Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, July 18


Romero @ Kuroda – can’t trust Romero right now in any remotely tough matchup
Lewis @ Blackley
Wilson @ Fister
Hernandez @ Doubront
Masterson @ Hellickson – Hellickson has been a disappointment
Hunter @ Liriano
Millwood @ B. Chen
Wainwright @ Thornburg
Lee @ Kershaw
McDonald @ Guthrie
Wandy @ Richard – BTW, Richard isn’t only a home/away play anymore…
Young @ Zimmermann
Kennedy @ Latos
Vogelsong @ Minor – has Minor turned it around?
Johnson @ Samardzija – Shark has been awfully inconsistent…


I am so aggravated right now, and trying to be family friendly, it’s a gosh dang rotten shame that Jon Lester keeps throwing up clunker after clunker. Whatever this guy’s problem is, he really needs to get over it. Even sadder still, he’s one of those guys you can’t just outright drop, and right now there’s no way anyone will give full value for him. Almost Club DTM material right now. Does anyone know if there is a physical problem, or does he just need a checkup from the neck up???

Greg- I hear you. I am an owner as well. But honestly, I don’t think it would be unwise to drop him. It’s getting to a point in the sesaon where you have to roster guys that are giving you some sort of return. At some point, you won’t be able to recover from the damage. I just dropped Lester in an experienced 12 team mixed roto league myself. Other managers in the league have dropped guys like Carlos Santana, Ian Kennedy, Ricky Ro and Tommy Hanson. I think you would be better off the rest of the season riding other guys while they are hot and then dropping and moving on to the next hot hand. If you manage your team right, you will be able to get a better return vs. keeping Lester. And looking at today’s pitch or ditch selections, I’m surprised Ian Kennedy is a pitch. I personally wouldn’t be throwing him out there in Great American Ballpark. One of Kennedy’s major weaknesses this season has been the long ball. I say sit. What about anyone else…are there early to mid draft selections you are dropping because of their dissaster season?


No physical problem that I know of. The guy has just been flat out awful. Feel free to bench him for now but you’re right that dropping him is not a good idea. You’re stuck!


Thanks Eric and Zach for your input. I’m in a keeper league, and I kept Lester at a pretty big contract. He will carry that contract forward. Last night I put him on the trading block, and already have someone asking me what I want for him. I may just move him. Seriously, about 7 teams have a real shot at winning my league this year (including me), it’s that close, and the guy asking about Lester is currently ahead of me in the standings, but he is already strong in pitching points, so if I can steal some points from him in a deal, that may be the way to go. Plus, I have Halladay, so this may be just what I need to push me up the standings. All this plus hopefully getting Brandon Morrow back next month….

Fister or Bauer rest of season


In a non-keeper I’ll say Fister. I just feel that he’ll be the more consistent pitcher going forward. Plus, I wouldn’t be shocked if Bauer gets sent back down if he continues to walk the ballpark.


Just got offered deal…Give up Beltre and get Halladay.

I have Youkilis & Moustakas at 3B. I need to move a bat cuz they’re just sitting on bench. I have Crawford & Ellsbury coming back and no place to put them.

Rest of rotation: Lester, Lee, Scherzer, Dempster, nova, shields, bucholz, morales, fiers, milone (pod)

Thanks as always,

Take it, Halladay is well worth the 3rd base downgrade from Beltre to Youkilis


Yup, this makes a ton of sense for you.


Josh, keep Youk he’s warming up and hitting a ton, but that’s just my opinion

BTW, I also got offered a deal. Give up C.J. Wilson, Hamilton, and Matt Holliday for Adam Jones, Carlos Beltran, and Ryan Vogelsong

Aoki or Michael Saunders?


ROS I’ll say Saunders. I think he’ll match Aoki’s steals while putting up better power numbers.


Should I trade Jose bats for Cespedes and cliff lee

Update bats Alexi and Ruiz for yadier and Straus

I prefer Yadier/Straus.


If you’re in dire need for starting pitching, this isn’t a bad deal for you considering Bautista’s uncertain health status going forward. But if you already have a strong rotation, I’d risk the health and keep the best player in the deal, and that’s without question Bautista.


What are your thoughts about this trade; Ian Kinsler and Edwin Jackson for Bryce Harper and Trevor Cahill? I am presently using Neil Walker at 2nd and Kinsler at utility.Thanks.


In a non-keeper, I’d stick with Kinsler/Jackson. I’m not a big Cahill fan and Jackson to Cahill is a definite downgrade. As great as Harper is, Kinsler is a known commodity and an elite player. I’d hate to give him up in this particular deal.


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