Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, August 14


Beckett @ W. Chen – I do trust Chen and do not trust Beckett

Harrison @ Kuroda – results say pitch both, but hope for the best

Quintana @ Alvarez

Fister @ Duensing

Parker @ Guthrie – good matchup to hang with ‘em on Parker

Jimenez @ Greinke

Moore @ Millwood

Billingsley @ Correia – who knows which Billingsley will show up…

Young @ Latos

Kendrick @ Johnson

Richard @ Hudson – Richard doing much better on the road of late

Harrell @ Volstad

Kennedy @ Kelly

Wolf @ Chatwood

Zimmermann @ Bumgarner


Which player would be better to hold onto for the rest of the year at outfield (for overall catagories): Ben Revere or Desmond Jennings? Doumit or Avila at catcher? Thanks.


Jennings. At his best, he’s the superior player to Revere, even at his best. Jennings carries significantly higher power upside to go along with the SBs. As for the catchers, I’d go with Doumit. He’s simply having the better season and is showing no signs of slowing down.


Hey Goose, blind resume question for you, which player has this stat line:
.390OBP (for those of us in on-base leagues)/ 71R/ 30HR/ 80RBIs/ with 13SBs thrown in.

And just in case you weren’t sure, he was drafted outside the top 100 (probably top 150) in pretty much every league this year. HIt his 30th bomb on sunday, oh yeahh🙂 . He’s been the no2 3B this year by a distance, only behind Miggy.

I stole him for just a measly buck in my keeper this year, and because he’s been so damn good im already considering how many years to sign him for in the offseason🙂 . Don’t have to make a definate call yet, but which of these options do you like for him:
1 year ($4), 2 years ($6), 3 years ($9). If you think this is the start of a few great years for him, I think the full 3 years is in order.

Be cool if Cory could answer this on the 411, be good to hear your take too though man.



At those prices, there’s little risk and a lot of potential reward in going with three years.


Im in a 12 team H2H Dynasty league and I was wondering if these players are worth hanging on to: Jose Altuve (Bench), Lorenzo Cain (Bench), Heath Bell, Anibal Sanchez, Jeremy Hellickson, Andrew Bailey…Any advice would be appreciated


Depends on how many you’re allowed to keep but Altuve is a no-brainer. Cain and Hellickson are probably worth hanging onto as well. Bell is clearly not keeper material as he’s been awful for pretty much the whole year and Bailey’s injury history would scare me off. I’d rather not deal with the headache.


Hey Zach,
I hope things are cool with you. Ok, the stretch run has already started and I have made some moves to bolster the offense. The pitching is tougher. Currently, my SPs are JJ, AJ Burnett, Cueto, Fister, Niese, Morrow (DL), and Marcum (DL). My RPs are Kimbrel, Soriano, and Perez. Vargas is still floating out there and was wondering if I should release Marcum to add him. This is a 10T, H2H, mixed with limited moves. I like waiting for Morrow but am questioning what I will get out of Marcum. Thoughts?
Rich D.


I think I’d be patient, wait for Marcum and save the move. It sounds like Marcum is close to returning and as long as he’s healthy I see him as the safer choice going forward. The rest of your staff is solid so I think you can afford to wait a little longer.


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