Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, July 17


Richards @ Turner

Cecil @ Sabathia

Humber @ Lester

Tomlin @ Moore

Britton @ Deduno

Beavan @ Teaford

Oswalt @ Colon – tough matchup for Colon, but risk him at home

Niese @ Detwiler

Bauer @ Cueto

Zito @ Jurrjens – SF scoring a little more lately, though

An. Sanchez @ Wood

Kelly @ Wolf

Bedard @ Friedrich

Lyles @ Ohlendorf – Lyles worth a look in deep/unmixed leagues

Halladay @ TBD (LAD)



Who would you drop since Colby Lewis is coming back Anibal Sanchez or Zach McAllIister? I have Bumgarner, McDonald, Strasburg, Zimmermann, Gio Gonzalez. I’m in a vanilla league.

Thank you,


McAllister. Anibal shouldn’t be dropped in pretty much any league. His track record suggests that he will rebound from what has been an inconsistent stretch of late. McAllister is more of an unknown. He’s still a PoD guy.


I have two trades just proposed to me

Get Beltre for Beltran

Get A-Rod and Gio for Shields Beltran and Rasmus

what do ya think?


I like the first trade if you have a need for a 3B, though it’s far from a no-brainer. Pass on the second trade. I think you’re selling low on Shields and I’m pretty much fed up with A-Rod. He’s been too inconsistent. Gio is great but his numbers are just too good right now, so I’m not sure I’d be actively targeting him as you might get stuck with the worst part of his season.


I need to drop somebody to activate Halladay today. Should I drop Vargas or Cahill?
Thanks for any help!


That’s a tough one as those two are very close in value. I’ll say drop Vargas. He has a history of poor second halves (5.42 ERA last year) and Cahill’s overall numbers this year are just a little better.


coming off 3 innings of rehab, and 2 months of not throwing, is Halladay a pitch or sit in 20 team H2H league, standard 5×5….pitching cats are tight this week between my opponent and I. thanks


Yes, Halladay’s a guy I’d always pitch, particularly in a 20-team league and vs. a Dodgers club that isn’t exactly an offensive juggernaut.


Thanks, Zach! I appreciate your help. Vargas it is.

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