Pitch or Ditch for Friday, August 10


Buchholz @ Seddon

Hochevar @ M. Gonzalez – Miguel has been solid and KC is a choice matchup

F. Garcia @ Romero – Chief worth a gamble vs. struggling Jays in deeper leagues

Scherzer @ Feldman – bench but don’t cut Max, unless desperate for K’s

McCarthy @ Floyd – play it safe and bench but don’t cut B-Mac on his return

Hellickson @ De Vries

King Felix @ Big Erv

Bailey @ Germano – Bailey MUCH better on the road than at home

Volquez @ McDonald – J-Mac is fading and Volquez is DTM

Lohse @ Halladay

Maholm @ Harvey – Maholm worth a look in deeper leagues

Kershaw @ Buehrle

Rogers @ Norris

Strasburg @ Cahill

Chatwood @ Lincecum


Going to dropping Mark Buehrle. Which of these pitchers will help my WHIP the most?
Mike Fiers
Scott Diamond
Bartolo Colón
José Quintana
(take a short waiting period for) Brandon McCarthy
Jon from Texas

Well that depends, what kind of stuff does Jon from Texas have.


Going forward, I’d probably choose Colon as he has an extensive history of posting stellar WHIP numbers. BUT I’d approach this similarly to pitch or ditch and just pick up guys based on the matchup to put yourself in the best position.


well in case Kipnis is out for a period of time who would you prefer as a pick up….Ackley, barney/ Weeks(oak) Roberts(TB) Amarista/ Valdespin(NYM)


None of those guys particularly stand out among the rest but I guess I’d go with Barney. He’ll probably hurt you the least.


Who should I pitch tonight: Bailey, Norris, or M. Gonzalez? As always, thanks!!


To be honest, I would’ve said Bailey. And this did not go so well.


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