Pitch or Ditch for Friday, August 3


Masterson @ An. Sanchez – Masterson too inconsistent to pitch, but don’t cut

Millwood @ Sabathia

Hunter @ Moore

Duensing @ Doubront

Greinke @ Humber

Harrison @ Guthrie

Cecil @ Blackley – some of the shine came off Blackley last time out

TBD (MIA) @ Lannan (Gm 1 of doubleheader)

Johnson @ G. Gonzalez (Gm 2 of doubleheader)

Kennedy @ Blanton

Wandy @ Latos – those in a tight ERA/WHIP race might bench Wandy, but don’t cut

Galarraga @ Hudson

Wolf @ Kelly – 7 straight QS for the Cards’ rookie

Vogelsong @ J. Sanchez

Dickey @ Richard

Samardzija @ Billingsley – Billingsley is a toss-up, play it safe if needed


Who would be better to pick up at 3rd; Chris Johnson or Todd Frazier? Of the 4, which 2 would be the better 1st base; Ike Davis, Adam Laroche, Chris Carter or Garrett Jones for home runs rbis, runs?. Thanks.


I’ll say Frazier. He’s hitting well of late and I’m concerned that the streaky Johnson is due for a mega-slump. Of the 1Bs, I’d go with LaRoche and Jones. I think that they have the best chance of maintaining a solid level of production.


Which player do like for the rest of the season? Omar Infante or Danny Espinosa (12 team league, no needs)

Jon from Texas


Infante. Less upside but won’t hurt you in any one category. Espinosa is an AVG killer.


Drop Cody Ross &/or Jeff Francoeur for either Ryan Ludwick, Ben Revere, or Starling Marte? Just state who for who, or the best options outta the three. 10 team league.


Yeah, I’d drop both Ross and Francoeur for Ludwick and Marte. If you need speed in particular, I’d pick up Revere and Marte.


you think I should insert Werth into the line up over Ike, Hosmer or Fowler…..do you think Aviles is a drop…..I dropped J Parker to make room for werth on my roster


Yeah, I’d swap in Werth for Ike. I probably would’ve hung onto Parker and dropped Aviles instead.


ps also have D Jennings and BJ Upton in my line up…they both worth starting over Werth?

Depends on if you need speed. If SBs is a weakness, yeah, I’d start either (probably Jennings over Upton) in place of Werth.


last one….my Of is Werth/ fowler/ jennings/ BJ/ Reddick/ Rasmus/ Cain….would you drop any of these for Marte(Pitt)

If I had to choose one to drop, it would be Cain. But I’d try to pick up Marte without dropping any of those OFs. Either way, Marte is a must pick-up.


Would adding Asdrubal Cabrera and dropping Brett Myers benefit me because Brett Myers isn’t closer, will that change any time soon?


Yeah, that would benefit you. I’m not expecting Myers’ role to change as long as Reed is healthy.


Okay thanks, one more question, if I do add him do I start him over J.J Hardy and make Hardy #2 utility guy and start him over Bonifacio and Napoli? Or keep Bonofacio and bench and try to trade Hardy

Should I use my waiver spot, I have the #1 waiver spot

Hey Zach, I asked you earlier about Util spot HR help that won’t kill my avg too much, 10 team h2h. I have Middlebrooks and L. Cain. On the wire that I see: Plouffe, Rosario, Ike Davis, R. Weeks, Hardy, Headley. Lots more but don’t want to bog you down too much with names. Not sure if the answers change if I know I’m going to make playoffs. Thanks!


I see Headley as the safest option and the only guy of that group who will give you across the board production.


thx Zach I dropped Aviles for Marte and put him in my line up in place of BJ….when Morrow returns would you drop Hosmer or Ike for him? Or I could go with 5 starting pitchers instead of 6 and drop McCallister?


You have a little more time to make that decision. As of now I’d probably say to drop Ike but hold off until Morrow officially returns.


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