Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, August 4-6



King Felix @ Kuroda

Romero @ Griffin – Romero’s last outing was encouraging but I still don’t trust him, even against the A’s.

Feldman @ Smith – Feldman more of an AL-only/very deep mixed league option.

Jimenez @ Fister

Big Erv @ Floyd – Floyd 2 ER or less in five of his last six starts. Dangerous vs. LAA but worth a shot if you’re the gambling type.

W. Chen @ Hellickson

De Vries@ Buchholz

Saunders @ Halladay

Buehrle @ Zimmermann – Not giving up on Buehrle after rough outing @ATL.

Harrell @ Maholm – Maholm has been lights out since the All-Star break.

McDonald @ Leake – Leake awful at home this year and is coming off a stinker.

Rogers @ Wainwright

Bumgarner @ Francis

Hefner @ Volquez – I have faith in Volquez when he’s at home.

Volstad @ Kershaw


TBD (CLE) @ Scherzer

Iwakuma @ F. Garcia

Blackburn @ Beckett – Losing patience with Beckett but this is a great matchup.

M. Gonzalez @ Price

Haren @ Liriano – Tough test for Liriano but I’ll roll the dice.

Holland @ Hochevar – Holland too inconsistent to trust in any matchup right now.

Laffey @ Milone – Milone coming off a rare poor home start but I still consider him to be an automatic pitch @OAK.

Bedard @ Bailey – Sticking with Bailey once more at home but if he struggles here I’m not pitching him at home for awhile. Disaster alert for Bedard.

Cahill @ Lee

Norris @ Medlen – Norris’ last two starts have been solid.

Nolasco @ Strasburg – Nolasco is DTM.

Lincecum @ Friedrich – Only pitch Lincecum if you have a comfortable lead in ERA/WHIP.

Harvey @ Marquis – Outstanding matchup for Harvey.

Germano @ Harang – Harang a decent play vs. lower-tier offense.

Estrada @ Lohse


Nova @ Verlander – Nova too inconsistent.

Vargas @ Tillman – Seven straight quality starts for Vargas.

Diamond @ McAllister – Pitch or Ditch special!

Darvish @ Cook – Yu struggling lately though.

Mendoza @ Peavy

Weaver @ Parker

Sheets @ Worley – I’m lukewarm on Worley for this start but if you have him you might as well pitch him.

Miley @ Burnett

Jackson @ Keuchel

Arroyo @ Gallardo – Arroyo a decent pickup in deeper leagues thanks to his outstanding road numbers but there is considerable risk here.

Cain @ Westbrook – Westbrook just doesn’t excite me.

Wood @ K. Wells – Three of Wood’s last four outings have been disastrous.

Pomeranz @ Capuano


I don’t think pitching McDonald in Great American Ballpark against a red Hot Reds team after 4 consecutive bad starts is such a good idea. Any thoughts as to why I should?

What’s the deal with Storen? Do the Sens ever plan to ever use him as their closer?


The Sens didn’t need to worry about a closer as they had Walter Johnson, but it looks like Storen is officially back as the Nats’ primary ninth inning man as he picked up his first save yesterday. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Nats ease him back into the closer role at first and hand some save chances to Clippard, but Storen’s definitely back in the driver’s seat.


One more for ya Zack. Can you explain what “Don’t chase wins” means?

Chasing wins means picking up pitchers in PoD who are on good teams, even if they are mediocre at best, with the hope that they will deliver you a win. This would come at the expense of your ratio stats. So chasing wins is always dangerous since wins are so unpredictable and you’d be taking a serious ERA/WHIP risk.


I just dropped Lester and Worley for Strailey and Vargas, good or bad move?


I’m OK with Worley for Vargas but would not have done Lester for Strailey. Lester is frustrating but he’s been pretty good over his last two starts, so dropping him for a guy with just one big league start under his belt is very risky.


Uhhh… Burnett pitches v. Homer Bailey on Sunday at the Great American Homerun Park, not v. Miley on Monday. I’m ditching, even though I love the guy. But thanks for the expert analysis…


Probable starters do change, so when I post these on Friday there’s a chance that this stuff happens. As for Burnett, 8 2/3 IP, 2 ER, 7 K is pretty good in my book.


How would you rank these SPs? Parker, Capuano, Nova, Vargas, McAllister. I currently have Parker, Capuano and Nova on my roster, but I’m thinking of dropping Nova for either Vargas or McAllister. Would you drop anyone else to get both Vargas and McAllister, or am I better off with who I have now?



Yeah, I’d drop Nova for McAllister. I’d give the edge to him over Vargas due to the higher K rate. Nova’s K rate is solid but he’s been too inconsistent when it comes to ERA and WHIP.


Who does this trade benefit more me or the other person I get- Tommy Milone and give up James Mcdonald


The other person. Milone has been terrible on the road and although McDonald is fading a bit, I still have more confidence in him on a start to start basis.


I am going to start Scherzer, dont let me down!

Hey Zach,
I hope you had a good weekend. I’m just trying to tighten up the lineup for the stretch run in my 10T, H2H, mixed league. I have Pedroia at 2B but Neil Walker is still available. Are they close enough that a switch wouldn’t be that significant? I’ve opened up the trade lines to see if anyone might grab Pedroia for a SP. Thoughts?
Rich D.


I’m fine with trying to trade Pedroia since Walker is certainly worth a roster spot and makes for a solid starter. That said, I would not start him over Pedroia, who is the more complete player and carries more upside.


I have Kipnis at MI and he has been struggling….I know Ackley hasnt done a lot but who would you prefer from this point in the season til the end


Kipnis, without question. What he’s already done this season in terms of across the board production should give him the benefit of the doubt. I expect him to bounce back and I’m not an Ackley fan at all.


Drop D. Holland for R. Detwiler good or bad idea?


They’re both PoD guys so it depends on the matchup. But Holland isn’t someone who you should be afraid to drop.


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