July 2012

Pitch or Ditch for Friday-Sunday, July 6-8



J. Sanchez @ Smyly – Can’t trust Smyly right now.

Cobb @ Masterson – Masterson’s on a roll and has a 2.73 ERA at home.

Kuroda @ Beckett – Time for Hiroki to face the big boys!

Liriano @ Perez

Laffey @ Peavy

TBD (BAL) @ Wilson

Millwood @ Milone – Milone + Home = Pitch

Hudson @ Kendrick

Pomeranz @ Strasburg

Zito @ Bedard – One of the rare times I’ll pitch Zito. Feel free to sit Bedard but I’m giving him one last chance since it’s a favorable matchup.

Wood @ J. Santana – Going for it on Wood.

Gallardo @ Happ

Nolasco @ Westbrook – This could be 3-2 or 10-9. Pass.

Kershaw @ Collmenter

Arroyo @ K. Wells – Arroyo’s actually been better at home than on the road but this is a matchup you can’t pass up.


Hughes @ Morales  (Gm 1 of doubleheader) – I like both but have a feeling that this game will be a slugfest. Playing it safe.

F. Garcia @ Doubront  (Gm 2 of doubleheader) – See above, except for the part about liking both. Freddy isn’t even PoD material.

B. Chen @ Fister

Romero @ Floyd – First time I’m saying ditch on Romero all year. It seems so obvious to ditch him that he’ll probably throw a shutout!

Moore @ Jimenez – Close your eyes and hope for the best with Ubaldo. This guy is so aggravating.

De Vries @ Holland – Nice matchup awaiting Holland in his return from DL.

Hammel @ Weaver

Vargas @ Parker – Love em both.

Greinke @ Wandy

Francis @ Gonzalez

Vogelsong @ McDonald

Samardzija @ Gee – Samardzija’s been awful on the road (5.63 ERA) and got roughed up by the Mets once already this year. Ditch.

Zambrano @ Lohse – I don’t trust Big Z in tough matchups.

Hanson @ Blanton – Blanton’s hot but I’m not buying it.

Bailey @ Richard – PoD delight!

Billingsley @ Cahill – Billingsley a tough call but career numbers at Chase Field are pretty good: 7-2, 3.50 ERA.


Shields @ McAllister – I don’t have as much faith in McAllister as Cory does and TB offense is far from weak.

Teaford @ Scherzer

Cecil @ TBD (CWS)

W. Chen @ Haren – Never thought I’d be ditching Haren but he’s done nothing to earn back my confidence.

King Felix @ Colon – Colon not a bad option but M’s hit well on the road.

Blackburn @ Oswalt – Pitching Roy is risky but Twins’ lineup is a lot less scary than Tigers or White Sox.

Nova @ Lester – Who knows what will happen here but I’ll pitch both.

TBD (CHC) @ Niese

Guthrie @ Zimmermann

Jurrjens @ Worley – Jair has earned it.

Lincecum @ Burnett – Seriously, if Lincecum can’t pitch well here I give up!

Estrada @ Lyles – Estrada worth a shot vs. El Caballo-less Astros.

An. Sanchez @ Kelly

Cueto @ Ohlendorf

Capuano @ Bauer – Need to see something positive from Bauer before I can trot him out there again.

Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, July 5


Diamond @ Porcello – Porcello not a bad gamble in deeper leagues but I’m just not a fan.

Harrison @ Quintana

Hellickson @ Tomlin

Hochevar @ Alvarez – Alvarez makes me a little nervous though as KC lineup is no slouch.

Arrieta @ Richards

Buehrle @ Fiers

Norris @ Karstens – If Norris doesn’t pitch well here, something is wrong.

Cain @ Detwiler

Garza @ Minor

Hamels @ Dickey

Friedrich @ Lynn

Eovaldi @ Miley

Latos @ Volquez – Feel free to sit the erratic Edinson but he’s at home so I’ll take a shot.

Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, July 4


Phelps @ Price

Big Erv @ Lowe – Cleveland doesn’t score much at home

Morales @ Griffin – gotta roll with Griffin

Tillman @ Noesi – Noesi is high risk/high reward, go with need

Duensing @ Verlander

Mendoza @ Villanueva

Feldman @ Axelrod

Bumgarner @ Jackson

Lee @ Young – hang with ‘em on Clifford

Keuchel @ Correia

Johnson @ Wolf

Maholm @ Delgado – Delgado too inconsistent to trust

Guthrie @ Wainwright – hang with ‘em on Waino

Leake @ Harang – Leake on a nice roll, Dodgers notsomuch

Marquis @ Kennedy

Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, July 3


Haren @ McAllister – tough matchup but I’m bullish on McAllister

Blackburn @ Scherzer

Mazzaro @ Cecil

Nova @ Shields

Oswalt @ Sale

Lester @ Colon – give Colon a pass on this one

W. Chen @ King Felix

An. Sanchez @ Estrada – Marlins are next-to-last in MLB in road OPS

Lincecum @ Zimmermann – is Tim “back”? Good test to find out

Harrell @ Burnett – Harrell is rolling but so is the Buccos offense!

Volstad @ Jurrjens – Jurrjens looks sharp since his recall

Worley @ Niese

Francis @ Kelly

Cashner @ Bauer – must-see matchup of the night

Cueto @ Capuano