Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, July 31


Tillman @ Nova

Verlander @ Beckett

Weaver @ Holland – Holland has been very erratic, especially at home… proceed with caution

Liriano @ Blackburn – good matchup for Liriano’s ChiSox debut

Lowe @ Hochevar – play the over!

Shields @ Milone – Milone is a must-start at home

Laffey @ Vargas – Vargas is a strong home play too

Lee @ Strasburg

Nolasco @ Medlen – watch Medlen but don’t start yet

Marquis @ Bailey – Bailey better on the road, but on fire overall

Burnett @ Dempster

Keuchel @ Gallardo

Lohse @ Francis – yes, even in Coors

Miley @ Capuano

Harvey @ Lincecum


Will be interesting to see if Vargas makes his start tomorrow or if he’s traded before the deadline.

Just got this trade offer: Give: Dan Haren, Get: Anibal Sanchez. What are your thoughts? Maybe a couple weeks ago I would have said yes, but Haren is starting to heat up again.



An interesting challenge trade. I’d pass. I’m a big Anibal fan but I’m concerned that he won’t be as effective now that he’s in the AL. We all know that Haren can dominate in the AL and his last two starts have been encouraging. Stick with him.


Hey Big Z, Im still top in my 10 team keeper and looking to make a splash to consolidate my place in the standings, and more importantly my pitching staff. Question is can I trust Mat Latos enough to do this deal? Would be giving up Nck Castellanos for Latos to a seller. My staff’s currently: Bum, NatGio, Cain, Adverb, Garza, Sheets, E-Jax, but could use some work particularly in the ERA front. Could Latos be enough of a difference maker?

Latos is $15 for next year so wouldn’t be worth keeping, so he’d be just a one year rental, but could push me over the top.


As much as I’ve been encouraged by Latos’ recent pitching, in a 10-team mixed I’m not sure that it’s worth it to make this trade. Your pitching seems to be very strong as is, and it’s not out of the question to think that you can use the wire to compile similar stats to Latos. Why give up an attractive prospect for a guy who’s no sure thing and who you might not really need?


Pence for Halladay, who wins? or, CC and Michael Brantley for Cargo?


I prefer the Car-Go trade. Not sold on Halladay pitching like the old Halladay from here on out and am almost always in favor of trading pitching for hitting, not the other way around.


Trade Pagan for Viciedo ?


If you can afford to lose Pagan’s speed, it’s not a bad trade, but I’d lean towards passing. Pagan simply has more of a track record than Viciedo…less of an unknown.


are there any sleepers for call ups soon? i play in a 20 team league with 37 players per team so players are scarce to come by any thoughts would be helpful?


Sounds like a crazy league! Brett Jackson of the Cubs could get called up at some point in the next month but I doubt he’s available in your league. 740 players owned…wow.


i need to add a SP. Sheets or Diamond ?


I like Sheets. More upside, particularly in the K department.


Hi Zach, I’m holding on to a slim lead in a 12 team 7 keeper league, and one of the teams lower in the standings has made Bryce Harper available, for a keeper infielder. How should I weigh giving up short term production for future keeper value? I’m not going to give up Robinson Cano or Adrian Beltre, but I am considering offering Konerko and maybe another piece. (For reference, current OF is Willingham, Pence, Alex Gordon, and Dexter Fowler)


Konerko and a throw-in for Harper would be a very good trade for you in a keeper. Remember that with Harper it’s not just about the future. He’ll give you value this year too, so don’t just think of him as a long-term prospect.


Hey Zach, who do you like ROS for util spot, 10 team h2h? J. Montero, L. Cain, I. Davis. What do you think Ike’s avg is the rest of the way? Thanks!


Davis carries the most power upside but his AVG is such a burden (and he’s given us no indication that he will make immediate improvement in that area) that I think I’d go with Cain. He’s the most complete player in my mind.


Is this a good trade for me? Kinsler for Bumgarden? I currently have Neil Walker at 2nd base and am in need of pitchers. I am using Kinsler at utility. Thanks.


On paper, I’m not in love with this deal but considering that Walker is a pretty solid 2B, I’m not opposed to it. That said, I’m curious as to how much you really “need pitchers.” A lot of times, you will be able to address this need through the wire. You’re not going to get an ace like Bumgarner but you also won’t need to give up an elite hitter like Kinsler.


Would adding Domonic Brown and dropping Mike Napoli benefit me of should I stay away from Brown

Roto league


I wouldn’t stay away from Brown but I also wouldn’t drop Napoli for him. I have a feeling that you have a better drop candidate.


Hey zack, do you think I should accept this trade, I get Josh reddick and Chris sale for Madison bumgarner. Thanks


If Reddick would be a clear OF upgrade for you, I’m fine with this, even though I’m concerned that a stat correction is in store for Sale. Coming off two straight starts of 5 ER, it seems like it’s already underway. He should be good enough though to make this trade worth it if your OF is really struggling.


Brett Wallace has been recalled for Houston and is supposedly being given full opportunity to succeed. His lack of power has been disappointing in the past, but at times he seems like he could fill some other categories in fantasy. Do you think he is someone that will be surprise player the rest of this season? I would probably need to use him in my IF position, which would mean possibly dropping Mike “underwhelming” Aviles, Chris “smoke and mirrors” Davis, or Pedro “the clock is ticking” Ciriaco. Thanks.


I wouldn’t really go out of my way to get Wallace. The improved power so far and solid AVG are encouraging, but an 18/3 K/BB ratio is scary. I’d hold onto the guys you have. I’m not convinced that Wallace can be a consistent producer in 2012.


one more for ya Zach…..I need an OF. Chris Davis or Dayan Viciedo ?


I’ll say Viciedo. He’s putting up similar power numbers to Davis but the key here is that I’m more confident in Viciedo maintaining or even improving upon his current AVG than I am in Davis avoiding mega-slumps.


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