Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, July 25


Blackburn @ Peavy
Hochevar @ Weaver
Nova @ Iwakuma
Scherzer @ Lowe
Price @ M. Gonzalez – Gonzalez has been solid and Tampa struggles vs. righties
Griffin @ Romero – have to trust A.J. after his outstanding work so far
Beckett @ Holland – play it safe and ditch Dutch
Strasburg @ Hefner
Dempster @ Correia assuming Dempster makes the start…
Hanson @ Nolasco – Nolasco DTM
Estrada @ Worley – Worley struggles at home and 2 blowups in last 4… playing it safe here
Marquis @ Lincecum
Bailey @ Norris – Norris excellent at home and Reds are righty-heavy…
Harang @ Lohse – roll with it
Francis @ Cahill


Why no love for Correia?

Hi 411, how does Anibal Sanchez going to Detroit affect his fantasy value? It’s good that he’s going to a big ballpark, but how do you think he’ll fare pitching in the AL?


I’m always a little worried when longtime NL pitchers move to the AL, so if anything I feel that Anibal’s move to Detroit hurts his value. Sure, his win potential increases but I think the ERA, WHIP and K rate will take a hit now that he’ll be facing tougher lineups and lineups with the DH. I still consider Anibal as a quality #3 or #4 guy in mixed leagues, but his upside is definitely more limited than it was when he was pitching in the NL East.


I got offered Jose Altuve, Josh Reddick, and Jonathan Papelbon for Aaron Hill, Allen Craig, and Tommy Milone, thoughts? (20 team league, no real bad stat problems currently)

Jon from Texas


Yeah, I’d make that trade if for no other reason than you’re getting a high-end closer in Papelbon and selling high on both Hill and Milone. I think Hill to Altuve will in the end turn out to be no worse than a small downgrade. Craig to Reddick is an upgrade in my mind, so then you’re trading Milone for Papelbon. I’ll sign up for that any day!


no trust in romero for this one? I read he has good career numbers vs oakland.


Not a bad start to gamble on him BUT I’ve been so patient with Ricky Ro that I’m really at my breaking point. I’m more inclined to sit this one out and see if he can get back on track. He’s been flat out awful this year regardless of the matchup.


I’m trying to keep my innings down and also trying to get more points for fantasy in a roto league, Estrada or Lohse


If you’re looking for K’s, Estrada is the better option, but Lohse is the safer pick as he’s been so consistent all year. He also has the more extensive track record. Personally, he would be my choice.


Keeper league, who would you prefer long term Darvish or Josh Johnson?


I’ll say Darvish, and a lot of it has to do with Johnson being a huge injury risk going forward. In a keeper league, I wouldn’t be overly eager to own him.


Who do you think the Yankees will get to cover 3rd for 6-7 weeks?


Well, the latest rumor is Chase Headley. I do expect some sort of trade as I just don’t see the Yankees going with a platoon of Chavez, Nix and Ramiro Pena for two months. I’d be shocked if they don’t further address 3B before the deadline.


I have been using an additional pitcher spot for PoD since Heath Bell got demoted. I currently have W Chen in there. Should I drop him for any potential closer on this list or sit tight with Chen and the PoD starts: Betancourt, Marmol, Reed, Bell, Chisek, or Cordero. There are a few others but you get the idea, not the safest choices.

Mr. Michael,

Depends on where you stand in saves but how in the world are Betancourt and Reed available? They shouldn’t be on waivers in pretty much any league. I’d definitely make room for those two in particular.


I’m in a H2H league. Reed just went on waivers after the Myers trade. The only room I can really make would be cutting Chen or Leake. They have Oak and SD respectively so if I were to cut one I would pick up Betancourt I guess? My other closers are Aceves and Motte

Since it’s an H2H league, I might just stand pat for now and gamble that at least one of those two closers doesn’t get picked up before Chen and Leake make their next starts. I do like those matchups and would be reluctant to give those up.


How do you feel about dropping Anthony Rizzo and picking up Hosmer?


Hosmer is really picking it up of late and considering what he did last year, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a huge second half. I’m fine with that move as at least Hosmer has an MLB track record that is longer than a few weeks.


Which side do you prefer of this deal?
Side 1:Bautista, Dempster, Vogelsong
Side 2: Pedroia, Cliff Lee, Brad Lincoln


Side 1, and it’s not even close considering Pedroia’s injury woes and Lee’s un-ace like pitching.


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