Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, July 21-23

Zach McAllister



Darvish @ Big Erv – Santana too erratic to trust vs. top-tier lineup.

Sale @ Porcello

Tillman @ McAllister – McAllister 3 ER or less in each of his last six starts.

Villanueva @ Cook – Villanueva pitching well but I’m not risking it at Fenway.

Diamond @ Mendoza

Vargas @ Cobb – Vargas on a roll.

Hughes @ Parker – I’ll risk it with Parker at home.

Sheets @ Jackson (Gm 1 of doubleheader)

Delgado @ Lannan  (Gm 2 of doubleheader)

Capuano @ Batista

Cain @ Hamels

Zambrano @ Burnett – I could regret trusting Big Z though.

Gallardo @ Arroyo – Bronson has pitched well vs. MIL this year (2.51 ERA).

Garza @ Westbrook – Rolling the dice on Westbrook in mixed leagues with 12+ teams.

TBD (HOU) @ Miley

Francis @ K. Wells


Humber @ Turner

Alvarez @ Lester – Only thing preventing me from sitting Lester is that Joey Bats won’t be in the TOR lineup.

Beavan @ Moore – Fed up with Moore as well and SEA hits on the road.

Deduno @ Teaford

Britton @ Tomlin

Sabathia @ Colon – Colon too prone to disaster outings to trust here.

Harrison @ Haren – I’m sitting Haren in what would be his first start back from DL.

Eovaldi @ Niese

Fiers @ Cueto

Jurrjens @ Detwiler – I’ve lost all faith in Jurrjens after his latest start. Detwiler not a bad play in deeper formats.

Zito @ Blanton – This could be 3-2 or 9-8. In 12-team mixed leagues, I’ll pass.

An. Sanchez @ Karstens

Wood @ Lynn – I like Wood but not in love with this matchup.

Friedrich @ Ohlendorf

Lyles @ Collmenter


Hunter @ Masterson

Doubront @ Oswalt – Disaster alert for Doubront and risk outweighs the reward with Oswalt.

Liriano @ Floyd – Although I like Liriano in a weekly league as a two-start pitcher, in a daily league I’d sit him for this one.

B. Chen @ Wilson

Kuroda @ Millwood

Wolf @ Halladay

Samardzija @ Bedard – Samardzija on fire in July. Still skeptical about Bedard.

Zimmermann @ Young

Minor @ Johnson

Latos @ Wandy – Giving both a mulligan for their most recent starts.

Billingsley @ Kelly

J. Sanchez @ Kennedy

Richard @ Vogelsong – Richard no longer just a start at home guy.


It’s official. Jon Lester has been elected President and CEO of Club DTM.

Can’t agree more, Greg!



There are 4 weeks left in my Leauge and then playoffs start.With Santana in the 15 DL when he returns do you think he will be more consistent that the following pitchers:

Francisco Liriano,BenSheets or Doug Fister

…or Should I think of droping Santana for any of the three?



When Johan is healthy, I do like him over any of those other pitchers, but if you don’t have an available DL spot, dropping him for Fister (he would be my choice) is a pretty good idea. At this point in the season in a H2H league, you can’t just wait around for guys who might help you to return from the DL at the expense of healthy alternatives.


thoughts……drop Logan Morrison for L Cain?


I’ll take Cain. I just feel that he has more upside since at this point in the season we pretty much know what Morrison will bring to the table. And it’s nothing special. On the other hand, I’m eager to see what a healthy Cain can do from here on out.


U buying fiers that’s another quality start


He’s still a pitch or ditch guy but I wouldn’t mind using him for his next start at home vs. the Nats.


Who to pick up: Volquez, Bailey, McAllister, Fister, Arroyo, Burnett, Parker

Or is Matt Harvey even someone I should consider?


Play the matchups. My top three would be Fister, Burnett and Parker but all of those are quality options and I’m very surprised that they are available, particularly these three.


Hey Zach–
My 10-player keeper league vetoed me trading Paul Konerko, Josh WIllingham, and Casey Janssen for an injured Joey Votto. NO malice was involved, I simply struck when the price was right. I was wondering if you could offer your comments on the issue.

Thank you,


That’s totally not a vetoable deal. I wouldn’t even veto it if Votto were healthy. Jansen has as much job security as any closer in the game right now and Konerko is a pretty solid replacement for Votto. I’d be very annoyed if I were you:-)


Thank you for your support! I have submitted a formal appeal to my commissioner and have cited you for your statements. If this deal went through, I’d be going into the next season with Braun, McCutcheon, Trout, Longoria, and Votto. I’m pretty sure that was the reason for the veto :-\

Got offered J Montero($1) and Howard(5) for my Gallardo(23) in a five year keeper. I don’t mind the deal seeing I’m in last place and I don’t plan on keeping Gallardo. The only question is how do you see Montero as cheap keeper in the next five years?


I love this deal for you. There’s absolutely no risk involved and considering his inconsistency this season, there’s no way I’d keep Gallardo at that price. Montero doesn’t really have to do anything to be worth $1 next year, and my guess is that he’ll do something.


Hey Zach,

Got offered A-Gon and Lynn for BJ Upton and Bumgarner. It seems a fair trade and I am really looking for R, HR, and RBI. so it comes down to who gives me the better remainder of the season between A-gon and Upton. A-gon seems to be heating up. Thoughts?



A totally fair trade and I’m with you that it’s worth the gamble. I’m a huge Bumgarner fan but Lynn seems to be back on track and A-Gon is red hot.


Thanks Zach. Also got the offer of hamilton for Darvish. Hamilton has been struggling for the past month but expect him to turn it around. Fair assumption?

Yes. There’s always injury risk with Hamilton, but when he’s healthy the numbers will be there in the end. Acquiring an elite bat for a very good pitcher but a pitcher with durability concerns sounds like a nice deal to me!


How do you feel about picking up Mariano Rivera in a keeper league? Thinking about picking him up then selling him sometime in the middle of next year.


Depends on what type of keeper league it is and how many keepers you’re allowed, but if you have the roster room I’m not opposed to that idea. But be sure to weigh the pros and cons of using a roster spot for a guy who won’t help you this year at the expense of a player who could contribute towards winning your league. It’s a decision that mostly depends on your individual situation.


Danny Espinosa or JJ Hardy @ SS? Which do you prefer? ROS?


I like Espinosa. He offers both power and speed and although his AVG is mediocre, Hardy’s AVG is awful. If Hardy isn’t hitting homers, his value is miniscule.


well what is your take on Worley? Kind of been hit hard past few starts….although I have Parker and usually dont take two starters from the same team Milone is available and some just dropped J Lester? Wondering if lester will turn it around…like when I dropped Lincecum and his last 2 starts of course have been better……should I just stick with Worley…Hughes is also available….


I think I’d stick with Worley for at least one more start. I like the idea of picking up Hughes but his next start is @BOS, so I’m not sure that now is the right time to make that move.


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