Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, July 26


Shields @ Tillman – Rays struggle vs. RHP

Milone @ Laffey – still not sure I trust Milone on the road vs. a good offense

Verlander @ McAllister

Mendoza @ Vargas

Capuano @ Westbrook – Dodgers are building a real offense but Westbrook is having a good year

Burnett @ Keuchel

Jackson @ Gallardo

Harvey @ Miley – sit out Harvey’s MLB debut in tough environment



Does Cory just not like Vargas? You said pitch last week @TB and he’s now saying ditch home vs KC after 6 scoreless last outing. Does not compute…

Also, would you pick up Harvey and stash in a 10tm H2H with shallow pitching on waiver? 12tm H2H?

Thanks as always!


Personally, I wouldn’t bother with Harvey in mixed leagues with 12 teams or fewer. He has a very tough opening matchup so let’s see how he does and take it from there. I have a hard time believing that there aren’t better waiver wire options. Keep in mind that Harvey isn’t rated at the same level as Trevor Bauer and look what happened to him!


Touche, thanks! And Vargas? Would you say pitch here to Cory’s ditch?

Yeah, I’m not sure it was an oversight on Cory’s part but I’d pitch.


Pitch McAllister at home against Verlander. Today is my bday, if McAllister blows up I will be none too happy.



If you want to play it safe and bench McAllister to ensure that you won’t be depressed on your birthday, I’m fine with that. Pitching him here is a little risky so it depends on your tolerance level.


Should have listened to you about Romero…I don’t even want to have him on bench anymore.


Yep. He’s officially DTM in my book. He’s been so awful that I wouldn’t even pitch him for his upcoming two-start week @SEA and @OAK. Who would’ve thunk it?


Would you trade David Freese straight up for Hanley?


That’s a good one! I think Hanley will benefit from the change of scenery and he sure has gotten off to a great start. I’d make that trade. It’s medium risk as Freese is a very solid player, but high reward.


would you trade Asdrubal and Beltre for Hanley and Adrian Gonzalez

Hey Zach,
Jason Kubel or Angel Pagan for ROS in a 10T, H2H, mixed? I know I’m losing stolen bases but I like the production in all other categories. It would leave my OF: Kemp, Granderson, Rios, Kubel, Craig.
Rich D.


I like Kubel. He simply offers more in a H2H league where steals tend to be devalued. I’ve always been a fan of his and it looks like he’s well on his way towards a career year.


Trade Talk~ I need pitching, so would it be an ok idea to offer I. Kinsler for Z. Grenkie? I have B. Phillips to take over second base. Or should i put him on the trading block and see what they throw at me?


I wouldn’t make that trade. Greinke hasn’t shown ace-like consistency this year and considering his well-documented anxiety issues, who knows how he’ll adapt to a new environment in the likely event that he gets traded in the next week, especially if his new team is in a large market. If you’re going to trade Kinsler, you better be getting a Kershaw or a Verlander. Greinke is a step below those guys. I’m OK with the idea of dangling Phillips instead for a lesser pitcher.


I’m thinking of trading Kinsler for Jordan Zimmerman and Niese because I need pitchers. I also have Neil Walker at 2nd base. what are your thoughts?


I don’t like it. Kinsler is an elite player and Zimmermann and Niese are good but not elite players. I’d sooner keep Kinsler and pitch or ditch. No need to trade a first or second rounder for two mid-rounders.


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