Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, August 15


Scherzer @ De Vries
Hellickson @ King Felix
Cook @ M. Gonzalez – Gonzalez has been surprisingly consistent; I’ll take a shot
Feldman @ F. Garcia – not trusting either in this matchup
Floyd @ Romero – Romero pitching better of late… do you feel lucky?
McCarthy @ W. Smith
R. Hernandez (Fausto) @ Big Erv
Halladay @ Buehrle
Norris @ Germano – can’t trust Bud on the road right now
Rogers @ Pomeranz
Strasburg @ Lincecum
Kershaw @ Wandy – one more try for Wandy at home…
Dickey @ LeakeLeake is a toss-up but seems to have cooled
Volquez @ Maholm
Saunders @ Wainwright


Should I add Ryan Ludwick for Trevor Plouffe


Yeah, I would. Ludwick has the better track record when it comes to homers and run production. I think it’s very possible that Plouffe can turn back into a pumpkin sooner rather than later.


who would you rather have for a bench spot……M Reynolds or Ackley…Ackly is currently on my roster and I have I Davis at DH and fill in CI


Reynolds, so long as you can afford the terrible AVG. Ackley has been a huge disappointment and hasn’t really been an above average contributor in any one category. At least you know that when Reynolds is on his game he can carry you in homers for stretches.


Are Baily & Estada pitch or ditch tonight?

Ignore last question, mistake

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