Pitch or Ditch for Friday, July 20


M. Gonzalez @ Lowe

Peavy @ Verlander

Iwakuma @ Shields – time to get worried about Shields?

Laffey @ Beckett

Blackburn @ Hochevar

Nova @ Milone – have to roll with Milone at home

Holland @ Weaver

Hanson @ Strasburg – tasty

Nolasco @ Correia – could be 2-1, could be 9-7

Lincecum @ Worley – have to roll with Lincecum

Harang @ J. Santana

Estrada @ Bailey – Bailey’s home/away splits are the anti-Richard

Dempster @ Lohse – keep cashing the checks as long as Lohse is writing them…

Norris @ Cahill

Pomeranz @ Marquis


Drop Luke Scott for Cody Ross?

I would with D. Ortiz out and C. Ross in that lineup and hot at the moment. When/if Longoria returns he could be splitting time between DH and 3rd base lowering L.Scott’s value. IMO.


They’re very similar players but sure. Ross should hit for the higher AVG, which gives him the slight edge.


And yes, WisBrave makes a good point about the PT. Also, Scott usually sits versus lefties.


Is holland back to form? I am kind of scared tonight. Although I was scared to start Fister against the Angels but took your advice and it paid off.


I might play it safe and bench Holland. The Angels rank 4th in the Majors in runs scored in July and keep in mind that Holland’s last three starts were very favorable matchups…@OAK, vs. MIN and @SEA.


Should I sit Homer bailey and Cahill?


See above. That’s what this post is for!


I was offered J.Verlander and A.Gorden for M. Trout and R.Soriano. I was thinking of countering with the same Proposal except replacing A. Gordan with C.Hart since I still need the HR production. Or J.Verlander, C.Hart, and D.Robinson for M.Trout, R.Soriano and I.Suzuki/A.Pagan Right now I have 27 more saves and 24 more stolen bases than any body else. Your thoughts?

Thanks guys!


I’d pass on either of those trades. Verlander is great but Trout has been arguably the #1 player in fantasy baseball since his callup. And Soriano has been lights out since moving to the closer role. I think you’re giving up a bit too much here.


Luke Hochevar has been a nightmare to own this season. Sometimes the pitch-or-ditch gods are simply unfair.

Side note: Sorry to hear you’re rolling back the podcasts, but they’re still as good as ever. I started listening way back in ’05 and you guys are still rocking it. Nice work, gents.

Hey Zach,
I hope you have a good weekend planned for yourself. Ok, someone just let Swisher go. I’m considering dumping Pagan to pick up Swisher for the ROS in a 10 team, H2H, mixed league. My OF would then be Kemp, Rios, Granderson, Swisher, and Allen Craig. Thoughts?
Rich D.


Pagan and Swisher are fairly close in value in my mind, so if Swisher’s HR and RBI production would be more beneficial to you than Pagan’s steals, I’m fine with this move.


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