Pitch or Ditch for Friday, July 27


Cook @ Hughes – Cook has 3 K’s in 36.0 IP… recipe for disaster

Parker @ Britton

Porcello @ Villanueva

Sale @ Darvish

Tomlin @ Diamond

Cobb @ Haren – Haren looked 100% better last time out

Guthrie @ Beavan – Beavan worth a look in deep/AL-only leagues

Lynn @ Wood

K. Wells @ Zambrano

Hamels @ Sheets

Karstens @ Lyles – yes, that is a “pitch” on Karstens

Detwiler @ Fiers

Arroyo @ Pomeranz

Niese @ Collmenter

TBD (LAD) @ Cain


Thinking of dropping Colby Rasmus for Starling Castro?

Thats Marte not Castro… my bad.

Really? After one game? Rasmus is among the top OF producers this year – I have ben trying to trade for him myself. Jumping the gun, if you ask me. Marte might be worth an add if you have room


I’m with Mike on this. Rasmus is slumping of late but he still has 17 homers and 60 RBIs. I’m all for picking up Marte for someone else and starting him over Rasmus at least for the time being. Dropping Rasmus outright for a guy with just one MLB game under his belt is going overboard.


Its not the one game I’m impressed with, its everything else the kid has been doing, im fully aware of Rasmus’ numbers just trying to stay ahead of the game. Marte is young and impressive and would have only been overboard if i actually did it and not just ask the Q

The one person i could drop for him would be my backup catcher Yasmani Grandal. I use him to fill Yadier Molinas’ place when he sits. Im setting in 1st place as of now in a very close league so im trying not to make crazy moves. Thank you both for the info I really do appreciate all of it.

That’s a tough roster situation and I’m a big Grandal fan, but if those are really your only two options, I think I’d drop Grandal as Molina plays a lot compared to some other catchers. Not sure if the other teams in your league carry a backup catcher. If not, this decision is a little easier.


My team Y. Molina, Pujols, Kinsler, Han Ram, Alexi Ram, A. Jones. M. Bourn, M. Holliday, Cespedes, B. Phillips, C. Rasmus and Grandal. Pitching, Darvish, C. Hamels, J. Hanrahan, K. Jensen, J. Johnson, B. Parnell, B. Sheets, H. Bailey, A.J. Burnett, D. Holland. Should i just stay put with what i have? and my apologies for the back and forth. I just like the kid and need to be talked down i guess!!

Hey Big Z, thinking I need a short-term replacement for Wieters till he busts outta this slump. Looking at Salty, J Montero, or even Lucroy now he’s back. It’s my 10 OBP keeper league, which do you like the most? I’d go Jesus as a pure hitter, but that whole offensive environment in Seattle is really weighing him down, though that said he has been pretty hot lately at least with hits (not homers).


I like LuCroy as he’s the most well-rounded of that group. Salty’s AVG is a killer and Montero has just been too inconsistent. LuCroy is the safest choice in my mind.


Good morning Zach,
Which trade do you prefer? In both examples, I would be giving the first player. 1.) Chris Sale to get Andrew McCutcheon OR 2.) Tim Lincecum to get Austin Jackson. I prefer #2. Thoughts?
Have a good weekend, bro.
Rich D.


I actually prefer #1. McCutchen is the far superior hitter to Jackson and although Sale beats out Lincecum, he hasn’t been quite as dominant of late. And considering this is his first season as an MLB starter, it remains to be seen if his production will fall off as the innings pile up. McCutchen is the clear cut best player of the four and he’s a hitter. You know how much we prefer hitters to starting pitchers!


Absolutely, Zach, agreed. You make an excellent case for #1. Thanks for the advice.

Would you trade Ryan Howard for Wandry Rodriguez? 10T, H2H… currently in 8th place with Tulo and Longo on the DL.. I also received an offer for Tulowitzki, the guy is offering Matt Latos for Tulo, should I trade or ask for more for my first pick?? even though we dont know if he will be back next season…
C Brian McCann
1B Mark Teixeira
2B Brandon Phillips
3B Will Middlebrooks
SS Kyle Seager
IF Robinson Canó
OF Hunter Pence
OF Andre Ethier
OF Adam Dunn
Util Aaron Hill
BN Nelson Cruz
BN Ryan Howard
Troy Tulowitzki
DL Evan Longoria

SP Ian Kennedy
SP James McDonald
SP Adam Wainwright
SP Ryan Dempster
RP Scott Downs
RP Tyler Clippard
P Ernesto Frieri
P Addison Reed
P Bobby Parnell
P Francisco Rodríguez
BN Josh Johnson
BN Jordan Zimmermann
BN Chris Sale



I just don’t see the point of these trades as your team is crazy deep already but yeah, I don’t have a huge issue with the Howard for Wandy deal considering your stacked offense. I’d probably hold onto Tulo though. There’s a chance he won’t return this year but he’s such a difference maker that he’s worth keeping just in case he gives you something for the stretch run.


Thanks Zach,
The reason for those trades in because I am trying to get in the playoffs (top 6 teams) and my team is not performing the way it should be even though it looks like I’m “crazy deep”. I will take your advice and keep Tulo just in case he comes back and I make the playoffs. My concern is with my OF, (specially with Pence and Cruz) should I trade one of them for Latos or should I just trade Howard for Wandy Rodriguez and keep Cruz and Pence? Thanks man!

I’d hold onto those OFs. Cruz’s trade value isn’t quite as high as it could be and Pence, though streaky, always manages to finish with strong numbers, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a hot stretch is right around the corner.


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