Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, August 2


Deduno @ Lester – hang with ‘em

Wilson @ Dempster – tough Rangers debut for Dempster but 2.25 ERA says pitch

Kluber @ Guthrie

Alvarez @ Colon

Ohlendorf @ Cueto

Young @ Zito

Hamels @ Detwiler – Detwiler keeps getting it done

Eovaldi @ Minor – Minor suddenly en fuego

Lynn @ Friedrichyes, even in Coors


Will Betancourt still be safe as the closer in Colorado? And is Starling Marte a pickup in every format? Carlos Gomez, Crisp, and Span are on the wire as well. Need to get rid of Pagan and speed is a must for a replacement but I wasn’t sure if the playing time would be there.

Ruggiano is also available.


Yep, Betancourt is as safe as they come right now. The only way he loses the closer job is if he gets hurt. And yes, Marte should be picked up in just about every format. He will play.


Lester or Cueto, trying to keep my innings down but I need points (roto league)


Let’s see…one guy has been one of the best pitchers in baseball this year while the other has been a colossal disappointment. I think I’ll go with Cueto:-)


Thanks just wondering because I know Minnesota isn’t great but Lester has been terrible and he had a good start his last time out, if he has a good start tomorrow do I ditch him against good teams still?

Yeah, Lester has some work to do before I can trust him vs. the upper echelon offenses. I’d like to see 1-2 more strong outings from him.


Also, Should I add Trevor Plouffe when he gets activated from the DL? Will he have the same power and should I drop Mike Napoli?

It all depends on who you’re dropping and picking up to make those moves but I still believe in Napoli. Not sold on Plouffe.

Hi, Zach!
Simple premise. Tough decision. Who would you prefer in a keeper league (no salaries, keep your best five): AGone or E5?
Dave in Delaware

Hey Dave!

I know a lot of people might disagree with me but I’m a stickler for track record and as outstanding of a season as E5 is having, Gonzalez’s body of work and still young age suggests that his loss of power this year is an aberration as opposed to a sign of decline. E5’s breakout might be for real but it might not. The bottom line is that in a straight keeper, the chance that E5 doesn’t earn top-5 round value next year is greater than the chance Gonzalez doesn’t bounce back and re-emerge as a clear-cut top-5 rounder.


Am I crazy to think of benching Dempster today?? In a 15 team points league where disaster starts hurt a lot because of innings limits. Is it bananas to think that Dempster in Texas vs LAA today is riskier than Samardzija @LAD tomorrow?

mike olt or chris carter, non keeper, 14 team league


That’s a tough one but I’m going to say Carter. He’s gotten off to a very strong start with the A’s and you know he’ll play every day. The same cannot be said for Olt. He’ll get his ABs but he does face a bit of a playing time crunch. Not to mention that we haven’t seen Olt play yet. If I had to make the decision today, I’d choose Carter.


Thanks, Zach! Great news! I didn’t have to make that decision in the end. We reworked the deal and I got Miggy Cabrera and dealt Gonzalez. I daresay that Miggy is a better keeper than either AGone or E5. It was fun to consider, though.
Dave in Delaware

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