Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, August 9


Kuroda @ Fister – Kuroda has allowed ONE run in 5 day game starts. Wow.

Alvarez @ Moore

Doubront @ Jimenez – Doubront erratic but seemingly better on the road.

B. Chen @ W. Chen – double Chens! Get it?!

Johnson @ Dickey

Bumgarner @ Wainwright

Saunders @ Wandy – Saundo! Worth a look in deeper leagues.

Leake @ Volstad

Zimmermann @ Harrell – Harrell has a 2.02 ERA at home, 2.05 ERA since the All-Star break and 3.33 ERA in his last 11 starts.


Just dealt Shin Soo Choo for James Shields in a points league. I plan on replacing Choo with Marte. What do you think?


I’m fine with that. It looks like Shields is starting to get back on track and Marte is a fine fallback to Choo.


Is Jon Lester becoming a little more start worthy for me, I need to keep my innings down. Should I only start him against bad teams or don’t start him at all?

should i trade lincecum for an 8th round pick in a keeper league


Tough to answer this without knowing league size, where you currently are in the standings, how many keepers are allowed and the rest of your keeper options. Not enough context here.



I think Lester has earned his way out of the “don’t start at all” category. I’d play him based on the matchup for the time being.


Hey Zach,
You are right, my pitching is terribly thin. It consists of JJohnson, Dempster, Niese, Fister, Burnett, Morrow (DL), and Marcum (DL) with Kimbrel, Soriano, and Perez in relief. This is what is still available: Fiers, Vargas, Chen, Diamond, Lincoln, Pettitte (DL), and Anderson (DL). Anything that you would recommend or would you stand pat?
Rich D.


I think stand pat. I would have been close to dropping Dempster but his last start has earned him a bit more time.


What if I could package a deal? I would give up Dempster/Granderson for Cueto/CarGo?

I love that trade!

Bryce Harper just got dropped in my league, should I use my waiver spot to add him?


Absolutely, even if it’s a non-keeper. And waiver priority means very little at this late stage of the season.


Yea and I have the #1 waiver spot and have been waiting to use it on someone

Also Quintin Berry is on the waiver wire should I wait to see if he makes it through

I wouldn’t bother with Berry right now. He’s not even getting everyday at-bats.


12-team keeper. Starling Marte got dropped and cleared the waiver period. My outfield has been Crawford, Choo, Ethier, and Pence, and when Ethier and Pence went cold I picked up Ludwick and Carlos Gomez. I really don’t want more than six OFs, so who do I cut if any for Marte? I’m still on the fringes of the race so I need your advice both rest of the way and as a keeper.


I’d drop Gomez. Marte pretty much replaces Gomez’s SB production and outside of steals Gomez is a mediocre player. And I don’t really see him as a great keeper as he’s been in the league for awhile now and hasn’t shown considerable progress.


Guy to trade outta these 2; Wieters or Napoli? Not out of it but I have McCann so I could just keep 2 catchers & use the other as trade bait for a big bat or just keep all 3. Also, with McCarthy coming off the DL, drop either Ricky Romero or Lance Lynn or take a wait & see approach on B-Mac’s first start back?


It really depends on which catcher can give you the best return at this point. I’d let the market decide. As for the SP’s, I’m in favor of the wait and see approach.


i need to to improve my pitching stats so I need to add pitching but it means dropping one of my third basemen. Who would you drop out of Prado, Middlebrooks and Moustakas?

My pick up would be either Greg Holland, Wei Chen or Vance Worley. Tommy Hanson was just dropped but i doubt he clears Waivers.


I’ll say Moustakas. He’s been the most inconsistent of that trio and is hitting just .218 since the All-Star break.


I have Ellsbury, Kubel, Pence, Craig and Hart starting in my outfield. Should i pick up Nick Markakis for say Hart? I’m looking to bolster my outfield, and aside from kubel and craig, my other three aren’t doing much of late. What do you think? Also I’ve been considering adding Ben Revere, your thoughts? and sorry, I didn’t mean to post this in an earlier article, thank you.


Markakis and Hart are very similar in value, so it’s really a matter of need. If you’re lacking in power, I’d say pick up Hart. But if you’re already solid in homers and stand to gain some points in AVG, Markakis is probably your best bet.


Thanks Zach, I’ve also been considering dropping James McDonald for Huston Street, pull the trigger?

If you have enough starting pitching and need saves, I’m fine with that.

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