Updated PoD Category Chart (8/1)

Hey everyone,

What better way to kick off the post-trade deadline phase of the season than to update our Pitch or Ditch chart.

Pitch or Ditch Category Chart 8-1

A lot more demotions than promotions this time around as there has been a whole lot of lousy pitching of late. Hey, we even sent two guys to Club DTM!

Anyway, here are the changes we’ve made since the last version:


Sheets PoD to grad

McAllister PoD to grad


Beckett ace to grad

Shields ace to grad

Masterson grad to PoD

Worley grad to PoD

Norris grad to PoD

Jimenez PoD to DTM

Nolasco PoD to DTM

                                                                                                                                                           And once again, a reminder as to how the chart works:

We’ve divided all of the current starting rotation pitchers in the Majors into five groups: Aces, Grads (pitchers who should not be dropped and can be started almost all the time), Pitch or Ditch (guys who you should be picking up to start in favorable matchups but do not deserve a regular roster spot), DTMs (guys who we are fed up with and would not start under any circumstances for the time being) and Indifferents (guys who we don’t feel any ill-will towards but who just aren’t that good). Keep in mind that these classifications are very much subject to change throughout the season depending on performance. We’ll be updating the chart every other week. Also, we are basing this on a standard 12-team mixed league.

All comments are welcome!



Hi Zach,
12 tm mixed. What do I do with Hosmer and Uggla? it doesn’t look like they’re improving on their season numbers. Any reason to keep them?



Maybe I’m crazy but I’d hold onto both unless you have a fantastic backup option or if there’s some outstanding player available on the waiver wire who you desperately need a roster spot for.


Hanson just went on dl and with Jose bats coming back relatively soon I want to get another pitcher am I giving up to much in this trade giving ethier Ruiz and Craig for sheets and yadier


I wouldn’t make that trade. I think you can get a safer SP than Sheets (both health-wise and production-wise) for Ethier, and Ruiz to Yadier isn’t enough of an upgrade at C to warrant trading away Ethier + Craig.


Thanks is you think reading hamelsfor willingham andKuroda is a good trade

Yeah, I’m not at all opposed to that if you’re in dire need for Willingham’s power.


Should i drop moustakas for chris johnson?


I wouldn’t. We’ve seen Johnson go on these kinds of tears before only to see him flame out completely. Over the final two months of the season, I’d still rather have Moustakas.


Z-Goose –

Thoughts on Feldman for ROS; or pick up AROD and stash for H2H pts league ROS? Thinking of AROD as insurance for playoff push (Insurance for Longoria return even)?



Yeah, I’d go ahead and pick up A-Rod to stash on your DL. There’s really no downside in making that move. Not a big believer in Feldman and wouldn’t go out of my way to pick him up.


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