even bother putting them on here.


Strong 12 team 5×5 keeper, kp value is undrafted fa pickup last round, drafted round -2. How do you rank Gyorko, Beckham, S Drew? Do you think that Howie Kendrick will finally break through in the 2nd half, or has he reached his peak? When can I purchase PPV for Mike Trout vs Chuck Norris? Thanks


Beckham, Drew, Gyorko. Kendrick should improve but I don’t expect him to go nuts. I think last year’s stat line, particularly the HR total, was a bit of an aberration.


I get HanRam, Harper, Jemile Weeks, and Josh Rutledge. I give Adrian Gonzalez and brian McCann. should I do it?


Absolutely! You’re selling high on guys who are having disappointing seasons in Gonzalez and McCann. I wouldn’t think twice about making this trade.


11 team, 4 keepers mixed vanilla. Presently worked my way to #1 and trying to make more ground by picking up saves. Using Perkins and Burton (picked up Brandon League off wire)to help with the categorie and also we have Holds as a stat (have some points to make in there also). Noticed Sheets on the wire and thinking to drop one to make room. Ahead in Wins and K’s, but REALLY need help in ERA and WHIP (worse than Saves and Holds). Think to drop Perkins and keep Burton. In the hope League comes good with saves again and Sheets comes up Trumps as a gamble.

Help quick as he may be gone pretty quickly!


I also have Brandon McCarthy still on the DL. Is he looking to come back and do something useful or should I be done with him? End of July is still his eta.

I’d hold onto McCarthy. You’re not losing anything by doing this assuming he’s on your DL.



I’m OK with dropping Perkins for Sheets. Capps should return to the closer role soon which would make both of those Twins’ relievers more expendable.


Two trades:

Give: Shields, JJ, and Rasmus
Get: King Felix and Harrison

GIve: Beltran and Salvador Perez
Get: AJax and Yadier

I am trying to upgrade my pitching and the catcher position while also moving an extra outfielder because i have crawford coming off of DL

If you have Salvador Perez you don’t need to upgrade.


I’m OK with the first trade but would pass on the second one. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Perez turns out to be almost as valuable as Yadier from here on out.


ROS: Mad Max, Wainwright or Anibal?

*sorry- rest of way?


I’ll say Wainwright. He’s striking out nearly a batter per inning with a low walk rate. His mediocre ERA is due in large part to a fluky high hit rate that’s been aided by a .332 BABIP. The bottom line is that he’s been a bit unlucky so far and I expect him to turn things around.


Hey Zach, which 3 of these hitters do you like if we’re not taking their position into account? Perez, Morse, Middlebrooks, Rizzo, De Aza, Hardy. Looking to improve Avg, HR, RBI in that order. Thanks for your help!


Middlebrooks, Morse and Rizzo with Perez a close fourth. I’m just a little concerned about his ability to consistently hit for power at this early stage of his career. The AVG should be very good though.


Which two should I drop to take Ethier and Ellsbury off the DL: Duda, Boesch, or Jesus Montero (utility slot)?


Montero and Duda, who is really struggling lately.


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