Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, August 8


Duensing @ Masterson – Masterson great at home, but slumping and Twins are en fuego
Harrison @ Beckett – Beckett not the automatic he used to be, though…
Greinke @ Straily
Sabathia @ An. Sanchez
Millwood @ Hunter
Villanueva @ CobbVillanueva pitching well and Rays not scoring much
Guthrie @ Quintana
Latos @ Wolf
Samardzija @ Richard – risk/reward on Samardzija
Kennedy @ Correia
Hudson @ Kendrick
Eovaldi @ Young
G. Gonzalez @ Galarraga
Vogelsong @ Kelly
Francis @ Billingsley – Rockies are last in MLB in road scoring


Hey Zach,

Uggla has been pretty terrible for the past month. I have not room to gain anywhere with closers and am not going to lose any points either. With that said what is your thought on this trade?
Give: Uggla and Marmol
Get: Phillips
Am I offering too much?


If saves aren’t an issue, I’m fine with that trade. I expected Uggla to heat up right about now as he’s historically an outstanding second half performer, but it hasn’t happened and I’m beginning to think that this might just be a lost season for him. And don’t forget that Marmol can do serious damage to your ERA and WHIP.


Hey Zach,
I was offered Cliff Lee in exchange for David Ortiz. I’m hesitant. I want to counter for Gio Gonzalez. Thoughts on this? I need SP as I have JJ, Burnett, Niese, Dempster, Fister, Marcum, (DL), and Morrow (DL).
Rich D.


I’m fine with either of those deals as it looks like your pitching is a little thin, but I’d rather have Lee. It looks like Gio is beginning to wear down. From now until the end of the season, I’d lean towards Lee, even though he’s been inconsistent of late.


Time to drop bats and pickup Tillman? Or should I drop either diamond blanton Romero or Feldman


Drop Bats for Tillman? You’re kidding, right? In fact, I wouldn’t drop any of your current pitchers for Tillman until I see more from him.


I dropped Carlos Ruiz because he is going to be out 4-6 weeks and our season ends in 4 more weeks. Anyway, who should I pick up at catcher; Ryan Doumit or Alex Avila for the next weeks (hoepfully including our playoffs)? Thanks


Both are hitting well of late but I’d go with Doumit. He’s simply having the better year and I have more faith in him not falling off a cliff than I do in Avila.


5 year keeper. Who would you prefer: Moore ($1) or Rizzo ($1)?


Rizzo. He has true superstar upside.


Plse rank these pitchers best to worst. Estrada, MCAllister & Jarrod Parker. I’m ahead on innings & safely ahead in all pitching stats, I’m thinking of dropping 1 now & another when Cashner comes back.


Parker, Estrada, McAllister, though I wouldn’t be in such a hurry to drop Estrada when Cashner comes back. Cashner’s body of work as a starter is still very thin.


Should I drop Relief pitcher casilla? I already picked up affeldt, however I need a new SS for the stretch and Rutledge has looked good…
Thanks Dan


I personally wouldn’t drop Casilla just yet. I’d wait a week or so and see how the SF bullpen situation shakes out. Rutledge is definitely worth a pickup though. I just hope you have a better drop candidate.


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