Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, July 19


Jimenez @ Price – can’t trust Ubaldo

Williams @ Scherzer

W. Chen @ De Vries

King Felix @ Hochevar – cant trust Hochevar

Quintana @ Buchholz – Quintana is over his head, but roll with it

F. Garcia @ Griffin – tough matchup for Griffin but the results have been impressive so far

Bumgarner @ T. Hudson

Saunders @ Leake

Dickey @ Gonzalez – sweet!

Buehrle @ MaholmMaholm is a roll but do you trust him?

Harrell @ Volquez – I don’t trust Volquez, period


Somebody just cut Hosmer in my 12 team vanilla league. I’m pretty set at first with Goldschmidt, Morales, and Berkman now back, and Hosmer has been pretty terrible (.225/9/40). Should I pick him up and expect a rebound, maybe flip him for someone else in a position of need?


Can’t hurt if you’ve got the roster room. After all, you’re getting him for free!


Which would be the better trade for me? I give up CJ Wilson for Paul Kernerko and Jordan Zimmerman or give up CJ Wilson for Youk and Matt Moore? Thanks.


The first one, without question. Of those four players, Konerko and Zimmermann are the two safest ones.


Hey man. I’m in a 12 team H2H.

Should I pick up:
Buchholz vs. CWS,
Leake vs. ARI,
W. Chen at MIN?

Thoughts would be appreciated. I’m about to finally drop Romero. I cannot wait! Thanks!


I’d go with Leake. He’s been lights out of late and the CWS lineup scares me more than the ARI lineup. The Twins have also been hitting pretty well this month.


No trust in harrell? He seems like a good matchup tonight against a bad team and his high strikeout potential.


The Pads are fresh off a pounding of Wandy and Harrell’s simply been too inconsistent. In a 12-team mixed, he’s a ditch IMO.


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